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It’s fall! Time to reorganize and clean your storage unit!

Autumn Leaves
It's Autumn!

Fall/Autumn has finally arrived! We made it through a very hot summer and are ready for the cooler temperatures! Football is back on TV, the trees are changing color and there is a crispness in the air. Fall is also a great time for cleaning! It’s time to store away the summer clothes, lawn mowers and patio furniture. If your home doesn’t have the space for these items, then consider renting a self-storage unit. Stop n Stor has climate controlled and non-climate controlled unit sizes  from 5×5 to 10×30 for all of your storage needs.

As you are doing your home fall cleaning and winter prep, don’t forget to clean your storage unit! The change of seasons is a good time to change the plastic or cardboard covering on your storage unit floor. Also, change out the deodorizers, moisture control devices and vermin bail at this time. Fall cleaning is a perfect opportunity to go through the items in the storage unit and decide if you would like to keep, throw away, sell or donate the items. If you are bringing in new items, make sure that they are properly packed. Stop n Stor offers a range of packing supplies  such as boxes, tape, peanuts and bubble wrap.  As you clean out the unit, rotate the items that you would use more frequently, such as winter clothes, snow blower or shovels, to the front of the storage unit.  Don’t forget to label all of the new boxes that you are storing. Plus, add these boxes to the inventory list of the items in your storage unit.

Below are a few storage tips for prepping storing frequently used summer

1. Make sure summer clothes are clean to protect from staining and vermin.
Pack folded clothes in clear plastic boxes or zippered bags. If you need to
hang the clothing, use sturdy cardboard wardrobe boxes for storage.

2. Drain all fluids from lawn mowers, weed cutters and other outdoor
machinery. Gasoline and other combustible items cannot be stored in a
self-storage unit.

3. Treat leather items with leather conditioner before storage.

4. Remove bags from vacuum cleaners to prevent vermin.

5. Wipe down metal objects and tools with a little oil to prevent rust
from forming.

6. Store lawn tools in a trash can with like items. Tie together rakes,
hoes, shovels and other like items in the trash can. (of course, this is after
you finish raking all of the leaves!)

7. Store patio furniture with the chairs on top of one another to gain
extra storage space. If possible, remove the legs of the patio table and keep
all screws and nuts together in a plastic bag attached to the legs.

Happy Fall/Autumn!! Enjoy the season!

Fall colors
The gorgeous colors of Fall

Checking in with Wounded Warrior Outdoor

We wrote about Wounded Warrior Outdoors on our blog  in May, 2011. Since that time, the article is on the list of the most read posts on our blog. This is such a great
and worthwhile organization that we wanted to write about it again!

Wounded Warrior Outdoors is a non-profit organization that
offers injured servicemen and women the opportunity to be involved in
therapeutic outdoor adventures such as fishing and hunting. Every part of the
trip is paid for including transportation, lodging and food. The organization
takes 9 trips a year to 5 different states including Kentucky, Maine, Florida,
Texas, Oklahoma and British Columbia. Fifty wounded, but still active duty,
military personnel are chosen to go on these adventures a year. With the help
of doctors and nurses at two military hospitals, participants are chosen for
these 5 day trips. The trips are actually part of the therapy and healing
process for these wounded warriors. It is a chance for them to get out of the
confines of a hospital to enjoy the outdoors. The participants get to tackle
challenges that they wouldn’t have in normal recovery at a hospital, such as
hiking and fishing and doing everyday normal things. This is all part of the
healing process for the injured participants. There was a recent excursion
 to the wilds of Florida in August for boar and alligator hunting.

The organization was started in 2008 by Ron Raboud. Wounded Warrior Outdoors is
staffed with non-paid volunteers. The organization runs with no overhead and
relies on personal and corporate donations. Some of the businesses sponsoring
Wounded Warrior Outdoors include: Southwest Airlines, Janus , Self-Storage Association, Rabco Corporation and Mosquito Creek Outdoors to just name a few. The military is
a full supporter of this program as well.

Stop n Stor  is proud to be a local sponsor of such a worthwhile organization. Keep checking our blog for regular updates on the excursions for
Wounded Warrior Outdoors. Donations are accepted for Wounded Warrior Outdoors
at all of the Stop n Stor locations.

Stop n Stor’s Auction Day

Saturday, September 3, 2011 was a great day for our self-storage auction at two Stop n
locations. The festivities started at our Savannah location at 10am. Professional auctioneer, Terry, directed the festivities at both locations. There were 11 units at the
Savannah location that were auctioned. The next stop was the Port Wentworth
.  There were 9 units at this location that were auctioned. We had a great crowd of bidders. There were also past and current customers in the crowd that were interested to see how self-storage auctions work! Check our Facebook page, Twitter page  and this blog for information on future auctions at our Hinesville locations. Thanks to everyone who participated in the auction!


Fashion’s Night Out in Savannah-Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fashion's Night Out in Savannah
Come out and Shop this Thursday, September 8, 2011 from 6pm-11pm

We’ve talked about how Savannah is an arts destination, travel destination and a great place for food, but this week, Savannah is a place for fashionistas! Savannah,
Georgia is participating in its first Fashion’s Night Out  on Thursday, September 8, 2011.
This is a global fashion and shopping event with cities such as New York,
Boston, Sydney, London, Milan, Paris, Los Angeles and Dallas participating.

The Fashion’s Night Out was created in 2009 to spark consumer confidence during an
economic downturn. It is collaboration between American Vogue, Council of Fashion Designers of America, NYC & Company and the City of New York. Fashion’s Night Out is an evening of shoppers to participate in premiere events that include celebrity and designer guests, musical performances, catering, art installations and more!

There will be 38 downtown Savannah retail establishments participating in the festivities.
Broughton Street will be closed to motorized traffic at 3pm on Thursday, leaving
the street open for pedestrians and shoppers to enjoy the events, which
includes fashion shows on a runway built on the street. The events start at 6pm
and the admission is FREE! There will be trolleys stops in the area of the
participating stores. Local sponsors of the event include: Savannah College of Art and Design, AVIA Savannah , Savannah Magazine,   The Creative Coast and Telfair Museums to just name a few. Some of the retail stores that are taking part in the festivities include, Trunk 13, Style House, Daydreams, Fab’rik, Copper Penny, Banana Republic, Savannah Shoe Company, Mint and many more. You can see the list of participating stores and
their special Fashion’s Night Out events on the website.

For more information on the day’s activities, go to the Fashion’s Night Out’s Facebook
and Twitter  pages. Store your old clothes at Stop n Stor  and come out and shop at Fashion’s Night Out.  See you at the events on Thursday night! Come out and support your local shops and boutiques!

Being a Part of the Community-2011 Fort Stewart Vendor Fair

Stop n Stor was proud to be a vendor at the 2011 Fort Stewart Vendor
Fair which was held on Tuesday, August 30, 2011 at Club Stewart. The vendor
fair was sponsored by The Liberty County Chamber of Commerce  and DRASH.

It was a great event with 70 vendors from communities surrounding Fort Stewart .  Over 600 people attended the event to get information about selling to and working with government agencies. Vendors and sponsors provided door prizes and other prizes totaling over $1500! One lucky participant won $250 in cash via the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce passport contest! The entertainment for the event was provided by local performers, Acoustic Rhythms. It was a fun and successful event!

Stop n Stor is proud to be a member of the Fort Stewart community.  Stop n Stor looks forward to being a part of more community events in the future.