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Auction fun at Stop n Stor’s Hinesville locations!

This past Saturday, October 15, 2011, was a perfect day to have a storage unit auction!
Stop n Stor  was the “place to be” to find unknown treasures and have fun. There were a total of 38 storage units that were auctioned between our 4 facilities in Hinesville . The bidding process started at 9am at our 245 W. General Screvan Way facility and ended the auction at our 1049 Kacey Drive location. Professional auctioneer, Terry, led the bidding process and kept the auction running smoothly. The bidding process has to be seen to be believed! Our regional manager, Lisa Wilkerson, mentioned that she has been doing the auctions at the Stop n Stor facilities for over 4 years and has never seen the crowd or the bidding like it was at this auction in Hinesville! There were over 100 people who participated in the auction coming from as far as South Carolina and Waycross, Georgia! The attendees included some of our “regulars” as well as many, many newcomers!

Thanks to those who came out to our Hinesville self-storage unit auction! Keep an eye out for more information upcoming auctions and events in 2012 on our Facebook page
 Twitter page and this blog.


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