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How to Properly Pack a Storage Unit

How to Properly Pack a Storage Unit
Make sure that your boxes are not too heavy!

Springtime is the time for spring cleaning, reorganizing and planning for summer moves. When you are planning for these events, include reserving a storage unit to the list. You will need to store the items that you still have to keep, but no longer have room to keep in the home.  When you are searching for a storage facility make sure that you know exactly what you need to place inside the storage unit, this will make choosing the storage unit size and packing the storage unit much easier.  Stop N Stor  has a variety of climate and non-climate controlled storage units that will help you in your storage needs.  Once you have decided on the right sized storage unit, it is important to properly pack and organize the items that you are placing in storage. When it is time to move your items into your storage unit, it is crucial to pack the boxes and items correctly in the storage unit. This will help protect the items while in storage as well as make it easier for you to access items that you might need.

Below are some tips to properly pack your storage unit:

1. Come up with a plan on where you want to put your items in the storage unit. Once everything is in place, make an inventory list and map of where things are located in the storage unit.

2. Sweep out the storage unit. Place cardboard or plastic covering down on the floor. If storing long-term in a non-climate controlled storage unit, you might want to invest in moisture absorbers, deodorizers and vermin control protection.

3. Put the items and belongings that you will need to access more in the front of the storage unit.

4. Put valuable items, such as computers or TVs towards the middle or back of the storage unit away from the door.

5. Pack electronic items in their original boxes, if possible. If not, then find boxes that are similar in size to the electronics and add filler paper or bubble wrap to protect the item.

6. Leave space around the outside of the storage unit for ventilation. If you have a larger storage unit, leave a pathway in the unit to make it easier to access items.

7. Stack like-sized boxes together with the heavier boxes at the bottom and the lighter boxes on top.  Boxes should not be heavier than 30 pounds, or it could be difficult to lift and carry them.

8. Don’t stack the boxes too high, because you will still need to access them at some point.

9. Cover furniture with a canvas or cloth cover to protect them from dust and dirt. Also, use mattress covers to protect mattresses in storage.

10. Stack chairs on top of one another to save space.

11. Stack couches and mattresses vertically in the storage unit to give added storage space.

12. Clean out all appliances before storage. The inside of a cleaned out refrigerator is a perfect spot to store smaller boxes or appliances.

13. If you are storing any type of machinery, make sure to drain the oil and properly prep the machine for storage.

14. Gather rakes, shovels and brooms together into a garbage can.

15. Take apart beds and tables. Keep the screws and bolts in a clear plastic bag attached to the legs.

2013 Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf Tournament in Savannah

Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf


The Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf  Tournament returns to Savannah April 22nd through April 28th. The tournament takes place at the Savannah Harbor Golf Resort . The tournament has been held in Savannah since 2003 and it is one of the founding tournaments of the PGA Champions Tour for players over 50 years old. The Club at Savannah Harbor golf course, which opened in 1999, was designed by Robert Cupp and Sam Snead. The well designed course is a test to skilled golfers, but can be “eased” for golfers at different levels.

This year, two legends of golf, Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player,  will be teaming up to compete in the Demaret Division of the tournament. They will be playing on April 22nd and April 23rd. The admission will be free for those two days, so go out and see two golf greats! The 2012 Legends of Golf Tournament winners, David Frost and Michael Allen, will be back to defend their titles. The list of other players is still being determined as this blog is being written.

The Liberty Mutual Legends of Golf Tournament is split into 3 divisions: Legends, Raphael and Demaret. The Legends Division is the official 2 man team competition that runs Friday through Sunday with a $2 Million prize. The Golf Channel  and CBS affiliates will be broadcasting Friday through Sunday during the afternoon of the tournament. (Check your local listings for time). The Raphael Division is also a 2 man better ball team event that is held Friday and Saturday. The Demaret Division is the 2 man team competition for players that are 70 years old and older. This part of the tournament will be played Monday and Tuesday. There is also a Pro-Am tournament being held April 24th and April 25th.

There are special local events that are held throughout the tournament including a free concert at the Westin driving range on Friday, April 26th, by Lonestar. Military personnel and their dependents will be offered complimentary admission throughout the tournament week. Since 2003, the event has raised over $1.65 Million for charities in the Savannah area.

For tickets and other information go to the tournament websiteStop N Stor  wishes all of the players good luck in the tournament and welcomes the visitors who are in town to enjoy the city and watch a great golf tournament! See you on the links!

Spring Cleaning Time!

Man and woman painting wall.

Spring officially struck on March 20th and finally, the weather is beginning to feel like springtime! Flowers and trees are already blooming in the Savannah area. Now is the time to start working on the spring cleaning and remodeling projects that you started planning in the winter.  Attending the Home and Garden Shows gave you some great ideas for reorganizing or remodeling. After the long winter, it refreshing to open up windows and let the fresh air come in. The warmer weather will give you incentive to start working on all of the projects around the house.

Spring cleaning can be a daunting task, but think of the fresh and clean results of your project! As you go through your spring cleaning projects, include de-cluttering and reorganizing closets, attics, basements and rooms to the list. These rooms have become cluttered with winter and left over holiday items. Tackle your spring projects one room at a time. This makes the project much easier to manage. If you are washing windows and painting walls during your cleaning project, clear out the entire room to make it easier to access.  Before putting the items back in the room, sort them into the following piles: keep, donate, sell, place in storage or throw out. Going through this sorting process will help you eliminate belongings that you have kept, but haven’t used in year. To keep the room organized, purchase or create your own storage accessories. There are so many great ideas online  for creatively organizing and storing items.

As the weather warms up, you will need somewhere to store your winter gear, such as coats, skis, shovels and snow blowers for the warmer seasons. Renting a storage unit is a perfect solution to store these items.  Once you do your spring cleaning and realize that you have a lot of items to sell, you could decide to do a garage sale. Putting the items that you want to have in a garage sale in a self storage unit until it is time for the sale is another great way to help de-clutter your home.  If you already have a storage unit, the early spring months are the best time to switch out your winter items for your gardening tools, lawnmowers, summer clothes and other summer items.

Don’t forget to give your storage unit a good spring cleaning as well. This is one item on the spring cleaning list that is usually neglected. As you are removing summer items from your storage unit and replacing them with winter items, take the time to sweep out your storage unit. Check your boxes for damage and replace any furniture or mattress covers, moisture absorbers and deodorizers for the upcoming summer season. Reorganize your boxes and stored items and then create an inventory list of the items that are currently in storage.

It is a great feeling to accomplish a spring cleaning and project list! Stop N Stor  has a large variety of packing supplies such as boxes, packing tape, and furniture and mattress covers to help you in your spring cleaning projects. Stop by any of our Hinesville, Port Wentworth or Savannah locations  to pick up your supplies and to see how Stop N Stor can help you with your storage needs.

Connect Savannah-Best of Savannah 2013

Vote for Stop N Stor in the Best of Savannah poll
Vote today in the Best of Savannah Poll!

April is when spring is in full bloom in Savannah. It is also time for the Annual Connect Savannah Best of Savannah poll.  Connect Savannah  is a free weekly alternative magazine that focuses on news and issues, arts, entertainment, music, food and drink and film in the Savannah area. There are over 100,000 readers both in print and online to the magazine on a weekly basis. The annual Best of Savannah Poll is a popular event every year in Savannah. There are 331 categories in the entire poll, but the poll taker only needs to vote on 25 categories to make their votes valid. You must register to the site in order to take the poll.

The Annual Best of Savannah Poll has a wide range of categories that you can vote on including the following:

Arts and Culture-Best Museum, Cultural Event, Film Festival, Best local theater, Best Local Actress and Actor, etc.

City Life-Best historic home, best local celebrity, best neighborhoods-both upcoming and current, etc.

Politics & Public Affairs-Best local political figures, best local policeman and firemen, etc.

Media-Best local radio, TV and print, Best Local TV and radio personalities, etc.

Food-Best types of food from Italian to Seafood to veggie burger, best restaurants, best chefs, etc.

Nightlife-Best bars, clubs, happy hours, drink selections, etc.

Recreation, Health and Beauty-Best local sports teams, best hospital, best pharmacy, best doctor, best dentist, best hair salon, best fitness club, etc.

Shopping & Services-Best local clothes designer and shop, best 24 hour storage, best pet store, best place to use a military discount, best place to buy a car, best place to get a car repaired, etc.

The voting lasts until May 1, 2013. The winners are announced in an upcoming issue of Connect Savannah. There is also a very popular local awards ceremony and party for the release of the issue and to celebrate the winners. Last year’s voting for the “Best of” Poll nearly doubled the amount of votes from 2011! Let’s make this year’s vote even more! Every vote counts, so get out there and vote!

Stop N Stor  is listed for the first year in the “Best of” poll under the category of Best 24 Hour Storage facility in Savannah. Help show your support for Stop N Stor by taking the time to vote in this year’s poll! Thanks for your support!!