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Take the time to remember our Military Heroes and their families!

Stop N Stor is a proud supporter of our military
Stop N Stor offers a 10% military discount!

This weekend we celebrate the men & women of our military who serve to protect and honor our country. We also have remembrances for those military men & women who have given their lives to protect and serve the United States through the Revolutionary War to Enduring Freedom. There are different events in cities around the United States and specifically around the Savannah area this weekend to celebrate our military heroes. Check your local paper for information on events in your town.

Savannah’s Historic River Street is hosting the Armed Forces Festival along River Street in downtown Savannah this weekend. This festival will feature local & regional artists, live musicians, DJs, great food & more! The proceeds from the event go to benefit the Georgia National Guard Family Support Foundation . Savannah has many historical forts around the city and surrounding areas. There will be ceremonies celebrating our historical military heroes at Fort Morris  and Fort McAllister State Historical Park . Vietnam Veterans of American are holding a Memorial Candle Light Ceremony at 6:30pm on Sunday, May 27th at Emmet Park. On Memorial Day, May 28th, there will be a ceremony at the Georgia Veterans Memorial Cemetery with members of the Glenville Veterans of Foreign Wars/American Legion and Fort Stewart 3rd Infantry Division. The ceremony starts at 11am.

National parks and museums across the country are showing their support of our military and their families this summer. Military families can have free access to any national part annual pass. This is worth over $80 and can give entry into over 2,000 national parks. Also this summer, 1600 museums across the United States will give free access to active duty military personnel and their families from Memorial Day thru Labor Day. This includes art museums, such as New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, nature centers, children museums, science centers and history museums. This is another great way to show support for our military and their families.

This weekend as we celebrate our military heroes, take a moment to think about the family and spouses of our current serving military. Stop N Stor is very proud to support Enlisted Angels. This group, based in Fort Stewart, Georgia, is for any Army wife. The main goal of this organization is to empower and support military wives with helpful advice, information and an understanding ear. Stop N Stor facility manager, Asja Turner, is a proud Army wife and a member of this group. Asja says that “only another military wife can truly understand the particular struggles and triumphs that comes with being married to a soldier serving his county.” The group meets once a week in the main chapel at Fort Stewart for programs that encourage and strengthen core military values and in all aspects of life.  During softball season, the group doubles as a softball team, too! Enlisted Angels was created in April, 2011 and is continuing to gain support, members and recognition. Bonnie Day, the president of the organization hopes to expand the group to other Army bases. Giving support to the families of the military is so important. Stop N Stor is very happy to be actively supporting Enlisted Angels and Wounded Warrior Outdoors.

Happy Memorial Day to all of our friends and family who are current members of the military! Thanks also go out to our family and friends who have served to protect the United States in past times.

College Students & Self Storage

College students and self storage
What to do with all my college stuff? Photo courtesy of

May is a busy month for celebrations: Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and the end of the school year for college students. We’ve mentioned this before,  but self storage is a great option for college students going home for the summer or recent graduates who are not quite sure where the future will be taking them.

Each spring the college student has to pack up their dorm room or apartment. Over the course of the school year, the student has accumulated more and more “stuff”. Instead of packing items to go back home to take up space in a basement or garage; think about renting a self storage unit for the summer break. Most self storage facilities will offer month-to-month rentals that are perfect for college students in transition. Storing your personal belongings in a self storage unit gives you piece of mind that your belongings are safe and secure and ready to be used again when school starts up in the fall. In some cases, storing the items in self storage could be a much better solution for the student if they don’t have a way to transport their belongings back and forth from home to school.  If you look at the flip side, your parents might have turned your room into an office while you were away at school, leaving you only a small space to put your belongings. Your parents might need self storage as well. They need some place to put all of your old trophies, posters, toys and stuffed animals.

If you are a recent or soon-to-be college graduate:  Congratulations! The time right after graduation is a time of transition. If you are moving to a new city to start your first new job, it might be easier to store your items in a storage unit until you are able to find proper housing. Or you could have found a place to live, but it is not big enough to hold all of the items that you have accumulated over your college years. Self storage is a great option to store all of these extra items that won’t fit into your new studio apartment in the city. If you are moving home after college, you will need to share space in your old bedroom that your parents now turned into an office. You will find that you don’t have room for all of the items that you once had in your apartment.  Once again, renting a self storage unit would be the best option to safely store your items.

Stop N Stor  is your self storage option in the Savannah, Hinesville and Port Wentworth areas. Stop in and look for our monthly specials to help you find the best storage solution for your personal belongings during your summer break or even all year long.

Savannah Hosts the Tall Ships Challenge 2012


Savannah has a very strong maritime tradition dating back to the founding of the city in 1733. Savannah is an international harbor and is a gateway to the Atlantic Ocean.  It’s no wonder then that Savannah was chosen to be one of the 4 host cities on this year’s Tall Ship Challenge . The events in Savannah kick off a summer of races and festivals along the Atlantic coast for participating tall ships. The Tall Ships Challenge is an annual event hosted by Tall Ships America,  which alternates stops every 3 years between the Great Lakes, Atlantic Coast and Pacific Coast. Tall Ships America is a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching youth education through character building programs aboard tall ships.  The students and crew members give talks and lead discussions on life aboard tall ships 200 years ago. This year’s festivities commemorate the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812. The festival will host 14 ships from the United States, France, Cook Island, Indonesia and even a tugboat named Theodore Too from Canada.  Most of the boats are replicas and reproductions of boats used during the “seafaring golden age”.

The tall ships will be docking along the Historic Riverfront in downtown Savannah. Visitors to the festival will be able to view and board the ships. Some of the ships are even offering private excursions. Check the schedule for more information. The ships arrive in the Savannah Harbor starting at 7am on Thursday, May 3rd. The time of arrival is dependent on the weather and the tide. The opening ceremonies officially take place Friday, May 4th at 9:45am. Each day, through Sunday, the events go from 10am until 6pm. This is a great family event with many roving entertainers such as pirates, stilt walkers and puppet shows throughout the festival. The tall ships depart Savannah on Monday, May 7th at 11:30 (once again weather permitting).

To coincide with the festival, there will be historical lectures, movies and documentaries about Savannah’s link to the sea as well as Savannah’s importance during the War of 1812.  These lectures and films will take place at the Oglethorpe Auditorium at the Savannah International Trade Center. There are also events and shows for children and families at various squares throughout the docking area.

Seeing these majestic ships close up or at sea at full sail is quite the sight to see. Take a step back in time and enjoy these historical ships in a great historical setting, Savannah! What are you waiting for? Get your tickets today! Don’t miss out on a great day of family entertainment with some history thrown in!