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Downtown Hinesville, Georgia

[slideshow]Hinesville, Georgia was established in 1837. It’s had many ups and downs throughout the years, but the population of Hinesville has grown to over 30,000.  It is located about 40 miles southwest of Savannah. It is the county seat and largest city in Liberty County, Georgia.  Hinesville is located near Fort Stewart  the home of the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division. The base was an important training facility during World War II and was officially designated as a permanent fort in 1956. Since the 1970’s the fort has helped spur Hinesville’s population growth.

In 2004, the city government of Hinesville created the Hinesville Downtown Development Authority (HDDA) to help boost the revitalization of the downtown Hinesville properties. Downtown Hinesville is full of eclectic restaurants, shops and fun places to visit, including parks and museums. The museums include: The Old Liberty County Jail Museum, ITPA Telephone Museum  and the Fort Stewart Museum (on the base of Fort Stewart). There are many parks to explore in the downtown Hinesville area. In fact, every Thursday, there is a farmer’s market at Bradwell Park from 4-8pm. This market features local produce from Hinesville area farmers. This is a popular weekly event. You can check out pictures here . The Farmer’s Market runs every week to October 27th.  Come out and support your local produce farmers!

The Hinesville Downtown Development Authority is affiliated with the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce  and the Hinesville Area Arts Council . The Hinesville Arts Council sponsors events from French cooking classes to lunchtime concerts. Working together, these organizations are keeping Hinesville moving towards the future. Currently, the HDDA is working on developing properties and businesses for the Memorial Drive and Main Street Business district. Stop n Stor is proud to be a part of the Hinesville community!

It’s moving-in day for your self-storage unit

Storage Unit
Inside a storage unit-from

The boxes are packed, the right size storage unit  is rented and your self-storage unit is prepped . It’s moving-in day for your self-storage unit! How should you arrange your belongings to maximize the space in your storage unit? How should furniture be stored?

Having an easy move-in day is easy if you following some of these tips:

  1. After you lay down some protective canvas sheeting or linens on the ground, start loading your items in the unit.
  2. Store the heavy items at the bottom with the lighter boxes and items on top. Stack boxes and similarly sized items together to save space.
  3. Store the largest items around the edge and the back of the storage unit.
  4. Leave enough room to get around the storage unit.  If it is possible, leave an aisle way around the exterior walls of the unit. This will help the air circulate around the unit and prevent mold and mildew from developing.
  5. Fill the drawers of dressers and cabinets with clothes, linens and small boxes.
  6. Use the open spaces in washers, dryers and refrigerators for storing linens, pillows and small boxes to utilize all the extra space. Remember to leave the refrigerator door propped open to prevent moisture from developing in the appliance.
  7. Take apart tables that you are storing. Wrap the legs of the tables together with bubble wrap. Place the screws and bolts from the table in a small plastic bag and attach them to the legs or table backing.
  8. Stand sofas up-right for added space. Do not stack heavy items on furniture.
  9. Dismantle bed frames. Wrap the pieces in linens or bubble wrap for extra protection. Place the screws and bolts in a plastic bag and attach them to the frames, so they will not get lost.
  10. Chairs can be stacked seat to seat to save space.
  11. Tie tools, rakes, brooms and snow shovels together and place in a garbage can for easy storage.
  12. Don’t forget to make a map of your storage unit for easily accessibility to your belongings! This also will help as an inventory list when you move out of the self-storage unit!

Hinesville hosts bicycle riders from across Georgia!

Bicycle Ride Across Georgia 2011

This Friday, June 10th and Saturday, June 11th, Hinesville will be playing host to up to 1200 bikers from Bicycle Ride Across Georgia (BRAG). According to the BRAG website (Source ) “BRAG is a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to providing affordable family oriented, quality bicycle tours in and across Georgia, with an emphasis on bicycling safety, fun and education.” The 2011 BRAG event begins on June 4th at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta and ends June 11th at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah. The 7 day trip route will cover 391 miles over a terrain of rolling hills to flat coastal plans. The average daily ride is 56 miles a day. While it is a pretty strenuous ride, this is not a race. It is more of an educational and recreational journey for everyone from seniors to young children. (Source)

There are designated cities across the route that will provide camping sites, usually at a local school, entertainment and activities for the riders. Georgia cities such as: Oxford, Milledgeville, Dublin, Metter and Hinesville will be hosting the riders for the night as they make their journey across the state. The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce has been working for months with local officials to welcome the riders to Hinesville. The riders’ camp site will be at Snelson-Golden Middle School at 465 Coates Rd. Come out during the day and welcome the riders to Hinesville by lining the route into town! There is an official welcoming ceremony at the school at 6:00pm at the school. To the BRAG riders, welcome to Hinesville! We hope you enjoy your stay! Stop N Stor is a proud member of the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce.

Photos from BRAG 2010
Photos from BRAG 2010 courtesy of

Savannah, Georgia-Arts Destination

A postcard from Savannah, Georgia
A postcard from Savannah, Georgia from Virtual visitor-tatyanap 2004

Let’s switch things up a bit for this week’s blog post. Savannah, Georgia has been receiving a lot of travel media attention for the past week. The Travelocity “traveling gnome” even came to visit the city! You can see some photos of his time in Savannah here.  The Savannah area is rich in history, amazing architecture, food, lovely beaches and beautiful parks. But, did you know that it was voted as the #2 city in the United States by American Style Magazine’s Top 25 mid-sized cities to visit for the Arts? The city has many galleries and museums that will please any art fan’s tastes. The Telfair Museum  is a landmark and a must see in Savannah. The museum is comprised of 3 separate museums: Telfair Academy , Jepson Center and Owens-Thomas House .  These museums have collections ranging from 19th and 20th century American and European art to Contemporary art. For the tourist and artwork “shopper”, visit City Market  for galleries featuring the works of over 50 local artists.

The Savannah College of Art and Design  is a renowned school that is a partner with the city of Savannah to help preserve its history. The school offers ongoing exhibits and events on art, photography, film and design. The college will be hosting the 2011 graduating class ceremonies this weekend.

When you visit Savannah to check out the art scene, you need a place to stay! There is no storage of historical Bed & Breakfast Inns in the city. In fact, Savannah was also recently voted #6 in Top 20 Summer Destinations for 2011 for Bed and Breakfast travelers. Also, Travel & Leisure chose Savannah as one of the favorite American cities in 2010. You can read all about how Travel & Leisure ranked the city here.

Experience and celebrate the arts and culture of Savannah and see what the travel and style industries are talking about!