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Tips on How to Properly Pack Boxes

Tips on How tp Properly Pack Boxes

It is time to start packing your boxes for moving day or to place items in a storage unit. Packing can be a daunting task. However, if you are prepared with the right packing items before you start and you follow simple tips, the packing process can be much easier. In order to start packing, you will need the following:

1. Sturdy boxes of different sizes. Do not rely on used boxes from stores as they could have left-over food or vermin in the boxes. Plus, since they have been used before, they are not very sturdy.

2. Have bubble wrap, tissue paper and other filler material such as clothes and towels on hand.

3. Use non-printed newsprint for wrapping items. Printed newspapers can leave ink on items.

4. Have packing tape to seal the boxes and scotch tape to tape up the packaged items.

5. Use good scissors and box cutters.

6. Use permanent markers to label the boxes with the content of each box. If you are moving, put the room destination on the box.

7. As you pack a box, keep a running inventory list of the boxes and content to use as a reference on moving day.

Stop N Stor has a wide variety of packing and moving supplies available at their 5 locations in Port Wentworth, Savannah and Hinesville, including a variety of box sizes from small, which are perfect to put small heavy items such as books and glassware to wardrobe boxes for heavy hanging items. Packing tape, box cutters and filling material are also available at our locations. Once you have gathered your packing supplies, then you are ready to pack.

Below are some tips to make the packing process easier:

1. Pack like items together. For example, glasses should not be packed with books.

2. Make sure that the box bottoms are secured with the packing tape.

3. Before you start filling a box with glassware or delicate items, line the box with filler material for extra padding.

4. Roll glasses onto the newsprint, tuck in the end of the paper as you roll and then tape the rolled glass with scotch tape to keep it sealed.

5. Place the heaviest items at the bottom of the box. Add filler material on top of the bottom items, then add another layer of items and add filler on top of these items. Place the lightest items at the top of the box with more filler material.

6. Completely fill the box that you are packing. Add filler material to within a half-inch of the top of the box and then seal the box. If the box is not completely full, it could collapse when it is stacked with other boxes ruining the items in the box.

7. Properly seal the box with packing tape to prevent dust and dirt from getting in the box.

8. Pack lampshades, pillows, linens and other larger items in larger boxes.

9. Use wardrobe boxes for hanging clothing and heavy comforters and coats.

10. Label each box with the contents of the box to refer to on moving day or when you remove the boxes from storage.

Once your items are packed, you are ready to move them into a storage unit or onto a moving truck. When stacking in a storage unit, make sure to place like-sized boxes together. Place heavier boxes at the bottom of the stack and lighter boxes on top. Don’t stack the boxes too high or you won’t be able to access them or they could topple over damaging all the items in the stack. If possible, leave enough space in the storage room to walk around and to let air circulate in the storage unit. If you properly pack your items for storage, then you will be able to use the stored items for a long time.

Back to school-A Time of Transition

Back to School

The summer months have really flown by this year. The fall school routine has already been running in families for a few weeks and the kids are already deep into their classes for the new school year.  The Savannah/Chatham schools went back to school a few weeks ago.  Schools in Liberty County,  actually started back on August 7th!   Some local colleges started their fall semester classes in August including: Savannah State University , Armstrong Atlantic State University and Savannah Technical College’s many local campuses. Savannah College of Art & Design  will start their classes this week on September 12th. The students began moving into their dorms and apartments in Savannah this weekend.

Back to school is a time of transition for students and their families, especially for first time college students. If a student is just starting college and moving away from home, then they will need to condense and organize their belongings to fit in a college dorm room that is usually shared with one or more other people! When packing for college it is important to have the essentials: clothes, computers, electronics, books and school supplies, a few kitchen items, linens and everyday use items. Students can pack a few keepsakes from home if they are small. College students actually start off their school year with a minimum of items, but gather more “stuff” as the school year (and years) progress. We have mentioned before in posts  that self storage is a great option for college students at the end of the school year. Storing school items in a storage unit makes the move back home for the summer months much easier to handle. Most self storage facilities, including Stop N Stor, rent their storage units on a month-by-month basis, which is perfect for the student who only needs to rent a storage unit for a few months at a time. Also, Stop N Stor has climate controlled storage units, which protects art projects, paintings, sculptures, art materials and supplies for SCAD students. This is a perfect solution if there is not enough storage in a studio or even in the student’s dorm room. The climate controlled storage units also help protect musical instruments from heat and humidity damage.

Families of college students also go through a time of transition after the student has left home. Many parents decide to repurpose the student’s bedroom into an office, den, craft room, personal gym or in some cases another storage room. The parents take on the reorganization and cleaning project of the room, which includes packing up all of the student’s awards, projects and collections. Once the room is redecorated, there is no longer room for the student’s “stuff”. Place the excess items in a self storage unit while the student is away. Then, let them go through the boxes and make the decision if they want to keep the items or get rid of them. The items can also stay in storage until the college student graduates and can move the boxes into their new homes.

Stop N Stor has convenient locations for local college students in Port Wentworth and Savannah. Both of the locations offer a 10% student and faculty discount with proof of college ID. Stop by our facilities to see how we can help you in your storage needs from temporary storage for college students to long-term “empty nesters”.