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How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

Garage Sale Tips

Spring and summer are the prime time of year for garage sales across the country. During spring cleaning and decluttering projects, there will be items that you no longer have room for in the home, but still need to keep. That is where renting a self storage unit comes in handy.  Renting a self storage unit is great storage solution for items that you would like to sell in a future garage sale. Once the official garage sale day has been determined, it is time to remove the garage sale items that were placed in your storage unit.  Then, it is time to start making plans for the actual day of the garage sale.

Garage sales can be held for multiple days, but usually Saturdays are the best day of the week to hold them. The items that are sold the most at garage sales are: collectibles, tools and sports equipment. In order to have a successful garage sale, you need to be prepared and organized. Below are a few tips to make your garage sale profitable:

Advertise Your Garage Sale

Use all available outlets for advertising your garage sale such as social media, newspaper, craigslist, and putting flyers up in local businesses. There are quite a few websites that will list garage and yard sales in the Savannah area including: Yard Sales Savannah or Garage Sales Savannah.   If you are selling larger, more expensive items, place their photos, descriptions and cost on craigslist the week before your sale.

Setting Up Your Garage Sale

It is important to start prepping as early as possible for your garage sale. Gather materials that you will need for your sale such as poster board, colored price stickers, masking tape, Ziploc bags, markers and a money box. Save newspapers for wrapping fragile or delicate items. Have plastic bags and boxes on-hand to allow your customers to easily carry away their new items.  On the day of the sale, have plenty of singles, fives and change for your money box. One person should be designated as being in charge of the money box.

Make sure that the items that you are putting in your garage sale are clean and not damaged or broken. Put like items, such all kitchen item, displayed together on a table or shelf. Put the larger, better looking items in the front of the sale, closer to the street, so people can see them as they drive by. Use nice crates, sturdier boxes & shelving units to display your items. Use bags to place loose parts of toys, games, collections together.

Price the Items to Sell

Do not over-price your sale items. The purpose of a garage sale is to try to make some money off of these items before they will be donated or thrown out. The average price of an item bought at a garage sale is $.85. Price the items with a bit higher for those people that want to haggle, but still low enough to entice buyers. If it is late in the day on the last day of your sale and you still have a lot to sell, then try slashing the prices to 50% off.

Free Box

Set aside one box for free items like posters, smaller photo albums, frames or small children’s toys. This will help get rid of smaller items that you no longer need or want. If there are any free items left at the end of the day, either dispose or donate the items.

Good Customer Service Goes a Long Way

Being friendly with the people that are shopping at your garage or yard sale is the most important component in having a successful garage sale. Greet people when they walk up to the sale and say “Thank You” and “Goodbye” when they leave. If you are selling children’s items, have a table for the kids to color or do crafts while their parent’s shop the sale. If it is a hot day, have cold water on hand to purchase or give out.

Leftover Items

If you have some items that you have decided to keep that did not sell during the garage sale, then consider renting a self storage unit. Stop N Stor has 6 locations in Hinesville, Port Wentworth and Savannah to serve any storage need from RV and boat storage to business and personal storage needs.


Moving Tips for Pet Owners

Moving with PetsSummer is traditionally the busiest time to make a move, either within the same city, across town or across the country.  Everyone gets a bit stressed out on moving day, even if everything is going smoothly. However, the entire process of moving to a new home is even more stressful for a family pet. If you are moving pets across town or across the country, it is important to plan ahead for how you will move your pet.  It is imperative to plan ahead for your moving day including creating a moving checklist, hiring a moving company or renting a moving truck, packing and preparing he items that are being moved and switching utilities.  Part of your moving checklist should include a plan for moving your pets to your new home! If you are moving during the hot days of summer, it is important to keep you, the movers and your pets as comfortable as possible and provide water and food.

Tips for Moving with a Pet

In order to make the move easier for both the pet and the pet owners, it is important to be as prepared as possible.  Before the moving day, there are a few things that you need to do. Check with your new state or city for any specific regulations that require you to get a pet license or if you need to provide pet health records. If you have exotic pets, some states have laws on how to properly house these types of animals. If you are moving to a new city, inform your current veterinarian so you can take your pet’s records and a list of medication with you. Ask the veterinarian if they can recommend a veterinarian in your new city. It is best practice to move a pet in a crate or carrier.  Start acclimating your pet to being in a crate as soon as you know if you are moving as this could take some time to do.  Moving day will be simpler if you don’t have to fight with your pet to go in a carrier.

On the actual moving day, it is best to leave the pet with a friend or at a kennel. If that isn’t possible, then put the pet in a quiet room away from the major moving action. If you are just moving within a short distance, transport the pet to your new home in your own vehicle. This will allow the pet to feel a sense of comfort in a vehicle that they already are familiar with. Move the pet in a crate or carrier big enough for the animal to move around and lie down during the journey. If you are transporting the animal on an airplane, check with the airlines about allowing pets in the cabin or if they need to be put in the cargo section of the plane.

When you are traveling to your home, do not feed or water your pet for a few hours before you leave. For long distance trips, only feed the pet once a day, but make frequent stops for walking and water. If possible, bring extra water from home, as different water could upset the pet’s stomach. While traveling in the car, do not let the pet hang out the window. Bugs and dirt can get in the pet’s eyes causing infections. Keep the windows locked to prevent pets from lowering the windows and jumping out. Be very careful when you arrive to your new home and let your pet out. Make sure you open the crate or carrier in an enclosed place when the pet can’t take off.

Set up your new home before you move in your pet. Limit the number of rooms that you allow the pet in and then gradually increase their freedom to the entire house. Give your pets food in their favorite dish and have their favorite toys, blanket and bedding nearby to make them feel safe at the new home. The familiar smells with help them adjust easier and quicker to their new location.

Take some of the stress out of your moving day by planning ahead. This including planning for moving your pet to your home. Good Luck with you move!

Stop N Stor Opens New Storage Facility in Port Wentworth

Stop N Stor is excited to announce that our newest location at 8901 Georgia Highway 21 in Port Wentworth opened last month. The state-of-the-art storage facility has nearly 400 climate and non-climate controlled storage units, outdoor parking for RVs, boats and trailers, and secure 24 hour gated access.  We have on-site professional storage managers, a digital surveillance system, packing and moving supplies, anti-pick locks, on-line bill pay, and drive-up access to outdoor storage units. The facility has a variety of storage unit sizes from 5’x5’ to 10’x20’ to help fulfill every personal, business or commercial storage need.

The new Port Wentworth facility  also has a self-service kiosk making the storage process even easier. You can rent, make a payment or purchase a lock via the kiosk 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The kiosk is fully accessible outside of our normal office hours of Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm. Stop N Stor offers convenient payment methods for storage rental including cash, check, credit card or automatic debit from your checking account. We also offer a variety of discounts including military, student, gulfstream and civil serviceman discount. Ask about these discounts and our customer referral program at the time of rental.

Stop N Stor hosted a public open house and ribbon cutting event with Port Wentworth public officials on Saturday, May 23rd.  The ribbon cutting event included the Port Wentworth Chamber of Commerce and Mayor, Glenn Jones. Stop N Stor is proud to be member of the Port Wentworth Chamber of Commerce! The open house was great fun with food, door prizes, gas card giveaways and one lucky person won 6 months of free storage!

Stop by any of our 6 Hinesville, Port Wentworth and Savannah locations to see how Stop N Stor has the best storage solution for your needs.


First Impressions Count: Tips for Staging Your Home

Indoor & Outdoor Home staging tips
View into a contemporary kitchen with island from dining area with round table.

Summer is the major home buying and selling season. Summer is the time of year when families move for new jobs and opportunities across town or across the country.  Home buyers are looking for new homes in their new cities and to sell their older homes quickly and easily.  In order to have a home stand out from the competition in the neighborhood, a seller needs to extenuate the strengths of the home and downplay the weaknesses in order to attract the most potential buyers.

Realtors recommend that their clients “stage” their homes to sell quicker. Home staging is the process of decluttering, painting, re-decorating and in some cases upgrading the home to make it appeal to more buyers. This can be done by the homeowner, realtor or hiring a staging company. We have talked about staging a home during the winter months previously in our blog.  Staging a home during the winter months is actually a bit more difficult than during the summer months. During the summer, you can add flowers and spend time accentuating the curb appeal of your home, which is hard to do during the winter months.

Home staging does work in the home seller’s advantage. According to a 2014 study by Home Staging Resource by Home Staging Resource, 12% of real estate agents believe that staging “increases the dollar value of the home” by at least 11-20%! Consult with your realtor for more information about staging your home. They also can get a client in touch with local companies that will professionally stage your home if you cannot do it yourself.

Interior Home Staging Tips

The purpose of staging a home is to allow the potential buyer to see their own belongings in the home. So, it is important to make the home’s décor and color as neutral as possible. Below are essential home staging tips to give the “finishing touches”   to help your home sell faster:

  1. The first step in any home staging project is to de-clutter. Remove excess books and accessories from the rooms and place in a storage unit. Do NOT pack them up and place in storage in a basement or attic in your home. The boxes would add more to your clutter instead of reducing it!
  2. A vital step in staging a house to sell is making sure that the house is cleaned from top to bottom. It is important to sweep, mop and dust all surfaces so that the house is shining and inviting. Don’t forget to clean and organize storage spaces in the attic and basement.
  3. Replace the personal photos with neutral artwork or mirrors.
  4. Paint the room in neutral hues such as beiges, tans and soft blues.
  5. Do a walk thru your home to see the items that will need to be repaired. Then, have a friend or a neutral party walk through and assess the home as well, because they might see other things that will you might have missed during your walk thru.
  6. Fix cracks in the bathroom and kitchen tile, wood floors, windows and walls. If these are not fixed, it could affect the bid amount and buyers could ask for money for repairs.
  7. In the kitchen, change out old cabinet doors and hardware for a fresh, updated look. If that isn’t in your staging budget, then just paint the cabinets and change the hardware.

Exterior Home Staging Tips

First impressions are everything, especially with selling a home.  Over 80% of home buyers start their new home search online and then drive to see the house in person. Buyers will see the exterior, front yard, front porches, garages, driveways and sidewalks first before they see anything else in the home. If they like what they see, then they will make an appointment to see the interior of the home.  Making sure the home has great curb appeal is important to your home selling process.

  1. Power wash the porch, patio and walkway on the outside of your home. This is a lower cost alternative than re-painting the home.
  2. The exterior of the home should be a neutral color. However, you can do a bright and inviting color on the front door or shutters. Paint or touch-up the front door, trim, shutters and garage door.
  3. Clean up flower beds, flower boxes and planters around the home. Update the outside look of the home with new flowers and fresh greenery and plants. If the backyard is landscaped, make sure that this is well maintained and weeds are pulled and grass is cut.
  4. Make sure that the house number is viewed from the street. Replace any missing or damaged numbers.
  5. Use solar light fixtures along the walkway in the front of your home. This will add a security feature, which also highlighting the best features of your home.

Stop N Stor  offers moving and packing supplies that will help you with your home staging and decluttering projects. We have 6 locations in the Hinesville, Port Wentworth and Savannah area to serve any of your business or personal storage needs.