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Tybee Island


Just 18 miles away from Savannah is Tybee Island. This city is on a barrier island rich in history and natural beauty. Tybee Island is a vacation destination for visitors around the globe. Tybee Island has always been a part of Savannah. In fact, in the past, it used to be called “Savannah’s Beach”. The Native Americans who inhabited the island called it Tybee, which means “salt”. Tybee Island has a long history and has been inhabited nearly as long as the city of Savannah. The island is a great strategic point at the end of the Savannah River. It has played a major defensive role during the Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and The Civil War. During the late 19th century, Tybee Island became a resort destination for Savannah residents. They escaped the heat of the city during the summer to enjoy the cooler ocean breezes. Today, Tybee Island is home to nearly 3,000 year round residents and thousands of people who come to visit every day.

There are many things to do on Tybee Island from relaxing on the beach, fishing, enjoying food and entertainment to visiting historical landmarks and learning about nature. One of the oldest buildings on the island is the Tybee Lighthouse .  It was originally built on the same site in 1736 to help sailors navigate to the Savannah River. The structure that still stands today comes from a foundation of a building in 1773. The top portion of the lighthouse was added in 1867. It’s light station and outer buildings are historically protected and are a very popular site for visitors and locals. Another popular destination is the Tybee Pier and Pavilion where you can do everything from fishing to people watching to attending large parties. The pier and pavilion are central to most Tybee Island activities. Fort Screven historical district is also on the island. You can see the remains of a Revolutionary War fort or visit the Tybee Museum at the Battery Garland.

Tybee Island is a nature’s lover’s dream. There are miles of reserved wildlife areas to hike, bike or canoe through. The island is a nesting area for sea turtles from May 1 to October 31st every year. The Tybee Marine Science Center helps protect Georgia’s natural resources through education, conservation and research. Tybee Island has 3 miles of uninterrupted public beach for great relaxation purposes. The other side of the island is full of salt marshes and lots of birds and native Georgian wildlife.

There are over 25 different restaurants on Tybee Island ranging from higher end dining establishments to beach bars. There are many different types of places to stay while you are on the island as well from Inns and Bed and Breakfasts to hotels and resorts to renting out vacation homes. After you have visited historical Savannah, take some time to enjoy the sun, the beach and the natural beauty of Tybee Island.

A Beautiful Day for a Storage Auction!


It was a gorgeous day for a storage auction this past Saturday, June 16th.  This is a good thing, because our last storage auction in the beginning of March in Hinesville was held during thunderstorms and tornado warnings! Thankfully, the weather was perfect for this auction day! There was a good turn-out of auction participants and folk curious about storage auctions. Our auction regulars, such as Richard were also there to see what treasures they could find during the auction.

The auction started off at 9am at the Stop N Stor  245 W. General Screven Way location. Our professional auctioneer, Terry, explained the auction rules to the participants. Once the rules were explained and any paperwork filed out, it was time to start the bidding process. Each participant was given a brief look at the contents of the storage unit up for auction. Once everyone had a look, the bidding process started. There were 31 storage units that were up for bid in our 4 Hinesville locations. The auction ended in the early afternoon at our 1049 Kacey Dr. location.

Stop N Stor would like to thank our facility managers, Lisa, our regional manager, Terry, our auctioneer and all of the auction participants for making the auction day quick paced and fun. Lisa mentioned that you can tell that people are watching the storage auctions reality shows, because some folks in the crowd were making comments just like the “characters” from shows such as Storage Wars, Auction Hunters  or Storage Hunters ! Keep an eye out for future auction information for all of our locations on our Facebook page, Twitter page  and our recently redesigned website!

Hinesville Storage Auction this Saturday!


The popularity of storage unit auctions is still growing. Storage Wars  just launched its third season of shows a week ago. You can follow the shows and appearances by the “stars” of the show when they are doing their Lockbuster Tour via their Facebook page. The basic premise of the show is that teams battle to bid on items in storage units that are in foreclosure. Some of the stars of the show own resale and consignment shops, while others are looking for the elusive “treasure”. You could say that this show encourages people to be modern treasure hunters.

Stop N Stor  will be hosting a storage auction at our Hinesville locations this Saturday, June 16, 2012 starting at 9am. Our last storage unit auction was at the beginning of March during a heavy rain storm. The bidding for the last storage units took place between booms of thunder and tornado sirens going off! The storms did not keep the crowds and the regular bidders away though. They still were happy to take part in the auction. Let’s hope that this weekend’s weather will be much better than the weather in March!

Stop N Stor’s auction will stop at our four Hinesville locations . The bidding will start at 9am at the 245 W. General Screven Way location. Once the units have been auctioned at this location, the bidding moves to the 746 EG Miles Parkway (Highway 196) location. The bidding then moves to our 1018 West Oglethorpe Hwy (Hwy 84) location and the auction ends at our 1049 Kacey Dr. facility.

The auction will be an open bidding system led by our auctioneer, Terry. Stop N Stor’s regional manager, Lisa and the facility managers will also be on hand to answer any questions. Cash is the required payment for our storage auctions. The auction will be on the entire contents of the storage unit. The bidders will be allowed to get a brief look at the contents of the storage unit before the bidding starts. Once the bid is received on the storage unit, the new owner has 24-48 hours to remove the items from the storage unit.

If you are new to the storage unit auction process, it is important to bring cash, a flashlight, gloves and a way to remove the items that you have purchased from the storage unit. Come out and see what storage auctions are all about this Saturday, June 16th. Keep up-to-date on any future auction information via our Facebook and Twitter page .

Wounded Warrior Outdoors Spring 2012 Update


Wounded Warrior Outdoors  just completed another successful therapeutic outdoor adventure excursion a few weeks ago. This trip was a bear hunting trip to British Columbia. The trip included wounded, but active duty servicemen, their family, medical staff and volunteers from Wounded Warrior Outdoors. The servicemen for the trip were marines from Balboa Naval Medical Center in San Diego. The trip was successful on many levels for all of the participants. Each attendee brings their individual special needs and tons of determination, effort and hope on each outdoor adventure.

The bear hunt is one of the many outdoor excursions sponsored by Wounded Warrior Outdoors throughout the year. These trips vary from turkey hunting in the spring and fall to fly fishing in the summer. Wounded Warrior Outdoors hopes to host 55 injured, but active duty servicemen or women on therapeutic outdoor adventures in 2012. The program participants are usually currently under a hospital stay or in continued rehabilitation. Doctors and nurses from Balboa Naval Medical Center or Walter Reed Army Medical Center recommend the attendees for the outdoor excursions. The expenses for the trip, such as travel, lodging, food and supplies are all taken care of by Wounded Warrior Outdoors. There is no cost to the attendees, their families or the government. The organization relies on donation to pay for the trips. The staff of Wounded Warrior Outdoors is volunteers, who do not get paid. This allows more money to go back into the planning of future excursions. Wounded Warrior Outdoors relies on Corporate and personal donations to raise money for these worthwhile therapeutic trips for our servicemen and women. Donations can be made via the Wounded Warrior Outdoors website . You can also see photos of the past excursions on the Wounded Warrior Outdoors Facebook page.

Stop N Stor is very proud to be a sponsor of Wounded Warrior Outdoors and our military! Stop by any Stop N Stor location to see how you can help support this worthwhile cause. Thank you to those who have already donated to Wounded Warrior Outdoors. We will continue to post updates about Wounded Warrior Outdoors and their events throughout the year.

Keeping Your Photos Safe While in Storage


There have been huge developments in how we take and save photos over the years and the technology keeps changing even as I type this blog post. Digital photo taking has become the norm, while film and negative photos are considered to be “old school”.  Many households have old photos that are considered family heirlooms or have many old family photos of vacations and holidays stored around their homes.  How can you store these important family keepsakes to protect them from damage? Due to extreme temperature fluctuations and moisture, do not store your photos in a basement or attic. If you are storing photographs, the best option is to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. To further protect the photos, chose an inside facing storage unit on the second floor of the storage facility if possible. These preventive steps will help protect the photographs while in storage from extreme light fluctuations, dust, dirt and possible insect issues.

When storing photographs, you need to take precaution to protect the photos from damage. Over time and improper handling, photographs can become cracked, brittle and faded. We all have old family photos which are getting harder and hard to see the images. Some older photos can be restored, but it is an expensive and tedious process. In order to protect photos from damage, there are some simple steps to take to make sure that your photos continue to be in your family for years to come.

1. Do not store photos in albums with sticky or magnetic pages. These albums can cause damage to the photos over time. The photos can tear as they stick to the page as well. Store photos in an acid-free photo album that has been made with materials that pass the ANSI IT 9.16 Photographic Activity Test (PAT). Do not store photos in plastic slips with material made from PVC. The PVC omits an odor and can create acids that will damage your photos over time.

2. Do not store your photos in old shoeboxes or envelopes. These boxes contain chemicals that are unsafe for your photos. Use packaging that has been labeled “Photograph safe”. These boxes protect your photos from dust and light exposure. Also, when storing your photos, try to organize the photos by date or special occasion so they can easily be found.

3. In a storage unit, make sure that you place the boxes with the photos higher up to prevent moisture damage. These boxes can be stacked on top of tables or in shelving units.

4. In the digital age, it is important to keep your digital photos safe as well. As a backup, store photos on a CD or DVD and then store these items in a climate controlled storage unit. Label the discs for easy identification. This will make it easier to find the photos that you need. Storing the photos on a disc is a great back-up just in case your computer, where all of your photos are stored, crashes.

With proper storage, your photos will be protected for years to come. Stop N Stor  has climate controlled storage units to help safely secure your priceless photos.