Where to Store Holiday Gifts?

Storage for holiday shopping

The start to the holiday season is Thanksgiving, celebrated throughout the United States this Thursday. Thanksgiving was declared by Congress to be an annual holiday in 1827, but the day that it was celebrated on different days between September and November. In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, with the insistence of the large and influential retail stores, proclaimed that Thanksgiving Day would be officially held the third Thursday in November. This was granted to lengthen the official holiday shopping season. Thanksgiving Day has been held on that day ever since as a day for families and friends to gather together for meals and giving thanks.

Thanksgiving signals the start of the “official” holiday shopping season. More stores are beginning to open up on Thanksgiving Day for shopping, but the traditional holiday shopping occurs on the day after Thanksgiving or “Black Friday”.  On average, over 135 Million people go shopping on Black Friday spending billions of dollars.  According to a National Retail Federation 2015 holiday prediction, the average American shopper plans on spending $805 dollars this holiday season for holiday gifts, decorations and hosting holiday parties. The average shopper plans to spend $463 on just family members this holiday season.

For many retailers, Black Friday is their busiest shopping day of the year!  Retail sales for this year is predicted to be over $630.5 billion. Cyber Monday has also become a big shopping day as online shopping is forecast to increase by up to 8% to $105 billion.

Storing Holiday Gifts in Self Storage

What does “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” have to do with self storage? Renting a self storage unit is a great solution for storing your holiday purchases. If you don’t have a lot of room in your home for storage or if you want to prevent “sneaky” family members from finding their surprise gifts, think about storing the items in a self storage unit.  Stop N Stor offers a variety of storage unit sizes from 5×5 to 10×30  for all of your storage needs.  A 5×5 storage unit, or the size of a closet, is a great place to store smaller packages and boxes, but if you need extra room for larger gifts or to set up a wrapping station for your gifts, then we can happily accommodate your needs with a larger storage unit size. Stop N Stor  also offers month-to-month rentals, which is perfect for storing your “Black Friday” deals for the holiday season.

A self storage unit is also a great place to store holiday decorations such as Christmas trees, lights, outdoor decorations and wreaths for both homeowners and businesses. Utilizing a self storage unit for holiday decorations will help eliminate the “after the holiday season clutter” in your home. Climate controlled storage units help keep artificial wreaths and Christmas trees looking fresh and ready for use in the future.  For retail stores, a self storage unit can be used as a secondary storage room for inventory, fixtures and equipment during the holiday season.

Stop N Stor facility offices will be closed on Thanksgiving Day so our employees can spend time with their loved ones. Customers can still access their storage units via the keypad gated-entry during the holiday.  Stop N Stor offices will re-open for regular hours on Friday, November 27th. Stop N Stor wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season!


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