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Wounded Warrior Outdoors looks forward to a great 2012!

Wounded Warrior Outdoors
Wounded Warrior Outdoors

Wounded Warrior Outdoors  held “Cocktails for a Cause”, their annual fundraising event at the University Club of Orlando on Thursday, February 23, 2012. This auction had over $80,000 worth of donated items in the silent auction. The money raised from this event goes directly towards planning and hosting therapeutic outdoor adventures for wounded warriors in 2012. The organization is planning on hosting 55 injured, but active duty service men and women for nine different outdoors adventures this year ranging from fishing in Florida to bear hunting in New Brunswick, Canada. The first fishing excursion is scheduled for March in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.

2011 was a busy year for this extremely worthwhile non-profit organization. Wounded Warrior Outdoors was featured in 9 national magazines, 4 newspapers, including the Orlando Sentinel, and was featured on “Turkey Call Show” on the Pursuit Channel  in early February. The episode showcased the April, 2011 turkey shoot excursion in conjuncture with the National Wild Turkey Foundation. Wounded Warrior Outdoors was also chosen as “Charity of the Year” by the International Door Association at their 2011 convention. Wounded Warrior Outdoors hosted 42 wounded warriors on 8 different trips in the past year.

Wounded Warrior Outdoors works with the nurses and doctors at 2 military hospitals: Balboa Naval Medical Center and Walter Reed Army Medical Center. The staff recommends wounded soldiers to take part in the therapeutic outdoor adventures to help with their rehabilitation. The trips are all-inclusive (including travel, lodging, meals and equipment). There is no cost for the attendees, their families or the government. The organization relies on donations to pay for the trips. The entire staff is made up of volunteers that do not get paid for their time with the wounded warriors. Any money that is raised for the organization goes right back into planning for and participating in future events. Corporate and personal donations are accepted here . You can also support the group via their Facebook page.

The founder of Wounded Warrior Outdoors, Ron Raboud, is the founder of The Rabco Corporation , which is an industry leader in self-storage metal building solutions. Inside Self Storage  and Self Storage Association  are both sponsors of Wounded Warrior Outdoors. These organizations founded “One for the Troops” fundraising program at certain self-storage facilities across the country. Stop N Stor  is a proud sponsor of Wounded Warrior Outdoors. Stop by a Stop N Stor location  to see how you can help support this great cause for our heroes!

Are you ready for some storage unit auctions?

Storage Auction in Hinesville
Checking out the storage unit before bidding began at Stop N Stor's latest storage auction in October, 2011

The popularity of storage unit auctions has increased tremendously in the past few years with the popularity of Storage Wars , Auction Hunters and the new Storage Hunters. Storage Wars just finished their second season of shows at the end of January and are starting to film their third season. This show is so popular that Facebook launched a game in November 2011 called: “Storage Wars: The Game”  A player can bid on storage units hoping to find some great treasures. It is just like the reality show with the same auction rules. In October, 2011, Stop N Stor  hosted it’s most current storage auction at our Hinesville locations. The attendance to this auction doubled what it has been in the past. This is happening at storage unit facilities all over the country! Auction attendees are hoping to find buried treasure inside a storage unit! There were some major finds in storage auctions this past year, including a multi-million dollar comic book collection, a chest full of gold and silver coins and bars and US historical documents dating back to the Civil War!

Stop N Stor Hinesville locations are getting prepped for their next storage unit auction on Saturday, March 3, 2012. The auction will start at 9am at the 245 W. General Screven Way location. The next stop of the auction will be at the 746 EG Miles Parkway (on Highway 196) location. Once bidding has been completed at this facility, the final stops will be at the 1049 Kacey Dr. locations. There will be approximately 45 units up for auction at the 4 locations.

The auction will be cash only under an open bidding system. The offer will be on the contents of the entire storage unit. The auction participants will get a brief look at the contents of the storage unit before bidding commences. Our professional auctioneer, Terry, will be in charge of the auctioning process. Stop N Stor’s regional manager and facility management will also be on hand for any questions. Once the bidders win their storage unit auctions, they will have 48 hours to clean out the storage unit.

Don’t miss out on the fun and excitement during the storage auction! Stay up-to-date with any auction updates on Stop N Stor’s Facebook and Twitter  pages. See you at the auction!

How to Store Vinyl Records, Comic Books and Collectible Books


Do you have collectible items such as vinyl records, comic books or vintage books cluttering up your space? Self-storage provides the added space that you need to save these treasured items from the garbage bin! There are many collectible items that have increased in value over the years. If you are a regular watcher of Antiques Roadshow  you know that a vintage album or book in good condition could bring the owner hundreds if not thousands of dollars! Who would have thought that vinyl records have become a collector’s item and a must have for disc jockeys and music lovers? E-readers have become a growing force in consumer electronics relegating rare and vintage books to attics and basements. Comic books have always been a collectible item over the years with some special issues being valued at thousands of dollars. How do you store these treasured items to protect them from moisture, heat, dust and vermin damage? The best place to store these items is in a climate-controlled storage unit. Stop n Stor  offers a variety of climate-controlled storage units  to help you pick the best place to store your precious items. If you opt to store your collectibles in a self-storage unit, here are some valuable tips to keep the items in pristine condition.

Buying vinyl records has become “trendy” again for music collectors. Independent bands are putting out vinyl records for sound quality and collection purposes. All the albums that you collected “back in the day” could actually be worth something if you kept them in great condition. To keep your vinyl record collection in the best condition, store them away from heat and light in a climate-controlled storage unit. The optimal way to store the albums is in the upright position in a plastic crate or very sturdy cardboard box. Do not lean the albums or stack the albums when storing as this causes warping and breakage and can damage the cover art. If you are storing the albums in cardboard boxes, do not stack them higher than four boxes high as the pressure on the bottom boxes can cause damage to the items.

Comic books have been collected and stored for decades. In order to protect your comic books from variations in temperature and moisture, do not store them in an attic or a basement! To preserve the comics’ condition, place them in polypropylene sheets with acid-free comic packing boards. Use more expensive Mylar sheets for storing extremely rare and valuable comics. You can find these storage supplies at your local comic bookstore. Also, these stores will carry acid-free comic book storage boxes. These boxes come in either short or long depending on the amount of comic books that you need to store. Like vinyl records, store the comic books upright and don’t stack the boxes too high while in storage.

Books have become a great collector’s item. With the prevalence of e-readers that can store hundreds of books, rare, vintage and first edition books will become even more of a collector’s item. Direct light, heat, humidity and pests are the enemies to rare books. Therefore, storage of the collectible books in a climate controlled storage unit is a must! Do not put books in a plastic bag during storage as this could form moisture in the bag. This moisture will damage the binding and the pages of the books. Store books in boxes with the spines in the upright position. This will help protect the books by putting less pressure on the binding of the books.

If you store your collectibles in the proper way, your will be able to enjoy these treasures for years to come as well as pass them on to future generations of your family! Plus, you never know if one of your pristine vinyl records or comic books might be worth a good sum of money!


Savannah in the Movies


Can you guess how many movies have been filmed in Savannah in the past 2 decades? There has been quite a few dating all the way back to 1915! With its historical squares, beautiful architecture and southern hospitality, Savannah has become a “Mini Hollywood” for filmmakers. The City of Savannah Film Office is the source for information for current and future movie productions.  Currently filming in Savannah and Fort Pulaski is the independent film, “Abe Lincoln vs. the Zombies”. This film, once it is finished being produced, will be available on DVD. There are many sites around town where movies have been filmed. Some you might recognize in the film, while others look totally different in “real life”.

The most famous movie filmed in and around Savannah is “Forest Gump”. Who can forget Forrest Gump offering a box of chocolates (and his life story) to people sharing his bench at Chippewa Square? Did you know that the bench is now at the Savannah History Museum?. The movie most associated directly with Savannah is “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” directed by Clint Eastwood in 1997. Many downtown locations including The Mercer-Williams House, Monetary Square, Forsyth Park and Bonaventure Cemetery are backdrops for the movie. The party scenes were actually filmed inside the Mercer-Williams House! The scenery of the film was just as important to the movie as the acting and directing! Many locals were also cast in the film, including Lady Chablis.

Savannah’s stately homes and historical buildings are perfect locations to shoot historical themed movies. Robert Redford has shot two movies in Savannah: “Legend of Beggar Vance” in 2000 and most recently in 2010 for “The Conspirator”. Robert Redford chose Savannah to be Washington D.C. circa 1865 in this Civil War era movie. The prison scenes in the movie were filmed at Fort Pulaski . A great Civil War film, “Glory”, was filmed in and around Savannah in 1989 with extensive filming being done at the Roundhouse Complex. In fact, Savannah “stood in” for 1860’s Boston for the movie!

In early 2011, a movie aptly titled “Savannah” was filmed in the city of its namesake. It was directed and produced by Savannah natives and tells the story of the friendship between a wealthy business man in 1900 and a freed slave. At the time of writing this blog post, the movie does not have a release date. Miley Cyrus filmed “The Last Song” on Tybee Island in the summer of 2009. In the 1990’s Savannah hosted Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck for the filming of “Forces of Nature” and Julie Roberts and Dennis Quaid for the filming of “Something to Talk About”. You can actually take movie tours (Hotlink to: of Savannah and see all the different movie sites in the city.

If seeing movie stars filming in the city and surrounding areas isn’t enough for you, then go to the Savannah Film Festival  hosted by the Savannah College of Art & Design every fall. This film festival honors independent film makers from around the world. Every year the event hosts movie stars and new film makers and shows the creativity of filmmaking. This year’s festival dates will be from Oct 27th to Nov 3rd.

Savannah is such a great city for so many reasons which we have touched about in our blog posts! Being a well-known movie location site is just one of the great things about the city. Stop N Stor  is so proud to be a part of this wonderful community!

Packing and Moving Supplies 101


You have finally started on your New Year’s Resolution to get more organized around your home or office. You have decided to rent a storage unit to store some of your personal items that are cluttering up your home. What type of supplies do you need to keep your storage unit neat and organized? What supplies can help protect your treasured belongings? Stop n Stor is a one stop shop for all of your packing and moving supplies. There are many items that you might not think that you would need during a move or packing a storage unit. These handy items range from protective furniture covers to flashlights to peanuts!

1. Locks-A sturdy lock is the most important investment for your storage unit. There are two types of storage locks that are the most used for storage units: disc locks and padlocks. The disc locks have become the most used lock for storage units. They are a bit more expensive but they are strike proof, drill proof and pick proof. The padlock is also used for storage unit protection. These locks have anti-pick cylinders. There are even one-time use padlocks that are great for someone having long-term storage. Check with your storage unit facility management for recommendations on lock styles.

2. Boxes-Boxes are essential to keep your storage unit organized. Stop n Stor offer a variety of box sizes for all of your packing needs.  Use smaller sized boxes for books, kitchen items, plates, glasses, tools and other heavier items. You can get extra protection for the plates and glasses by using a kitchen dish insert for the boxes. These cardboard inserts help protect the items from breakage during moving. The larger boxes are great to hold pillows, linens, lamp shades and pots and pans. Use a wardrobe box for hanging items such as clothes, coats, drapery and heavy blankets. Boxes are easier to stack in a storage unit. Items in boxes can be inventoried on the outside of the box for easy recognition. Don’t forget to seal your boxes with good duct or packaging tape.

3. Protective covering-Larger items such as furniture and mattresses also need protection during moving and storage. Mattress covers protect the mattresses from being torn or damaged during moving. It also protects the mattress from water, dirt and dust during storage. Furniture covers and padding give the same protection to prevent water damage and dirt and dust accumulation to the item. The protective covering can also double as floor covering for the storage unit.

4. Damp Check-Some items that you might not think about, but are great to have in a storage unit to protect your items are a moisture reducer or vermin control. Damp Check  pulls moisture (humidity) from the air to protect your belongings from warping, mold, mildew and rust formation. This product could last 30-45 depending on the size of your storage unit. Based on where your storage unit is located, it might be a good idea to have vermin control items in your storage unit. The best way to protect from vermin is to not leave any type of food in the storage unit, but just in case, it is good to have that added protection.

5. A few items that you might not think would be needed at a storage unit facility are measuring tap, toolsets, stretch cords and flashlights. Measuring tapes are a key tool to let you know if that large sofa, refrigerator and stove will fit in the storage unit that you just rented. The flashlight is a handy tool to see the items in your storage unit if there is not a light source. Also, the flashlight is a key item for storage auction participants! Stretch cords and ratchet tie downs secures equipment to cars or luggage carriers on SUVs. The stretch cord could be used in multiple ways, including tying down items to a car, but could also help hold a large item being transported by a dolly in place.

Most storage facilities will offer these packing and moving supplies at their office or stores. All of these items can be found that the Stop n Stor locations in Port Wentworth, Savannah and Hinesville. Happy Packing and Storing!