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Back to School Tips for Elementary Parents and Students

elementary-school-students-raising-hands-in-classroom-e1380536491162Where did the summer go? It is hard to believe, but local elementary to high school students and families are in the midst of preparations for heading back to school! Students in the Savannah-Chatham County school district and Liberty County school district  will be heading back to school the first week of August.  Back to school time can be stressful for the entire family. Children and parents are nervous about going to school, having a new teacher, new classroom and making new friends and parents are in turn nervous for their children!

Back to School Tips for Parents

Getting your child prepared for school for the first time requires planning and practicing.  There are many things that need to be taken care of before the child goes back to school as well as during the first week of classes. If you follow these tips, the first day of school won’t be so stressful:

  • Parents should have a positive attitude about going back to school and share their enthusiasm about learning, reading and school with their children.
  • Attend back-to-school open houses and “meet the teacher” events and parent/teacher conferences. Have an open communication channel with the child’s teacher via email or in person conference.
  • Make sure that the children’s forms, including permission slips, health forms and school supply lists are completed and organized. Keep these items together in a folder (per child) or scan them into the computer for safe keeping.
  • Create a family calendar to list school assignment due dates, meeting dates, activities, play dates, etc. Encourage the children to add to the calendar and check it daily.
  • Develop the back to school routine that includes morning, after-school homework and evening activities. Allow the child time directly after school to “decompress” and play before delving into homework.
  • Have a designated spot for homework. It should be a clean flat surface with good lighting and free from distractions. Have homework supplies (pencils, paper, glue sticks, etc.,) near the homework spot, so a child can easily grab what they need.
  • Get involved in the school activities. If able, volunteer to help with the child’s class or at school events.


Back to School Tips for Kids

Back to school week can be daunting for children, but if a family has a routine that the child is used to, then the transition to summer vacation to back to school can be easier. The most important thing for a family to do during back to school time is to have a routine and daily schedule for morning routines, after-school activities and playdates, homework and bedtime.

  • It is very important that the child gets enough sleep. School aged children should have at least 8-10 hours of sleep a night. Adjust the child’s bedtime earlier the week before school starts to give them time to get used to a new schedule.
  • Have the child help with “back to school” shopping. Let them pick out the colors of their backpack, lunch box and school supplies.
  • Now that summer is over, it is time to get your child back in the healthy eating habit. Pack healthy snacks and lunches for the child. Set a time to pack lunches with your child’s assistance.
  • Have a designated spot to put backpacks every day when the school day is over. Parents and children should go through the backpack together in order to get homework assignments, notes from the school and any other information. Make sure that completed assignments get placed in the backpack every evening.
  • The night before the first day of school, pick out your outfit from socks to tops and have it laid out ready for the next morning. Pack the backpack with all of the supplies that you will need on the first day of school.

Once families are in the full swing of the school year, sports or other extra-curricular activities clutter can begin to build in your once organized space. Consider renting a self storage unit to place sporting equipment, extra supplies and children projects to help keep your home organized. Stop N Stor sends best wishes to students and families heading back to school in the Hinesville, Port Wentworth and Savannah areas!

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