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Where to Store Holiday Gifts?

Storage for holiday shopping

The start to the holiday season is Thanksgiving, celebrated throughout the United States this Thursday. Thanksgiving was declared by Congress to be an annual holiday in 1827, but the day that it was celebrated on different days between September and November. In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, with the insistence of the large and influential retail stores, proclaimed that Thanksgiving Day would be officially held the third Thursday in November. This was granted to lengthen the official holiday shopping season. Thanksgiving Day has been held on that day ever since as a day for families and friends to gather together for meals and giving thanks.

Thanksgiving signals the start of the “official” holiday shopping season. More stores are beginning to open up on Thanksgiving Day for shopping, but the traditional holiday shopping occurs on the day after Thanksgiving or “Black Friday”.  On average, over 135 Million people go shopping on Black Friday spending billions of dollars.  According to a National Retail Federation 2015 holiday prediction, the average American shopper plans on spending $805 dollars this holiday season for holiday gifts, decorations and hosting holiday parties. The average shopper plans to spend $463 on just family members this holiday season.

For many retailers, Black Friday is their busiest shopping day of the year!  Retail sales for this year is predicted to be over $630.5 billion. Cyber Monday has also become a big shopping day as online shopping is forecast to increase by up to 8% to $105 billion.

Storing Holiday Gifts in Self Storage

What does “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” have to do with self storage? Renting a self storage unit is a great solution for storing your holiday purchases. If you don’t have a lot of room in your home for storage or if you want to prevent “sneaky” family members from finding their surprise gifts, think about storing the items in a self storage unit.  Stop N Stor offers a variety of storage unit sizes from 5×5 to 10×30  for all of your storage needs.  A 5×5 storage unit, or the size of a closet, is a great place to store smaller packages and boxes, but if you need extra room for larger gifts or to set up a wrapping station for your gifts, then we can happily accommodate your needs with a larger storage unit size. Stop N Stor  also offers month-to-month rentals, which is perfect for storing your “Black Friday” deals for the holiday season.

A self storage unit is also a great place to store holiday decorations such as Christmas trees, lights, outdoor decorations and wreaths for both homeowners and businesses. Utilizing a self storage unit for holiday decorations will help eliminate the “after the holiday season clutter” in your home. Climate controlled storage units help keep artificial wreaths and Christmas trees looking fresh and ready for use in the future.  For retail stores, a self storage unit can be used as a secondary storage room for inventory, fixtures and equipment during the holiday season.

Stop N Stor facility offices will be closed on Thanksgiving Day so our employees can spend time with their loved ones. Customers can still access their storage units via the keypad gated-entry during the holiday.  Stop N Stor offices will re-open for regular hours on Friday, November 27th. Stop N Stor wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season!


How to Store a RV for the Winter

RV storage Tips

November is time of the year to start making preparations to store your camper, trailer or recreational vehicle (RV) for the winter months. Most people will park these vehicles in their driveway or in large garages.  If there is not enough room to store these types of vehicles at home, then parking the RV, trailer or camper at a self storage facility is a perfect storage solution. Most self storage facilities offer outdoor parking spaces to store boats and RV’s. Stop N Stor offers RV storage parking at our 6 storage facilities in Hinesville, Port Wentworth and Savannah.

Safety and security are two key components when choosing a self storage facility for RV storage. Stop N Stor has wide well-lit aisles, to make it easy to maneuver your vehicle into their designated parking spaces. Our facility has video surveillance cameras, gated key code entry and on-site managers to give you added peace of mind that your RV is safe while in storage. We also offer month-to-month rentals to long-term rental agreements.

There are some steps that need to be taken for boat and RV storage to protect them during their time in storage. Always refer to the owner’s manual for your vehicle for specific RV storage instruction. It is important to follow these preparation steps before you place the vehicles in storage, so the RV can easily be used again for the spring and summer travel season.

Storage Tips for RV

  • Drive the vehicle that you are storing to the storage location prior to completing the rental agreement to ensure that the vehicle will actually fit in the spot.
  • When you are ready to put the RV in storage make sure that the registration, insurance and license plates are current and renewed. Storage facilities require proof of these documents at time of RV storage.
  • Take the vehicle out for one last drive before you park the RV at a self storage facility. Listen for any engine problems, knocks, pings or other unusual or unfamiliar noises.
  • After the drive, walk around the vehicle, inspect underneath the RV and climb on to the roof to look for broken antennae, awnings, seals, windows, etc.
  • Make the needed repairs to the vehicle before placing in storage.
  • Remove all food from the cabinets in the RV. Defrost and clean out the refrigerator.
  • Clean the RV inside and out. Vacuum the interior of the RV from top to bottom. Wipe down the counters and inside the cabinets.
  • Close the windows and blinds in the vehicle to prevent sun exposure that can damage the fabrics and fade the carpets.
  • Disconnect all air conditioning connects and clean out the air filters.
  • If you are storing for an extended period of time, remove the battery from the vehicle and put it on a maintenance charger in a dry, cool, and ventilated place. If you are keeping the battery inside the vehicle, it is a good idea to start the engine every couple of months to prevent moisture build-up.
  • Right before you store the vehicle, change the oil and oil filter. Fill the fuel tank and add a fuel stabilizer recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • Cover the tires with protective tarps and then cover the entire vehicle with a breathable tarp that is specially made for the vehicle. The coverings will help protect the RV from the elements during the winter months.

Enjoy the Great Food at The 2015 Savannah Food and Wine Festival

2015 Savannah Food & Wine Festival

Savannah has become a culinary destination. The restaurants in the Savannah are being recognized for great seafood, down-home cooking and American cuisine. This week, Savannah celebrates its expanding food culture with The Savannah Food and Wine Festival . The event stars November 9th and runs through November 15th at different venues throughout the city. The festival is presented by the Tourism Leadership Council.

World’s Largest Lowcountry Boil

To kick off the food festival, take part in the World’s Largest Lowcountry Boil on Saturday, November 7th from 4:30pm to 7pm at Hutchinson Island, Riverfront Esplanade. The Lowcountry Boil, Savannah’s signature dish, contains shrimp, sausage, potatoes, corn onions, garlic and of course, some secret ingredients. There will also be a shrimp eating contest.

Savannah Food and Wine Festival Events

The Savannah Food and Wine Festival has many signature events that allows festival attendees to enjoy culinary experiences from cooking demonstrations to actual chef meals with culinary and wine experts and  local and regional chefs. Different areas and venues in town are sponsoring events such as the River Street Stroll, Secret Savannah Speakeasy, Grand Reserve Wine Tasting, Taste of Savannah and Celebrity Chef Tours just to name a few. Each of these events require special pad admission and tickets and are selling out fast.

The main event of the Savannah Food and Wine Festival is the Taste of Savannah event on Saturday, November 14th.  This year, the Taste of Savannah is being held at the Georgia State Railroad Museum. Tickets for the afternoon event allows you to drink and wine samples. Savannah’s best restaurants will be participating with samples available for purchase. There will also be cooking demonstrations, hands-on learning experiences, an Artisan Market, a celebrity author’s tent, silent auction and much more!

The Master Class Series, taking place at the Mansion on Forsyth Park every day during the festival, will feature cooking demonstrations and classes, wine tasting classes and more from local and regional chefs, wine experts and more.  The Celebrity Chef Tour, benefiting the James Beard Foundation takes place on November 11th at the Mansion on Forsyth Park. This dinner is a unique experience bringing together chefs and beverage experts from around the world to create a great a six course interactive dining experience. The River Street Stroll takes the food festival along the best meeting place in Savannah: River Street. Special food and drink tasting events will take place on Friday, November 13th. A new event this year is the Secret Savannah Speakeasy at the Georgia State Railroad Museum where attendees can enjoy local food, drink, music and entertainment in a “Roaring 20’s” theme.  There are also cooking demonstrations and classes taught by chefs and culinary experts throughout the week.  You can buy advance tickets to the Savannah Food and Wine Festival today! Get them before they sell out!

Stop N Stor is proud to be a member of the Savannah community and loves to share its culinary delights!

Celebrate Halloween in Savannah

Halloween attractions in SavannahSavannah Area Halloween Events and Attractions

During the Halloween season, there are many activities in the Savannah area for young and old to celebrate the holiday from visiting pumpkin patches  to being scared at haunted attractions.

Scarecrow Stroll and Beggar’s Night

Downtown Hinesville is having the Annual Scarecrow Stroll and Beggar’s Night on Friday, October 30th with events running from 5pm to 7pm. Families can enjoy scarecrow building, hayrides, candy stations , bounce houses and other family entertainment. There is also a costume contest for the little ones.

Alee Temple Terror Plantation Haunted House

Every Halloween the Shriners produce the Alee Temple Terror Plantation Haunted House in Savannah.  The haunted attraction features zombies, creatures and more. They boast that in 2014, nearly 500 people were too scared to finish the tour of the haunted house! All proceeds of the haunted attraction go to the Alee Shriners.

Panic in the Pen

Panic in the Pen  is Savannah’s newest Halloween scary attraction. The haunted house takes place in the abandoned Chatham County Jail! There are four levels of extreme terror from zombie attacks to a medical floor to a kitchen with the frights to be explored for those that dare. The proceeds from the attraction benefit Wounded Warrior Project and Chatham County Sheriff’s Office Explorer Post 876.


For adults, River Street in Downtown Savannah has the Third Annual Crawl-O-Ween  on Saturday, October 31st. This is a Halloween pub crawl event with food and drink specials, costume contests, entertainment and much more. The fun goes from 7pm to midnight.

Spooky Savannah

You cannot talk about spooky Halloween events and not mention that actual haunted houses in the Savannah area. Savannah is always included in the Top Ten “Spookiest” cities in America list. Last year, Savannah was listed as the Spookiest city in  Top Tenz, and Conde’ Nast Traveler  just to name a few.  Tourists from around the world come to visit the city and look for paranormal activities.

There are many walking tours in Savannah that focus on the haunted sites and perfect for locals and tourist alike to find out chilling historical tidbits about the city.  As a tourist, you can just wander around the many squares and come across a house or building that has some type of haunted or paranormal story. The Hampton Lillibridge House, built in 1796, has numerous haunted stories from patrons and residents. The Moon River Brewing Company  staff and customers have many stories about their paranormal experiences in the building. One of the most famous “haunted” house is the Mercer House  which was made even more infamous by the book and then the movie of “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”. The Bonaventure Cemetery is one of the most famous and beautiful cemeteries in Savannah, but if you are looking for haunted places, don’t miss out on the Colonial Park Cemetery, built near the sites of many of the tragic events in Savannah’s history.

Whatever you do to celebrate the Halloween season, Stop N Stor wishes you a safe and happy Halloween!

How to Prepare Patio Furniture For Storage

How to prepare patio furniture for storageAutumn marks the beginning of slightly cooler weather and of pumpkin-flavored everything!  When the weather starts to cool and the leaves start to drop off of the trees, it signals that it is time to start thinking about preparing and moving outdoor items such as patio furniture into storage for the winter months. If you prepare outdoor chairs and patio furniture properly, then they can easily be set up and to be used again when the weather warms up again.

If you decide to keep the patio furniture outside throughout the winter months, it is important to have it covered with water tight coverings to protect it from the elements. Remove the fabric cushions and place them in a fully sealed outdoor storage container. As an alternative, putting your patio furniture into a self storage unit and keeping it out of the elements will help prolong its life. Stop N Stor   has a variety of self storage units, climate controlled and non-climate controlled, in sizes ranging from 5×5 to 10×30 for all of your household storage needs. Our storage units are easily accessible allowing for our renters to easily move their outdoor furniture into and out of their storage units.

Tips for Storing Patio Furniture for the Winter Months

Making sure to properly preparing patio and outdoor furniture is important for continual use. As with any outdoor items, including lawn equipment such as lawn mowers and gardening tools,  make sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions before cleaning and storing.  Below, learn easy to follow tips to prep patio items for the winter months.

  • Inspect the chairs, tables, cushions and table umbrella to see if anything is broken or needs to be repaired before going in storage. If the patio furniture appears broken beyond repair, then it is time to dispose of them.
  • Thoroughly clean your patio furniture before placing it in your self storage unit. First, clean off pollen and dirt from the furniture with a dry cloth then, wet clean the furniture based on manufacturer instructions.
  • Clean the fabric or canvas cushions with a solution of Lysol and hot water. The fabric and filings for the furniture cushions should be completely dry before placing in storage. Cushions will survive longer if stored in a dry cool place such as a storage unit.
  • Wash wicker, mesh or plastic furniture and wrought iron chairs with a solution of mild dishwater soap and water. Clean wooden furniture with wood oil soap. Let the furniture dry completely after rinsing off the cleaning solution.
  • Clean patio umbrellas according to manufacturer’s instructions. Canvas should be cleaned first by brushing off dirt and then cleaning the surface with warm water and mild soap. The umbrella should be completely dry before storing. The wooden frame can be cleaned with wood polish or wax.
  • To keep the furniture protected, wipe the wicker or wood furniture with a furniture grade wax, aluminum or plastic furniture with a car wax and metal furniture with a silicone sealant spray.
  • When placing patio furniture in a storage unit, stack patio furniture chairs on top of one another to gain extra storage space. Remove the legs of the patio table to give more space in the storage unit. Keep all screws and nuts together in a plastic bag attached to the table legs.

2015 Savannah Film Festival


Savannah Film Festival 2015

The city of Savannah hosts the best in student and professional, local, national and international filmmaking every October for eight days for the Savannah Film Festival. The Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)  produces and sponsors the annual film festival. The film festival features everything from animated shorts to full length documentaries and films. The 2015 Savannah Film Festival opened on Saturday, October 24th and has films showing and other events  taking place through Saturday October 31st.

The Savannah Film Festival  welcomes thousands of film fans and professionals to the city of Savannah every year. There are competition film screenings, special screenings (such as previews of new movies), workshops, panels and lectures from filmmakers. Attendees can get “behind the scenes” information from filmmakers and actors on the making of some of the films being screened at this year’s festival.  The new movies include: Suffragette, Meadowland, Brooklyn, Dixieland, Miss You Already, and Ithaca.

Each year, the Savannah Film Festival honors a group of actors and actresses and the work that they have done and are currently doing. Past honorees include Alec Baldwin, Jeremy Irons, Liam Neeson, Sir Ian McKellan, Oliver Stone, John Goodman, Stan Lee, Diane Lane, Matt Dillon, Ray Liotta and Woody Harrleson. This year’s honorees include Rising Star Award winner, Alfie Allen from “Game of Thrones”, Saoirse Ronan, Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Meg Ryan and Spotlight Award winner, Olivia Wilde.

The majority of the screenings during the film festival are held at two theaters in downtown Savannah: The Lucas Theater for the Arts and the Trustees Theater.  A majority of the passes, allowing attendees to go to many events have sold out, but you can still purchase tickets and for events and movie screenings for the film festival online.  The Savannah Film Festival is a great way to see up and coming filmmakers and celebrate some of the best actors and filmmakers in the industry.

The sponsor of the Savannah Film Festival is the Savannah School of Art & Design (SCAD).  The school focuses on the arts from graphic and fashion design to filmmaking to sculpture.  The school is located near downtown Savannah with locations in Atlanta, Hong Kong, and Lacoste, France. In 2014, SCAD opened the Savannah Film Studios. The 22,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility has three sound stages, green rooms, a sound recording studio, post production suites, screening rooms and production offices. These studios are one of the nearly 70 SCAD facilities in the Savannah area and a great part of the SCAD arts and design curriculum.