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The History of Self-Storage

Stop N Stor HinesvilleIt seems like there has always been a self storage facility in every town with some cities having multiple storage facilities. But, only fifty years ago, self storage was considered a “mom and pop” operation, with smaller operations to Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS) with hundreds of facilities across the country. The self storage industry history is actually thousands of years old!

Storage units and a self storage concept can actually be traced back over 2,000 years ago to ancient China. Remains were found by archeologists showing that the Chinese stored belongings in clay pots in an underground storage pit.  These pits would be guarded and monitored to make sure no one but the owner could remove their pot. Many years later, British banking institutions entered the self storage industry, although it was still very different from today’s industry. Banks would store valuables for clients going overseas for extended periods of time. As these bank vaults became overcrowded with belongings, another option became necessary.  In the 1850s, the first warehouse specifically designed to hold personal and household items was built.

Brothers Martin and John Bekins developed the concept of self storage for the United States in 1891, when they created Bekin Van Lines in Omaha, Nebraska.  In 1903, they were the first company to use motor trucks instead of horse-drawn carriages, and in 1906 they built the first concrete and steel warehouse for storage.

Today, there are over 60,000 storage facilities worldwide with over 48,000 of them in the United States! The self storage industry has come a long way in the past couple of thousand years!  Today, many facilities offer state-of-the-art services, computerized gate entry and climate controlled storage units. Stop N Stor has had locations in Savannah, Port Wentworth and Hinesville since the 1990’s.  Stop by our facility to see how our storage professionals can help you with your personal and business storage needs.


Tips to Reorganize and Clean Your Storage Unit for Fall!

Tips for Fall Cleaning and Organization for Your Storage UnitJust like during the spring, the fall is a great time for reorganizing & cleaning your home! It’s time to store away the summer clothes, lawn mowers and patio furniture.  If your home doesn’t have the space for storing these items, then consider renting a self-storage unit. Fall cleaning is just as important as spring cleaning projects. In fact, you can finish up those spring/summer projects that you didn’t complete during the spring at this time.  When you start your project have a goal in mind and checklist of your tasks that you need to complete. Don’t let the cleaning list become daunting. It is much more important to take your time to do the project properly. Don’t forget to thoroughly clean each room including dusting, sweeping or vacuuming and organizing. Remove items in the room that you no longer need or use. This is a great time to go through the room sorting process: keep in storage, place in storage, donate, sell, or throw away. If it is an item that you might need in the future, then put it in storage. If you don’t need it and it is still in good condition, consider selling or donating the item. If the item is not in good shape, then just throw it out. This is a great time of year for “empty nesters” to start going through this decluttering process.

When doing your fall cleaning, don’t forget about cleaning your storage unit. Fall is a great time to air out and freshen up your storage unit, just like you do your home. To start your storage unit cleaning project, remove all of the items from the unit. Then, sweep out the entire unit. If you need to wash down the walls, then this would be the time to do that task. This would be a good time to do a quick inventory on the items that you currently have in storage. Open the boxes and look for any damaged items. Go through your stored items to see if you really need to keep the items or if they could be sold, donated or thrown away. Replace the floor covering, such as plastic or cardboard boxes in the storage unit. Shake out the furniture covers to freshen them up. If needed, replace the moisture control products that you have in non-climate controlled storage units. It is important to keep your storage unit clean. Storage units that are dirty can attract bugs or other vermin, which in turn ruin your stored belongings.

As you clean out the unit, rotate the items that you would use more frequently during the fall and winter months, such as winter clothes, snow blowers or shovels, to the front of the storage unit.  Don’t forget to label all of the new boxes that you are storing. Plus, add these boxes to the inventory list of the items that you have started for your storage unit. If you have holiday display items in storage, this would be a good time to put them aside to take back to your home. Once you have cleaned out and looked through the items in your storage unit, then it will be time to place them all back into storage.  Make sure to place the items that you will need to access the most towards the front of the storage unit.

Stop N Stor  has locations in Savannah, Port Wentworth, and Hinesville that offers a variety of storage units sizes and types from climate controlled storage units to non-climate controlled units. Stop in to a Stop N Stor location to pick up packing and moving supplies to help your fall cleaning and reorganization projects!

How to Prepare a Washer and Dryer for Moving or Storage

How to prepare your washer and dryer for movingMoving and packing large household appliances can be a daunting task. It takes some strategic planning and preparation in order to move a washer and dryer out of your home.  It is very important to properly prepare washers and dryers for storage in order to keep them protected from damage during moving and while in storage, so you will be able to use the appliances for many years to come. With any major appliance, first consult the owner’s manual for specific manufacturer instructions on moving the appliance.  Once you have followed the manufacturer’s instructions, then you will also need to follow steps for moving and storing the washer and dryer.

Below are tips on how to prepare washers and dryers for moving and storage:

  1. At least one week before you need to move the appliance, run a clean rinse in the washer to remove any detergent in the washer. If there is “harder-to-remove” detergent in the machine, run a vinegar solution through the machine with the rinse cycle. For the dryer, remove any debris and lint left from the last load of laundry that you did.
  2. After you run the rinse cycle, shut off the cold and hot water valves from the wall. Also, turn off the washer’s circuit breakers, then, you can unplug the appliances.
  3. Remove the lint traps and other removable parts from the dryer. Wash them using a mixture of mild soap and water, so they are clean for storage.
  4. Allow the dryer and washer to completely dry after they are cleaned. Make sure that all washer and dryer parts that you removed are also dry to prevent the accumulation of mold and rust.
  5. Remove the hoses from the wall and place them within the appliances for storage during transport. Place the electrical wiring inside the appliance or taped to the outside.
  6. Transporting the appliances should be done very carefully in order to prevent scratches, broken doors and hinges. Use strong tape to hold the doors and latches shut while moving.
  7. The appliances should be moved standing up. Do not transport or store the appliances on their sides. Wrap blankets around the appliances to help prevent scratches and dents.
  8. Load the washer and dryer last into the moving truck. They will be the first items removed when you are at your new home or storage unit.
  9. If you are storing the washer and dryer, keep the doors slightly ajar to avoid condensation from forming inside. You can use the dryer for additional storage of linens, pillows and blankets while in the storage unit.
  10. While in storage, place a blanket or cotton sheet over the appliances. Do not use a plastic tarp or cover as that can cause moisture build-up.

Stop N Stor  offers many storage solutions for all of your storage needs from documents to household appliances! With proper preparation, washers and dryers can be safely stored or moved.

2014 Savannah Fashion Night

Savannah Fashion Night 2014Savannah will once again be celebration the world of fashion on Thursday, September 4th on Broughton Street in downtown Savannah. The 2014 Savannah Fashion Night is an evening of local designers, artists, musicians and shop owners coming together to celebrate fashion and give a boost to the local economy. Last year, there were over 4000 people attending the event.

Since 2009, Savannah has participated in the world-wide fashion event, Fashion’s Night Out, which happened during New York’s Fall Fashion Week. This event was started by Vogue’s Anna Wintour to help boost the fashion industry during the recent recession.  The New York event was cancelled in 2013, but there were over 500 US cities and 30 cities around the world that still produced their own Fashions Night Out events.

There are currently 30 approved retailers who will be participating in this year’s event. The shops will have special trunk shows, products and samples specifically for the show. Some of the retailers participating in the event include:

24e                                                      Go Fish Clothing

Ivory & Beau                                     One Eleven Boutique

Fab’rik                                                Half Moon Outfitters

M Liz Designs                                    Rivers & Glen

Satchel                                                Trunk 13

Zia Boutique

The sponsors of this year’s Savannah Fashion Night includes: Art Rise Savannah, Savannah Technical College, Southern Motors, Judge Realty, Savannah Arts Academy, Savannah Magazine, South Magazine, Creative Approach and

Broughton Street will be closed to traffic between Montgomery and Drayton Streets to allow for pedestrian traffic by the stores. There will be 2 stages at either end of Broughton Street showcasing live local music, DJ’s and fashion shows of the latest in fall fashions. There will be VIP parties hosted by select sponsors, retailer giveaways, entertainment and food. Art Rise, in its first year of being a part of Savannah Fashion Night will bring a different look to the evening’s activities. Art Rise Savannah will create an open-air gallery on Barnard St. which will exhibit four independent works of art paired with a specific design created by local stylist, Nathan Saludez.   Art Rise Savannah will also be sponsoring workshops on the fundamentals of Fashion Illustration throughout the evening. For more up-to-date information on Savannah’s Fashion Night, check out their Facebook Page and Twitter Page. Come down to Broughton Street and see the latest local and regional fashions, designers and entertainment and help support Savannah’s local shops and designers.