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9 Art Storage Tips

Art Storage Tips
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The old adage says that “Art is in the Eye of the Beholder”. That is a very true statement! Many of us have artwork and family heirlooms in our home that have been passed down many generations or we have recently purchased artwork created by a friend or a favorite artist. Collecting artwork is an investment and you want to make that your investment is protected. If you do not have the space to display your artwork at home, then it needs to be stored properly at home in a storage facility. Artwork should be stored in a secured and climate controlled storage facility. This will give you peace of mind that your artwork is protected. Stop N Stor has climate controlled storage units at our Port Wentworth and Savannah locations. Our staff will help you with storage solutions for your family heirlooms and artwork.

In order to keep your artwork in the best condition, there are steps that need to be followed to protect the artwork while in storage:

1. Store the artwork in a climate controlled storage unit. A constant temperature and humidity level will help protect the artwork from damage that can be caused by moisture build-up from high humidity.

2. Do NOT store artwork near open vents or near open doors. Direct sunlight can damage some types of artwork causing it to fade.

3. Storage canvas artwork upright and off the ground. Place the canvases on wooden pallets or vertically on shelving units.

4. Do NOT store piece of artwork flat. The artwork can warp if stored flat. You could also mistakenly store something heavy or sharp on the artwork, which will cause major damage.

5. If you are storing multiple pieces of canvas artwork, store tem with the largest piece leaning against the wall of the storage unit. Then, place the smaller pieces in front in descending size order. For extra protection, place a piece of cardboard in-between each piece of artwork.

6. For storage, wrap framed or canvas artwork in sheets or place the artwork in a cardboard box.

7. Do NOT store artwork in plastic wrapping or bubble wrap as this can cause moisture to be trapped inside the plastic damaging the art. Also, do not store artwork in newspaper. The print could rub off onto the artwork. This is especially true for sculptures.

8. Sculptures should be stored carefully on a flat surface. Do NOT lean sculptures against the wall or a door. Keep the sculptures towards the back of the storage unit, out-of-the-way of walking traffic.

9. Keep an inventory of the artwork that is stored. This is a good reference tool for insurance purposes.

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