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Don’t Let Extreme Weather Damage Your Belongings!

Climate Controlled Units at Stop n Stor, Hinesville
Climate Controlled Units at Stop n Stor, Hinesville

Most of the country has been going through a brutal heat wave this summer. The Savannah, Georgia area is no exception. The area has suffered from an heat index  reaching nearly 115 degrees. In fact, Savannah set a record for most consecutive days at or above 90 degrees with 56 days, which just ended on July 15th. The old record was 44 consecutive days at or above 90 degrees set in 1993. The Savannah area’s weather can be extreme with both heat and humidity during the summer months. If you live in a climate with this type of extreme weather during at least one season, then you need to investigate putting your belongings in a climate controlled storage unit.

 How is the extreme heat affecting the items that you have stored in a regular outdoor storage unit? An outdoor storage unit is similar to a garage with its concrete floor and metal walls. If it’s hot outside, then, it is doubly hot inside the unit. Heat and humidity can damage everything from furniture, musical instruments, photos, electronics, to paper documents. If you are a collector of vinyl records, the heat and humidity could warp your albums. The humidity can damage photos and even split wood furniture. The moisture created by the humidity can cause excessive damage to electronic items such as computers, televisions and stereo systems. The humidity also can spur the growth of mold and mildew in a storage unit, especially on cloth and plastic items.  This can form a musty smell on your belongings; that is hard to get rid of. What is the best storage option to protect your items from the extreme weather?

Climate controlled storage units are the best choice for storing items that could be damaged from extreme temperatures. The units are kept cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter to protect the items that are stored. These units are usually inside a building, which is added protected from bugs and other vermin. Climate controlled units will cost more than renting a standard outdoor unit, but the cost can be justified with the protection of your belongings from the damage that the weather can bring. Stop n Stor offers climate controlled units at 4 locations.  Stop n Stor recently celebrated the grand opening of the nearly 300 climate controlled units at our Highway 196, EG Miles Parkway, Hinesville location. See how to rent from Stop n Stor on our latest commercial .

Liberty County, Georgia Chamber of Commerce

Stop N Stor is honored to be a member of the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce .  This Chamber of Commerce plays a vital role in promoting the communities and big and small businesses of Hinesville, Flemington, Midway, Riceboro, Walthourville, Gum Branch and Allenhurst. The headquarters of the 3rd Infantry Division at Fort Stewart is also located partially in Liberty County. Hinesville is the Liberty County government seat and home of 3 Stop N Stor locations. According to Leah Poole, Executive Director, “The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce is proud to represent 450+ member businesses in Liberty County. Our members realize that through the Chamber, they can accomplish collectively what no one of them can do individually.”

What is a purpose of a chamber of commerce? According to the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce website, a chamber of commerce promotes legislation that retains & supports existing business, promotes tourism, industrial recruitment and encourages long-range community planning and development. Through membership in the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce, business owners can receive networking outlets, exposure for their business via publications, events and business member referrals, community involvement and advocacy for their businesses with local, state and federal government. The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce provides discounts to members as well as offers an outlet to purchasing health care insurance through small business health insurance products.

The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce has members that help foster Georgia’s Work Ready and Entrepreneur Ready programs. The Georgia Work Ready program, founded in 2006 by the governor and the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, is the first of its kind. The program encourages improving job training and marketability of Georgia’s workforce while driving economic growth for Georgia. The Entrepreneur Ready program promotes Georgia as a great place to build a new business or move one’s current business.

The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce sponsors ribbon cutting and ground breaking events, community involvement and business training and networking events . They play a crucial role in making Liberty County grow and prosper. Liberty County Chamber of Commerce sponsors and annual golf outing that Stop N Stor was proud to be a participant in as well as the recent ribbon cutting ceremony at the  new 746 Hwy 196 EG Miles Parkway Stop N Stor location. The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce has helped Stop N Stor immerse their business into the Hinesville community. Since joining the Chamber of Commerce in 2008, Stop N Stor has had the opportunity to be involved in community networking events and advertising in chamber publications. They have created a unique tight-knit community in Hinesville and Stop N Stor is extremely proud to be a member of the chamber.


Self Storage Security-One of the Most Important Elements in Choosing Your Storage Unit!

We’ve looked at how to choose a storage facility and some packing and storage tips, but there is one very important topic that we haven’t touched upon yet: self-storage security. This is one of the most important factors when searching for the best self-storage facility. Depending on if you are storing furniture, artwork, or business paperwork, a safe and secure storage facility should be a crucial part of storage unit renting process. Plus, as a renter, you want to feel safe when you visit your storage unit. There are many components to having proper self-storage security. There are certain things to look for when you are renting your unit such as lighting, video surveillance, well-maintained facility and access to the units.

First Impressions are a key component in self-storage facility security. A clean and well-maintained storage compound shows that the management is a critical part of the security of the facility. Stop N Stor  has on-site management.  A well-lit storage facility is a must!  This is especially important for indoor storage units. Most self-storage companies have concrete walls or security fencing to protect you and your belongings. 24 gated-access is another safety and security option that Stop N Stor offers to their customers.

Another item on your security checklist would be to look for closed caption television systems. Stop N Stor offers a 24 hour surveillance video camera system that is state-of-the-art. Most of our sites have the state-of-the art 30 video cameras. These cameras are placed both indoors and outdoors in each row of storage units. These cameras are set up with DVR back-up for added security.

Most storage facilities require that you provide your own unit lock. Make sure that you give an extra key to the site management in case of emergencies. Also, limit access to the unit to a few people. Some storage facilities will require a list of the people with access to the unit for added security.  Remember to lock up your belongings and do not give access to your unit to people who you do not know. Stop N Stor offers key pad unit access and anti-pick locks to further protect your belongings.

There are many sites that will offer more self-storage security tips including


Self-Storage Unit Auctions

Picture of Storage Auction
Storage Unit Auction provided by

Did you know that there is an entire industry building around self-storage unit auctions? These auctions have become a popular hobby and even livelihoods for people. There are two reality shows, Storage Wars on A&E and Auction Hunters on Spike. Each of these shows depicts the gamble and high risk that is involved in self-storage unit auctions. In fact, these shows have become so popular that have both been renewed for new seasons. What is the story behind an actual storage unit auction?  Why do the belongings in a storage unit go up for auction? What are the different types of bidding in this type of auction and how does it make money for the buyers?


A self-storage unit can go up for auction if the renter has not paid the rent of the unit in a specified time. Each state has different laws about the auctioning of personal belongings stored in a storage unit. Information about the possible auction of the items in a unit should be written in the rental contract. Make sure that this contract is read and understood when you are renting a storage unit. Auctions can be advertised in local newspapers, online or on special websites such as , if you live in California on or to just name a few.


There are three different types of storage unit bidding: live, blind and sealed bid. The live bidding will be on the site of the unit (s). The bidders will get anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes to look at the contents of the unit before an auctioneer will start the bidding process. A blind bid is where the buyers do not see the content of the unit at all. They make general bids and the highest bid wins. The winner is the only person to see the contents of the storage unit after they win it. Obviously, this type of bidding is extremely risky.  The last type of bidding is the sealed bid. The facility manager will allow a buyer a limited time to see the contents of the unit and then take bids in a sealed envelope. The highest bid wins the contents of the unit. Once the winner of the bidding is announced, they have a limited time (usually up to 48 hours) to remove items from the storage unit. You can read more information about the entire process here.


As show on Storage Wars or Auction Hunters bidding on storage units can be quite the gamble. You never know what can be found in a storage unit! It could be a treasure or it could be junk. If you think that and item could be of worth, make sure that it professionally appraised. The buyers on Storage Wars are either collectors or owners of thrift or second-hand stores, so they are looking for value and future profit. 



Stop N Stor does participate in self-storage unit auctions. The auctions would take place on one day for all of the Hinesville locations up to 40 units could be auctioned in one day. Stop N Stor uses the live bidding process with cash only payments.  There are also auctions for the Port Wentworth and Savannah locations, but they are less frequent. Keep an eye out on our twitter page and Facebook page  for announcement of future auctions.




Stop N Stor’s ribbon cutting ceremony

Liberty County Chamber of Commerce  and Stop N Stor hosted a ribbon cutting ceremony at the newest Stop N Stor facility at 746 Hwy 196, EG Miles Parkway in Hinesville on Wednesday, June 29, 2011. The event hosted board members and ambassadors from the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce, Stop N Stor owner Alan Dasher, staff of Stop N Stor and Hinesville Mayor James Thomas.
The facility recently opened its climate controlled building in May.  It contains nearly 300 climate-controlled storage units ranging in size from 5’x10’ to 10’x20’. This state-of-the-art facility offers 24 hour access, digital surveillance system, anti-pick locks and moving and packing supplies.
Catherine Cooper, Marketing Manager for Stop N Stor welcomed everyone to the event. Catherine spoke about Stop N Stor’s commitment to the communities of Hinesville, Port Wentworth and Savannah via social media platforms, (like this blog!), military discounts and outreaching to help wounded military via Wounded Warriors Outdoors. The other speakers during the event were Barbara Finster, Board Member of Liberty County Chamber of Commerce, Leah Poole, Executive Director of Liberty County Chamber of Commerce and Mayor James Thomas.
Stop N Stor is very proud to be a part of the Hinesville and Liberty County community! Thank you to all who were a part of this wonderful ribbon cutting ceremony!