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Winterizing Vehicles for Self Storage


For most of the country, it has been a relatively mild fall season. But, in a few days, winter will officially start. The temperatures will begin to fall and snow might be on the horizon! This means that it might finally be time to store away those summer seasonal items such as lawn mowers, patio furniture, motorcycles, boats and non-winter weather cars. A self-storage unit is a perfect solution to store all of these items and more for the winter months. If you are planning on storing personal belongings over the winter months, make sure that you store your possessions off the floor. This prevents damage from moisture and dampness to your items. It is always good to put protective covering on the floor before you store your belongings. Stop n Stor  has a variety of storage unit sizes that can help in your winter storage needs. There are storage units up to 10×30, which would be perfect to store cars and boats for the off-season.

You can find many tips on how to properly store a car, boat or motorcycle in the vehicle’s owner manual. It is important to read the owner’s manual or consult with your storage facility’s manager before your store these items. There are some basic steps that need to be completed to make sure that your vehicles are prepared for storage:

1. For all vehicles (boat and car), make sure that the interior and exterior of the vehicle is clean. Vacuum the inside of the car to remove any food crumbs and other items. A dirty vehicle could invite vermin in the interior of the car or boat during storage.

2. If the vehicle will be stored for longer than a month, disconnect the battery. In some cases, the owner’s manual might recommend totally removing the battery from the car or boat. If this is the case, store the battery in a clean, dry and warm place.

3. Make any repairs to the car or boat before storage to prevent future problems.

4. For boats-remove any electronics and store them in a warm dry place.

5. For boats-remove cushions, sails, curtains and other materials that could form mildew during storage.

6. Make sure the gas tank and anti-freeze is full for any vehicle in storage. This prevents condensation, oxidation or gas spoilage during the time that the vehicle is in storage. Also, add a fuel stabilizer for your car or motorcycle to prevent gas from breaking down. Drive the vehicle around for 10 miles to let the stabilizer run through the engine.

7. Change the oil and filter one to two days before storage in your car or motorcycle.

8. Use a cotton or wool tarp with good ventilation to cover your vehicle during storage.

9. Check your insurance to make sure your vehicles are covered while in storage.

If you follow these simple tips, your vehicles will be ready for use again for late spring and summer!

Its Christmas Time


It’s hard to believe that Christmas is in less than 2 weeks! After all of the shopping, baking, decorating, traveling and prep work, it is time to relax and enjoy the holidays.  You have picked up the items that you purchased on Black Friday and stored in self-storage units. Savannah and its surrounding communities are busy with holiday activities. Hinesville kicked off its holiday celebrations with a tree lighting ceremony in Bradwell Park. The 15th annual Hinesville Christmas parade took place on Friday, December 9, 2011 with the parade route going through downtown Hinesville. 75 floats, cars and trucks took part in this year’s parade. Hundreds of people lined the parade route, including lots of children who were excited to see the bright lights. It was a fun event for families and the community! The parade was sponsored by the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce . Stop n Stor decorated our car with holiday lights to be part of the parade. Thanks to regional manager, Lisa Wilkerson for taking photos of the fun!

There are so many things to see and do in Savannah during the holiday season. Visitors and Savannah citizens looking for a great tour of Savannah’s holiday traditions can take the Holly Jolly Trolley Tour  put on by Old Towne Trolley Tours. The tour is full of stories, carols and sight-seeing and Santa even makes an appearance!  One of the many stops on the tour is the Davenport House and the Owens-Thomas House. Be transported back to holidays past at both of these historical homes. Savannah’s Harbor Foundation sponsors a gingerbread village and tree of life celebration at the Westin Golf Resort & Spa .  Local chefs, businesses and individuals create gingerbread houses and compete for the best creation of the season. The tree of life celebration includes trees decorated by business and community groups. The wonderfully decorated trees are then auctioned off to benefit a local charity. You can’t celebrate Christmas in Savannah without seeing “A Christmas Tradition” . This highly popular and highly rated 2 hour Christmas production runs from December 13th to December 26th. For the runners, there is the 2nd annual Savannah Reindeer Walk/Run 8K on December 17, 2011 at Hutchinson Island. Also, you can take a hayride at Fort Stewart at Holbrook Pond Recreation Center.

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without “Jingle Bells”, composed by Savannah native James S. Pierpont or without hearing “Baby its Cold Outside” sung by Johnny Mercer.  Savannah is known for its hospitality and food! Christmas dinner is no exception. It is another opportunity to feast with family and friends on local favorites such as Savannah red rice, ham, turkey, sweet potato casserole and pecan pie for desert.  Enjoy the holidays and their many traditions and celebrations. Stop n Stor wishes their customers, family and friends the Merriest Christmas and the best for the New Year!

Business Self Storage


Renting a self-storage unit is a perfect way to help clear out items that are not used every day, store collectables and store household goods if you are moving or downsizing. But did you know that self-storage has become an ideal storage solution for small home businesses to larger corporations?

Leasing a self-storage unit is a cost-effective way for businesses to store excess inventory, furniture, files or electronics, such as computers and phones. Storing items on a short-term basis is beneficial for companies in transition because of remodeling, relocating or downsizing. However, having extra space to store important documents or files is also valuable for companies over a longer time period. Business owners could also receive a tax write off for expenses incurred in renting a storage unit such as paperwork, materials and general inventory. Also, the cost of moving the items, including supplies and equipment can add up to be deductions on the company’s tax return.

For expanding businesses, instead of leasing or building a larger office space, consider renting a self-storage unit to store those items that are not needed on an everyday basis. The climate controlled storage units are a great alternative to store unneeded everyday equipment such as extra computers, office furniture, archived files and documents and other unused paperwork. Using a climate controlled unit helps protect these items from damage from the elements. Home businesses could use a self-storage unit for a staging area for products and inventory. The storage unit could give that extra space needed for shipping and packing inventory items to be sent to customers.

When selecting the right storage facility for your business, make sure that you plan ahead. Create a list of items that you plan to store in order to know what size storage unit you will need. Stop n Stor offers a variety of storage unit sizes  that could fit any business storage need. For example, if you just need the storage unit to pack small boxes, then a smaller unit size could fit your needs. Pack the items that you will be storing correctly and efficiently in sturdy file boxes or storage boxes. Label the contents of the boxes for easy accessibility and identity purposes. Some self-storage companies are offering special amenities for business storage usage such as larger spaces, special shelving in the units, longer hours and some discounts for long-term rentals. Start to organize and de-clutter your office space today!

Thank you, Fort Stewart/Hunter Airfield!

Team Stewart
Thank you to the members of the military at Fort Stewart and Hunter AAF!

The Savannah area is proud to be located near Fort Stewart, the home of the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division with its 23,000 soldiers. According to Team Stewart , Fort Stewart is the most efficient armor training base east of the Mississippi River. The base, which is nearly 280,000 acres, covers five Georgia counties including: Liberty, Long, Tattnall, Evans and Bryan counties. Hunter Airfield, part of the Fort Stewart complex, is the home of the largest helicopter unit in the United States Coast Guard . The Airfield helps support parts of the 3rd Infantry Division including the elite 75th Ranger Regiment, 3rd Aviation Brigade and 603rd Aviation Support Battalion.

Camp Stewart was founded in 1940 when the United States government bought 5,000 acres of land near Hinesville to  build an anti-aircraft artillery training center. This camp became a training ground for troops during World War II and at one point staged over 55,000 troops getting ready for the D-Day invasion in 1944. After World War II, the camp went through many transitions during and after the Korean War, Cuban Missile Crisis and the Vietnam War. Camp Stewart was deactivated after the Vietnam War. In 1996, Camp Stewart became a permanent post and the home to the 3rd Infantry Division. At this time, the name changed to Fort Stewart. The 3rd Infantry Division just recently celebrated their 94th year in existence.

Fort Stewart has a $7.13 Billion economic impact on the local communities near the base. When the soldiers are not deployed, local businesses grow. But, when there is a large deployment of troops from the base, it negatively affects the local economy. Currently, there are 652 soldiers from Fort Stewart/Hunter Airfield deployed in fighting around the world. Eleven members of the 90th Human Resources Company returned home the day before Thanksgiving after spending 7 months in various part of Iraq. There are still members of this company serving in Afghanistan and Kuwait. Fort Stewart welcomed home the 416th Transportation Company in late October. Due to the official drawback of troops in Iraq, the November deployment of 700 members of the Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion of the 3rd Division has been cancelled.

Our servicemen and women are vital parts of the Savannah area and its economy. Stop n Stor  is only one of multiple businesses that give a military discount. Stop n Stor offers a 10% discount to military personnel. Stop n Stor is also a proud sponsor of Wounded Warrior Outdoors.  This great non-profit organization provides fishing, hunting and outdoor excursions to injured, but active duty military personnel.  The organization plans on hosting 50 wounded warriors on 10 excursions in 2012. Thank you to all of the country’s past and present servicemen and women for your service!!