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10 Tips for packing your belongings for a storage unit

Self-storage units are a perfect place to store items that you don’t use on a regular basis. Properly preparing your items for storage is just like getting ready to move from one town to another town. Below are ten packing tips to help make the storage transition easier:

  1. Plan ahead! Decide what you will be storing in the storage unit. Doing this will also determine what size and type of storage unit you will be renting.
  2. Invest in good packing supplies! Good sturdy, corrugated fiber boxes are a must! Make sure you have tape, packaging materials such as paper, peanuts or bubble wrap and thick markers!
  3. Fill the packed boxes to capacity. The heavy items in the box should be at the bottom with the lighter items on the top. Fill in the extra spaces in the boxes with linens, clothes, packing papers or bubble wrap. Packing the boxes to capacity prevents the boxes from collapsing when they are stacked in storage.
  4. There is an unwritten packing law that states that you shouldn’t pack a box over 30 pounds.  This is about the average weight that a person can lift without injury. If a box is too heavy, there is a risk that the box will break when it is being moved.
  5. Wrap all of your fragile belongings such as plates, glasses or ornaments in paper and/or bubble wrap. These items should be packed tightly in the box with paper filler to fill up the rest of the box. Don’t forget to mark the box: “Fragile”.
  6. When you are boxing up books, place them flat in the box. If you store them standing up, that could damage the spines of the books. Once again, use filler paper, linens or bubble wrap to fill up the empty space in the box.
  7. If it is possible, box electronics in their original boxes. These boxes were specially made for the electronics and have special filler packaging to protect the items. If that isn’t possible, then make sure that the proper sized box is being used. Don’t forget all of the wires for the electronics! Make sure to mark them and put them in the boxes with their perspective items.
  8. If you are storing clothing or other hanging items, hang these up in a wardrobe box.
  9. Once you are finished packing your items and taping up the boxes, don’t forget to label the boxes on at least two sides for easy identification.
  10. Keep an inventory of the contents of the boxes for future verification purposes. If you are storing valuable items, take their picture for insurance replacement purposes. Keep these lists in a safe place so you can refer to them when you are removing items from the storage unit.

One comment on “10 Tips for packing your belongings for a storage unit”

  1. I will be moving out of my apartment soon, and I am checking out some 10×20 storage units. Thanks for the packing tips in this article that will help me make my storage transition easier. Much appreciated!

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