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14 Bathroom Organization Tips

Bathroom Organization Tips


The bathroom, usually the smallest room in the house, is actually the most daunting room to clean and organize. Bathrooms can easily get cluttered with everything from dirty clothes and towels to old make-up, skin care products and cleaning supplies. Before you know it, the bathroom counters are covered with a lot of “stuff” without any form of organization. If your bathroom is cluttered, it could “mess” with your morning and bedtime routine. Now is the time to start your bathroom organization project. As you are organizing, it is also the time to do a thorough cleaning of the bathroom. Everything in the bathroom, from floor to ceiling, should be cleaned first before starting on an organization project.

Some of the tips below are also great every day bathroom organization tips.

Bathroom Cleaning and Organization Tips

  1. Throw away expired cosmetics and medicine in your medicine cabinet or linen closets. Throw out anything that looks or smells funny.
  2. Keep only medicine or first aid items in the medicine cabinet. Keep the medicines that you need the most on the bottom shelf, within easy reach.
  3. Gather all hair products into a plastic bin and place this in the linen closet or under the sink.
  4. Before you start organizing, remove all items from the cabinets and then wipe down the insides and outsides of the medicine cabinet, toilet cabinets and linen cabinet.
  5. Put the make-up items that you use the most on a small decorative tray on the sink countertop, so you can just use what you need and not have to dig through a bag or a drawer.
  6. Use repurposed clear jars or storage containers on the countertop with items that you need to use daily such as cotton balls or q-tips.
  7. Wash and shake out bathroom rugs, sweep and mop the floor, and wipe down the baseboards.  Take down draperies, curtains and blinds to be washed and cleaned.
  8. Scrub the bathtub. Pay attention to crevices, handles and fixtures. Change the shower curtain liner and shower curtain.
  9. Replace the shower caddy. Go through the products that you have in the caddy and throw out any expired items. A great DIY shower caddy/shower storage is a multi-level fruit/vegetable wire basket. This can be hung from the ceiling in the tub/shower to give added storage space.
  10. Remove cleaning products and other stored items from under the sink. If you haven’t used a product in 3-6 months, throw it away.
  11. Utilize bathroom storage options, such as over-the-toilet shelving to put items that do not fit under the sink or in the medicine cabinet, but that you need to access more frequently.
  12.  Put away things that don’t normally belong in the bathroom. Put dirty towels and clothes in the hamper to be washed. Get the entire family involved in putting things away such as hanging up used towels, keeping the counters clear, and keeping the bathroom organized.
  13. This is a good time to access and replace items in your first aid kit.
  14. To finish up the organization project, reset the bathroom by hanging fresh linen, curtains and placing the clean rugs on the floor.


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