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Self Storage on TV and in the Movies

self storage in the movies

The self storage industry has been playing a role in television and movies for years. Storage Wars and Auction Hunters  are very popular storage auction “reality” shows. These shows depict storage unit auctions and the possible “treasures” that are found inside the foreclosed storage units. Storage units and storage facilities have been used as a background for dramas, comedies and especially horror films more and more in the last decade.

Self storage facilities have been used as a location for many television shows over the past decade. Some memorable shows include: Arrested Development, Vampire Diaries, Dexter, Homeland, The Big C, 24 and Breaking Bad. Unfortunately, most of these shows portray the scary side of self storage such as a character hiding something “bad” in the self storage unit. In the case of Breaking Bad, Walt hid his drug dealing money in a self storage unit. On the happier side, in an episode of The Big C , the terminally ill main character uses a self storage unit to hide future gifts for her son.

Self storage has been used as a location or background in movies dating back to the 1930’s with a storage unit being mentioned in Citizen Kane. Independent filmmakers as well as well-known directors, such as Tom Hanks, have set scenes in their movies at a self storage facility. Tom Hanks filmed a Larry Crowne scene at a storage facility. Friends of Tom Hank’s character, Larry Crowne, take him to a storage unit filled with second-hand clothes to update his “look”. The friends were keeping the clothes in storage in hopes of opening up their own consignment store. In 2009 independent documentary, Steel Homes, won many awards for its portrayal of the silent history of the contents of self storage units. 2011’s Esposito  explored the main character exploration of items bought in a storage unit auction.

As for the creepy uses of self storage in film, it is hard to forget the storage unit full of dismantled mannequins discovered by Jodie Foster’s character in Silence of the Lambs. There have been two movies named “Self Storage” in the last 10 years. Rainn Wilson started in Self Storage  in 2002 about a man moving his belongings into a self storage unit after the ending of a marriage. The latest Self Storage movie was released on DVD in September 2013. This horror movie, staring Eric Roberts, is set in a highly secured storage facility where things aren’t what they appear to seem.

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