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Alternative Uses for a Self-Storage Unit

Let’s be honest, self-storage is usually a pretty boring topic. But lately, with the
popularity of storage auctions , people are looking twice at the self-storage industry. There are many purposes for renting a self-storage unit such as moving to a smaller house, being deployed for the military or even just needing extra storage space for personal belongings. But, did you know that some self-storage facilities are offering fun alternatives to the normal “store your household belongings” purpose? Some storage facilities are offering their storage units for band rehearsal spots and others are offering great places to store a wine collection to just name a few new and different uses.

A trend has started that has bands leaving their garages and basements behind and setting
up practice rooms in self-storage units.
 While Stop n Stor  does not have the capability to host bands at this time, many storage facilities in “music scene” towns such as Austin and Nashville offer climate controlled units for bands. Some facilities offer electricity, Wi-Fi and even air conditioning to the practicing bands.These practice units work well for the bands as many storage facilities are not in residential areas, so they do not have to worry about their sound levels. Plus, climate controlled storage units are a great place to store instruments, so they will not warp or get damaged.

Another alternative purpose for a storage unit is wine storage. Some wine connoisseurs
do not have the room at their homes to store their wine collection. A self-storage climate controlled unit is perfect to store wine. Certain wines need to be at a set temperature and humidity level and stored for a longer time to reach “maturity”.  The darkness that a
self-storage unit offers is also important in the wine maturity process. Some storage facilities have built special wine storage cabinets in some of their storage units to attract the wine collector. Some of the self-storage facilities even offer hints on how to store the wine.

Self-storage units offer great temporary storage for college students.  The student doesn’t have to take their school items home every summer, which saves on space and time. It’s not quite an alternative purpose, but a self-storage unit could be great for someone who has a home business with lots of product inventory and little space at home. The small business owner could store their inventory in the storage unit and even use the storage space for a staging area for packaging and sending out their product. Self-storage units come in all shapes and sizes  and can be used for many different purposes. How will you utilize your storage space?  Rent your storage unit today!


Auction fun at Stop n Stor’s Hinesville locations!

This past Saturday, October 15, 2011, was a perfect day to have a storage unit auction!
Stop n Stor  was the “place to be” to find unknown treasures and have fun. There were a total of 38 storage units that were auctioned between our 4 facilities in Hinesville . The bidding process started at 9am at our 245 W. General Screvan Way facility and ended the auction at our 1049 Kacey Drive location. Professional auctioneer, Terry, led the bidding process and kept the auction running smoothly. The bidding process has to be seen to be believed! Our regional manager, Lisa Wilkerson, mentioned that she has been doing the auctions at the Stop n Stor facilities for over 4 years and has never seen the crowd or the bidding like it was at this auction in Hinesville! There were over 100 people who participated in the auction coming from as far as South Carolina and Waycross, Georgia! The attendees included some of our “regulars” as well as many, many newcomers!

Thanks to those who came out to our Hinesville self-storage unit auction! Keep an eye out for more information upcoming auctions and events in 2012 on our Facebook page
 Twitter page and this blog.


Spooky Savannah

[slideshow]Savannah is known for many things: food,history and arts. People come from all over the world travel to see the city squares and architecture. But, in this month for ghosts, witches and goblins, Savannah is most known for being one of the most haunted cities in the United States! The city has made the Top 10 most haunted places lists from travel companies to newspapers such as Huffington Post, CBS Moneywatch and USA Today. Savannah is a “must” visit city for ghost adventurers.

Why would Savannah be such a “hotbed” for paranormal activity? The main reason is that there are many tragic and historical events which have made Savannah the city that it is today. Savannah played a central role in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. The city endured a Yellow Fever Epidemic and a fire in the early 1800’s. Many of its buildings were turned into hospitals during the Civil War and the Epidemic. Plus, there have been many other tragedies that just make Savannah a city rich in ghost tales.  If you’ve read or seen Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, then you know of the notorious past of some of the buildings and homes in Savannah.  The Mercer Williams House  has become a tourist site for the city just because of its famous inhabitants!  You cannot leave Savannah without visiting Bonaventure Cemetery, a gorgeous cemetery and park.

For paranormal researchers and tourists alike, Savannah offers quite a few hotels, restaurants and other “haunted” locations. Kehoe House  is a 4 diamond bed & breakfast with many strange occurrences. Kehoe House just made Frommer’s 2011 Top 10 Haunted Hotels list. There are two rooms, 201 and 203, which are known to be the most haunted. Moon River Brewing Company only opened in 1999, but the building is nearly 200 years old.  It has been featured on Ghost Adventurers on the Travel Channel as well as listed on many most haunted places to visit lists. Other famous Savannah “haunts” include The Marshall House and The Olde Pink House.

If you are coming to visit Savannah, don’t miss the ghost tours! There are quite a few companies that will take you on a trip through Savannah’s haunted past! Some of the tour companies are: American’s Most Haunted City Tours, Cobblestone Candlelight Tours  and Ghost and Gravestones Tours to just name a few.

The history, architecture, food and spooky happenings all
add up to making Savannah a must visit city! Happy Halloween from Stop n Stor!

Auction Time for Stop n Stor’s Hinesville locations!

Bidding for th Storage Auctions
Don't miss the storage auctions at Stop n Stor-Hinesville on October 15th

At the beginning of last month, Stop n Stor held a self-storage auction for our Port Wentworth and Savannah facilities. There was a great turn out of current customers, new bidders and veteran auction goers. On Saturday, October 15th, it is our Hinesville facilities’  turn to share in the excitement!  The self-storage unit auction begins at 9:00am at the 245 W. General Screvan Way location. Once the bidding has been completed at this facility, the proceedings moves to the 196 Highway, EG Miles Parkway site. After 196, we will proceed to Kacey Drives alternate location at 1018 West Oglethorpe Hwy (old A-1) and our last stop for the auction will be at the 1049 Kacey Drive location. There could be at least 50 units from the 3 Hinesville facilities that will be auctioned that day.

The auction is cash only and it will be an open bidding system for the entire contents of
the storage unit. The bidders will get a chance to look inside the unit before the bidding begins. There will be a professional auctioneer in charge of the bidding process. Stop n Stor’s regional manager and facility managers will also be available during the auction for any questions. Once the bidder wins the storage unit auction, they will have 48 hours to clean out the storage unit.

Self-storage auctions have become more and more popular. You can find out where to find
auctions in your area at the following websites:, and For those new to the storage auction world, there are a few things that are “must haves” for the day of the auction: don’t forget to bring cash, a flashlight to look in the storage units, gloves, a padlock to lock up the items that were just purchased, garbage bags and moving supplies to transport the new treasures.

Keep checking Stop n Stor’s Facebook and Twitter pages for more information and reminders about upcoming auctions.