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Self Storage for Life’s Many Events

Life's Journeys


Throughout our lives, we experience many life events from getting our first apartment to getting married to eventually downsizing our homes. Self storage can be a great storage solution for life’s major changes. Placing your personal items in self storage will give you peace-of-mind that your belongings are in a safe and secure place as you tackle your life events.

There are many life events that could require a person to need to rent a self storage unit:


  • Moving. One of the number one reasons to rent a self storage unit is because you are selling your home or moving to a new home. Over 35 million people move a year and a good portion of these people need a moving storage solution to store excess household items. If you plan on selling your home, a clean and organized house is more appealing to potential buyers. Unclutter your home as much as possible and store excess belongings in a self storage unit to that will fit your needs. If you are moving to a new city, but do not know the size of your new home yet, then it is a good idea to place your belongings in a self storage unit until you get settled into your new home.
  • Getting Married. When you are getting married, you are combining two households into one. There could be duplicates of furniture, kitchen items, appliances and linens. Place the excess in storage until you can use them or you decide to sell or donate the items. Self storage is a great option for storing wedding gifts and other items that you have collected along life’s journey.
  • Expecting a new family member. If you’re about to welcome a new baby into the household, it’s definitely time to free up some space. It’s time to create a nursery, so clear out that spare bedroom, man cave, or office. If there is no other storage option in the home, place the extra items from the room into a self storage unit until you are able to use them again.
  • Empty nesting. As children grow up and go to college, parents can start to go through an “empty nesting” phase and decide to redecorate or repurpose a child’s room into an office, multi-media room, workout room or craft room. Place the child’s “stuff” in a self storage unit and have them decide if they want to keep their childhood memorabilia. After college is over, the graduate might end up moving back home, so the room could have to be changed back to a bedroom yet again!
  • Downsizing a Home. As we get older, we do not need as much “stuff” in our lives. This is when we decide to downsize your home to a smaller place or apartment. However, we cannot part with all of our “stuff” just yet, so place your excess items in a self storage unit. If you have to clean out a home after a loved one has passed away, it is a good idea to place the items in self storage until you are able to decide what to do with them.

Stop N Stor has storage solutions for all of your life’s events from just starting out after college to downsizing a home after a long life.

Wounded Warriors Outdoor Spring 2014 Adventures


Wounded Warrior Outdoors,  a non-profit organization that provides therapeutic outdoor adventures to wounded, but active duty military personnel, is in the middle of their 2014 outdoor adventure schedule. The organization kicked off their spring 2014 outdoor adventures for our military heroes in April with a turkey hunt and fishing excursion to Lake Cumberland State Park in Kentucky.  The trip was hosted by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Nashville District, State Park Rangers, Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife, local volunteers and Wounded Warrior Outdoors volunteers.   The wounded warriors for this excursion were from the Balboa Naval Medical Center in San Diego. The second trip of the spring was a bear hunt in British Columbia over the Memorial Day weekend.  The adventure was sponsored by Otter Lake Guide Outfitters. The bear hunting trip included Sgt. Kirstie Ennis, USMC, who hunted the largest bear of the excursion.  Check out the Wounded Warrior Outdoors Facebook page for some more great pictures from the spring 2014 trips. All participants of the adventures from sponsors to volunteers to the military heroes take great memories home from the trips.

The excursion organizers at Wounded Warrior Outdoors partner with doctors, nurses and therapists at Balboa Naval Medical Center and Walter Reed Military Hospital, as well as other military hospital facilities, to choose 50 wounded, but active-duty, members of our military a year for fishing and hunting excursions in the United States and Canada. All branches of the military are a part of this program. The organization provides housing, travel to/from the excursion, outfitting, gear, clothing and even taxidermy services to the warriors. There is no cost to the participant or their family. The trips are a huge morale and confidence builder for the warriors and give them memories that will last a lifetime. The participants are extending and enhancing their physical and mental therapies with the challenges that they face during the excursions. The organization recently created a video describing the experience for both the volunteers and the participants.


Wounded Warrior Outdoors was founded by Ron Raboud in 2008. It is staffed entirely by volunteers who give their time and expertise to the adventures. The organization relies entirely on donations to fund the excursions.  The spring to fall adventures cost over $250,000 annually to put on, so any donation is worthwhile! There are many corporate sponsors for the organization including Southwest, Hero Miles, The University Club of Orlando, Sheeler Rd Animal Hospital Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust, Rabco, Dew Foundation and Inside Self Storage to just mention a few. You can send a private donation to Wounded Warrior Outdoors via their websiteStop N Stor  has been a proud supporter of Wounded Warrior Outdoors for the past 3 years. Stop by our locations to find out more information on how you can help this very worthwhile organization!

A Visit to Tybee Island

Tybee Pier and Pavilion


Tybee Island  is a barrier island 18 miles from downtown Savannah. It is at the mouth of the Savannah River along the Atlantic Ocean. Tybee Island is rich in history and natural beauty and is a vacation destination for visitors both local and from around the world. The island was “discovered in 1520 by the Spanish explorer, Lucas Vasquez de Ayllon. Over many decades, the Spanish and French fought for control of the island. Pirates also used Tybee Island as a stopping off point to get fresh water and find a place to hide their treasures.  The British laid claim to the island and found Savannah in 1733. General James Olgethorp decreed that a lighthouse be built for defensive purposes.  The island has played a major defensive role during the Revolutionary War, War of 1812 and The Civil War. During the late 19th century, Tybee Island became a resort destination for Savannah residents. They escaped the heat of the city during the summer to enjoy the cooler ocean breezes. Since that time, the Island has grown to have year round residents and thousands of visitors per year.

There are many things to do on Tybee Island from relaxing on the beach, fishing, to visiting historical landmarks and learning about nature and the marine life along the Atlantic coast. One of the oldest buildings on the island is the Tybee Lighthouse.  It was originally built in 1736 to help defend the Savannah River.  The outbuildings on the 5 acre site are original from that time period. The lighthouse that stands today was rebuilt in 1916.  Tybee Lighthouse, standing at 154 feet tall, is one of the most photographed landmarks on the island. The Tybee Pier and Pavilion is another popular island destination where you can do everything from fishing to people watching to get married. The original pier stood for 75 years until it caught fire in 1967 and was then rebuilt in 1996.

Tybee Island has a wide variety of nature experiences from salt marshes, to nature trails and of course the 3 miles of uninterrupted beach.  The island is a nesting area for sea turtles from May 1 to October 31st every year. The Tybee Marine Science Center  was built in 1988 to help protect Georgia’s natural resources through education, conservation and research. The island is a nesting area for Loggerhead sea turtles from May 1 to October 31st every year. Volunteers help to protect the turtle nesting areas along the beach during this time.

There is never a dull moment on Tybee Island. There are events scheduled throughout the year for local residents as well as visitors to enjoy. The Tybee Arts Association  sponsors a monthly art show and sale at the Tybee Arts Building featuring the best local artist creations. Every Columbus Day weekend, Tybee Island hosts Pirate Fest as a way to boost visitation during the off-season. The Pirate Fest features a parade, family activities, entertainment, costume contests and much more!  It has grown to be an extremely popular festival for the island. Tybee Island also has fireworks which are shot off from the Tybee Pier for 4th of July, Labor Day and New Year’s Eve that can be viewed all along the east coast of the island.

There are always lots of activities for locals, visitors and the entire family year round in Tybee. For more tips on Tybee visit this article on the Virgin Atlantic’s blog by local blogger Life on the Squares. During your visit to Savannah, don’t forget to make a stop and relax  for a bit at Tybee Island!

Tips for Packing Glassware, Plates and Bowls

Packing plates and glassware for moving


As we have mentioned before, the summer is the busiest moving season.  As people prepare to move, they have to make sure to protect their items while on the moving truck or in storage. Making sure you properly pack your breakables for moving or storage is very important. Broken or shattered glasses or dishes are not something that you want to deal with on your moving day! The first and most important part to your packing process it to have sturdy, cardboard boxes for your kitchen items. The boxes must be strong enough to hold multiple items; however it is recommended not to use large boxes to hold glassware or dishes. Large boxes could get very heavy and easily break when stacked with other boxes. The best idea is to get smaller boxes or boxes specifically designed with dividers for glassware. Stop N Stor has a variety of sturdy boxes, packing supplies such as newsprint or bubble wrap as well as packaging tape. Once you have gathered all of these supplies, then you can follow the steps below to make sure that you have properly packed your everyday dishes and special occasion glasses.

How to Pack your Glassware

1. Use newspaper, newsprint or bubble wrap to pack your glasses. Use bubble wrap to wrap crystal glasses. Once you get to your new home, and then wash the glasses before putting them in their perspective cabinets.

2. There are specially made packing boxes with cardboard dividers that are excellent for packing glasses.

3. To properly pack the box for ultimate protection for your glasses, start with a layer of packing paper, bubble wrap, or towels to use as a cushion at the bottom of the box.

4. The heaviest items should be on the bottom of the box and then build up in layers to lighter items. Add packing material in between each later for padding.

5. Wrap each of the glasses separately.

6. Start with the newsprint or bubble wrap on a flat surface. Roll the glass diagonally on the paper. After rolling twice, tuck the ends of the paper into the roll to make it a tight package

7. Place these wrapped packages in the box on their side and add packing material for the first layer. Repeat this process until the box is full.

8. Leave at least one inch of space from the last layer to the top of the box for added packing material.

9. For delicate glasses, do not wrap too tightly as they could break when you remove the wrapping.

10. Store boxes with glasses on the top of heavier boxes to prevent breakage.

11. Make sure to label each box with the contents and create an overall inventory list, so you know where to look for the items if you need them.

How to Pack Plates and Bowls

  1. Just like with glassware, when packing dishes, start off by lining a box with packing material such as bubble wrap or newsprint. Make sure that the entire bottom and sides of the box are covered.
  2. Place pieces of newsprint or packing material on a table. The pieces should be large enough to properly pack the plates or bowls.
  3. Place the first plate in the center of the packing material and then fold one corner of the sheet over the plate until it is completely covered.
  4. Place the next plate on top of the first plate and do the same folding process and then secure with tape.
  5. Do not place the plates flat in a box. Place them on their sides and add filler material to keep hold the plates in place. Adding cardboard dividers will help keep the plates steady and protected.
  6. Wrap bowls in the same way as the plates with wrapping one bowl first and then adding a second or third bowl on top and secure with more packing material and tape.
  7. Also place bowls on their edges in the boxes and fill the box with cushioning material such as crushed paper, linens or towels.
  8. Do not over pack the dish boxes. Dishes can get very heavy and can easily cause boxes to break. Remember to stack the heavier boxes at the bottom of the stack and the lighter boxes at the top.


If you follow these simple steps, you can protect your glasses, plates and dishes while moving and storing! Have fun wrapping and packing!





Celebrate History for the 4th of July in Savannah

Fourth of July in Savannah


This Friday is the 238th birthday of the United States. It is celebrated with picnics, festivals, family and of course, fireworks! Independence Day is considered one of our country’s most important national holidays and a symbol of our nation’s patriotism. The tradition of celebrating the 4th of July goes back to the years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence, (which was originally signed on July 2nd, but the document shows July 4th),  during the Revolutionary War years.  The day was commemorated with community events, fireworks, and the reading of the Declaration of Independence.  July 4th actually didn’t become an official federal holiday until 1941! Over the 4th of July weekend, consumers will spend over $2 billion on cookouts and $600 million on fireworks! The biggest fireworks display is put on by Macy’s in New York City. Millions of people view the fireworks from spots around the city!

There are many 4th of July celebrations in the Savannah area from historical programs to festivals to fireworks. Savannah was founded in 1720 and has played a critical role during the Revolutionary War through the Civil War. The city was spared destruction during the Civil War preserving the homes and squares in historical downtown district. The city has many Civil War era forts that protect the city and have played important roles in the early history of the city. Old Fort Jackson and Fort Pulaski are just two of these forts that will be having special Independence Day events. Old Fort Jackson was in service for the War of 1812 through the Civil War. On the 4th of July, there will be special programs including musket firing demonstrations, cannon firing, reenactment and more. Fort Pulaski  will also have a living history presentation, cannon firings, special children programs, arts and crafts and more to celebrate the nation’s birthday. There will also be a presentation of the different flags that flew over the fort during the Civil War.

For a more contemporary 4th of July celebration, head down to River Street in downtown Savannah for the 4th of July Festival, which runs July 4th to July 6th. There will be entertainment, food, family activities and much more. The fireworks will take place after 9pm. Tybee Island starts the Independence Day holiday events a day early with their fireworks display on July 3rd. The fireworks will be set off from the Tybee Pavilion and can be seen from anywhere on the eastern beaches of the island.

Experience history and enjoy the great fireworks displays at the many 4th of July events in the Savannah area. Check with your local community for more information about fireworks programs and festivals. Stop N Stor wishes everyone a safe and fun 4th of July holiday!