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Back to School Storage Ideas for College Students

College Students moving into a dormIt is hard to believe that August and September are back to school time for colleges in the Savannah area! It seemed like the summer went by way too quickly!  Some local colleges start their classes very soon!  South University  is the first to get started back to school with the fall semester starting August 6th. Savannah State University  students head back to classes on August 10th.  Armstrong State University  students and faculty start classes on August 17th and Savannah Technical College’s many local campuses, including one in Liberty County head back to classes on August 24th.  Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)  will start their classes on September 14th.

College students have different challenges than elementary through high school kids.  Freshman year for college students is a year of challenges, adjustments and fun experiences. One of the biggest challenge for new college students is adjusting to sharing a dorm room with one or more roommates. Dorm rooms can be very small, some averaging only 300 square feet, so any type of storage space should be optimized.  We have mentioned that storing college items is a great option for college students and faculty for the summer months or if they are away from campus doing internships, co-ops or working away from campus. Actually, a self storage unit is a terrific year-round student storage solution for extra furniture, bedding, books, athletic equipment and seasonal clothing that does not fit in the small amount of space in a dorm room.

College students actually start off their school year with a minimum of items, but gather more “stuff” as the school year (and years) progress. There are many college freshman school checklists that can help a new student (and their parents) prepare for the start of the school year with a minimum amount of items. The list does include under the bed storage bins, which are great out-of-the-way storage options. But, as the student accumulates more items, they will run out of storage room much quicker. Instead of having a cluttered dorm room, a great storage option is to rent a storage unit.

Most self storage facilities, including Stop N Stor, rent their storage units on a month-by-month basis, which is perfect for students who are on a budget. Stop N Stor facilities offer state-of-the-art security systems giving students the peace of mind that their belongings are safe and secure while in storage.  Also, Stop N Stor has climate controlled storage units, which can protect art projects, paintings, sculptures, art materials and supplies for Savannah College of Art and Design students. The climate controlled storage units also help protect musical instruments from heat and humidity damage.

Stop N Stor has convenient locations for local college students in Port Wentworth on Georgia Highway 30  and Georgia Highway 21 and in and Savannah.  Stop N Stor has a variety of storage unit sizes from 5’x5’ to 10’x30’ to cover any student’s storage needs. Depending on the size of the rented storage unit, students can place belongings ranging from books to loveseats in their storage unit. Storage units are perfect to store excess furniture, kitchen ware, seasonal clothing, mattresses and books. Stop by our facilities to see how we can help college students with their year round storage needs.

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