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Spend Labor Day Weekend in Savannah

Labor Day in Savannah


Labor Day is an annual celebration of workers and the American Labor movement dedicated to the achievements of the work force. It is celebrated on the first Monday in September as a day off for all American workers. The holiday has its origins during the turmoil of the industrial revolution during the late 1880s. The extreme conditions caused the labor force to join together to improve working conditions for all ages. Labor Day was established as an official holiday in 1887 and the first Monday in September was declared a national holiday by Congress in 1894 to give laborers a day off. Today, Labor Day is celebrated with picnics, parades and fireworks displays.

The Savannah area will have many events that are taking place over the Labor Day weekend. One of the biggest annual Labor Day events is the Savannah Craft Brew Fest . The celebration of craft beer is held at the Savannah International Convention Center on Saturday, August 20th. The Savannah Craft Beer Fest has multiple indoor and outdoor beer gardens featuring the best local, regional and national craft beers. There will be educational seminars, a cornhole tournament and a sport bar at the festival. You can keep track of the latest information on performers and seminars on the Savannah Craft Brew Fest Facebook Page and Twitter Page.

Tybee Island is the place to be for Labor Day weekend. The Labor Day Tybee Island Beach Bash takes place Sunday, August 31st at the Tybee Island Pier and Pavilion. The festivities start at 7pm with local band performances and end with free fireworks from the Pier. The Tybee Arts Associations will also have its monthly art show and sale at the Tybee Arts Association building. The show features paintings, sculpture, stained glass, jewelry, quilts, prints and other arts and crafts items created by local artists.

The Labor Day holiday weekend is a great time to get out and enjoy the historic squares of downtown Savannah. The nearby parks will all be open to explore and have one last summer picnic with friends and family. The local historic parks, including, Ft. PulaskiOld Fort Jackson, and Fort McAllister will all be open to visitors on for the holiday weekend.

Stop N Stor’s office’s will be closed for the holiday, but you will still be able to access your stored belongings via our 24/7 gate keypad entry access. The offices for each facility will be open to help with your storage needs. Stop N Stor wishes you a safe and happy Labor Day!


12 Tips for Packing Electronic Items

Tips for packing electronic items


All of our modern day technology, computers, TV’s, tablets, etc., will need to be stored at some point in our lives. It is important to make sure that you keep you investment in these items, by not damaging them during moving or storage.  It is important to plan ahead, keep all pieces and parts of the electronic equipment together and be as organized as possible when storing these items. Stop N Stor can help you with any of your storage needs. We have packing supplies including packing tape and furniture covers to keep your items protected. Below are some tips to keep your electronics safe and protected in storage or while moving, so you will be able to continue using them long in the future. These are Stop N Stor’s opinions and in no way represents all of the steps needed to keep your electronics protected while in storage.

  1. First and foremost: Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for storing. Consult the owner’s manual or brand website for specific information for packing and storing.
  2. If possible, use the original boxes with the original packing material for storing. This is the optimum solution for packing your electronics, as the items will already fit in the confines of the boxes.
  3. Take apart the wires and other accessories that go along with your electronics, (keyboard, mouse, speakers). Bundle the wires together. Label each wire with a specific color sticker that coincides with its equipment. Keep these all together in a plastic bag attached to the electronic item.
  4. Take a picture of the back of the electronic item so you know which wire goes in which outlet. Use this as a reference when you are setting up the TV or computer in your new home.
  5. Remove CDs, DVDs, ink jets and other materials from the electronic equipment before you prepare for storage.
  6. Have sturdy cartons, newsprint, bubble wrap, packaging tape, scissors and markers handy to label the boxes.
  7. If you can’t store in the original box, wrap computer monitors and TV screens in anti-static foam to keep the screens protected. Doing so will also help limit the electronic items form bumping against each other. Add additional filler material in the box for added protection.
  8. Make a list of everything within the electronic box. Put this in the box for reference when you are unpacking. Also, keep an inventory list of all the items that you are storing.
  9. Seal boxes completely with packing tape to keep the dust out of the box.
  10. Store computers and TVs in climate controlled storage units.
  11. Place the electronics towards the back of the storage unit for added protection. For additional protection, wrap the electronics in line or in clean newsprint to prevent dust.
  12. Do not store large screen TV’s flat on the floor. Store these larger electronic items leaning against the wall of the storage unit with a blanket or sheet over them. Do not store anything on top of the electronics, as that could damage the items.



Savannah VOICE Festival

Savannah VOICE Festival


Savannah is a city that is rich in culture and history. It has many festivals to celebrate the arts including the Savannah Music Festival , Savannah Film Festival,  and Savannah Folk Festival .   During the first two weeks of August, Savannah’s many talented voices can be heard during the Savannah VOICE Festival. (Link to  This non-profit arts organization showcases classical vocal performances, concerts, events and educational presentations at venues throughout Savannah. The focus of the two-week program is on arts awareness and audience development through opera, musical theater and popular song.

The Savannah VOICE Festival, in conjuncture with its sister organization, VOICExperience Foundation , work together to put on the performances and classes. The VOICExperience Foundation is a non-profit that helps young artists pursue a career in the performing arts. The VOICE Festival reaches out to thousands of people in the Savannah area that might never come to a theater or operatic performance. There are outreach programs for schools, retirement homes and local charities, free educational events, teen workshops, master classes and scholarships for local artists. The organizations were founded and directed by legendary opera baritone, Sherrill Milnes, and opera soprano, Maria Zouves in 2013.

The Savannah VOICE Festival kicked off on Friday, August 1st with a performance of “Death by Aria Part 1 & 2” and ends on Saturday, August 16th with a performance of a collection of songs from Bizet to Broadway.  Throughout the two weeks of the festival, there are recitals, opera performances, master classes with Sherrill Milnes and David Friedman, teen workshops, an Opera “Idol” competition and a great finale show. Find out more about all of the times and dates of the great performances on the festival’s website.  The venues include Christ Church Savannah, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Westin Savannah Harbor Ballrooms, and the First Presbyterian Church Savannah.

Come out and support this great cultural event in Savannah. You can also help keep the programming and community outreach going by donating to the Savannah VOICE Festival. Keep up with the latest news about the performances via the Festival’s Facebook Page  and Twitter Page.


12 Tips to Make the First Week of School Less Stressful

Tips to make the first day of school easier


This week, the Savannah-Chatham County schools and Liberty County schools will be heading back to school. It is hard to believe that the summer is actually over! Back to school time can be stressful for the entire family at any age. Children and parents are nervous about going to school, having a new teacher, new classroom and making new friends and parents are nervous for their children! Parents need to learn to manage their own anxieties in order to help their children have a positive experience for their first few days at school. It is very important to get into a school schedule from morning routines to after school activities. Children become more comfortable with their new surroundings (the classroom) and learning once they are comfortable with their routine.

Getting your child prepared for school for the first time requires planning and practicing.  There are many things that need to be taken care of before the child goes back to school as well as during the first week of classes. If you follow these tips, the first day of school won’t be so stressful:

1. Make sure that the child gets enough sleep! Adjusting the child’s bedtime earlier the week before school starts gives the child time to get used to a new schedule. Young children aged 3-7 years old should get at least 11-13 hours of sleep a night.

2. All the children’s forms, including permission slips, health forms and school supply lists are completed and organized. Keep these items together in a folder (per child) or scan them into the computer for safe keeping.

3. Reach out to the child’s teacher and introduce yourself and your child. Attend the “meet the teacher” events at the school.

4. To make the child more comfortable, do a walk-through of the school before classes start. Show them their classroom, the cafeteria, the restrooms and the gym. These are the places where the child will be the most during the school day.

5. Label everything that the child will be taking to school such as school supplies, backpack, lunch box, coat and tennis shoes.

6. Take the child on a special “back to school” shopping trip to get supplies and clothing. Allow the child to help pick out colors of folders, notebooks and backpacks.

7. Get your child back in the healthy eating habit. Pack healthy snacks and lunches for the child.

8. Designate a homework space in your home that is specifically for homework and nothing else.

9. Create a “family station” where children can pick up/drop off school bags and lunch boxes. This would also be the place for them to leave their school homework folders for the parent to review.

10. Plan playdates with classmates of your children to help them make the transition to back to school easier.

11. Don’t forget to create the back to school routine that includes morning, after-school and evening activities. Allow the child time directly after school to “decompress” and play before delving into homework.

12. Parents should have a positive attitude about going back to school and share their enthusiasm about learning, reading and school with their children.

Stop N Stor wishes good Luck to everyone heading back to school from the kindergarten children to college seniors! Have a safe and happy 2014/2015 school year!