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Auction Time for Stop n Stor’s Hinesville locations!

Bidding for th Storage Auctions
Don't miss the storage auctions at Stop n Stor-Hinesville on October 15th

At the beginning of last month, Stop n Stor held a self-storage auction for our Port Wentworth and Savannah facilities. There was a great turn out of current customers, new bidders and veteran auction goers. On Saturday, October 15th, it is our Hinesville facilities’  turn to share in the excitement!  The self-storage unit auction begins at 9:00am at the 245 W. General Screvan Way location. Once the bidding has been completed at this facility, the proceedings moves to the 196 Highway, EG Miles Parkway site. After 196, we will proceed to Kacey Drives alternate location at 1018 West Oglethorpe Hwy (old A-1) and our last stop for the auction will be at the 1049 Kacey Drive location. There could be at least 50 units from the 3 Hinesville facilities that will be auctioned that day.

The auction is cash only and it will be an open bidding system for the entire contents of
the storage unit. The bidders will get a chance to look inside the unit before the bidding begins. There will be a professional auctioneer in charge of the bidding process. Stop n Stor’s regional manager and facility managers will also be available during the auction for any questions. Once the bidder wins the storage unit auction, they will have 48 hours to clean out the storage unit.

Self-storage auctions have become more and more popular. You can find out where to find
auctions in your area at the following websites:, and For those new to the storage auction world, there are a few things that are “must haves” for the day of the auction: don’t forget to bring cash, a flashlight to look in the storage units, gloves, a padlock to lock up the items that were just purchased, garbage bags and moving supplies to transport the new treasures.

Keep checking Stop n Stor’s Facebook and Twitter pages for more information and reminders about upcoming auctions.

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