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Boat Storage Tips

Tips for storing a boatColder weather is just around the corner, which means that it is time to start thinking about removing your boat from the water and preparing it for storage for the off-season. There are many preparations that have to be followed in order to properly get your boat ready for storage. As you start to prepare, reference the manufacturer’s manual for any specific instructions to get the boat ready for storage. It is recommended to take the boat for one last ride before storage. This would be not be recreational, but a chance to see if there are any issues with the motor, sails and the hull. Create a list of the repairs that have to be made and work on them as you are preparing for storage.

Most people will store their boats in their garage or the driveway, taking up precious space. Placing a boat in self storage is a great alternative to having the boats stored at your home. Stop N Stor offers boat storage at our 3 Hinesville locations. Stop in and see how we can help you with your boat storing needs.

Tips to Prepare Your Boat for Storage

In order to keep your boat in the best working order for the next boating season, you should make sure that you are properly preparing the boat. The steps listed below will help to make your boat safe and ready to be easily used again in the spring:

  1. Fill the gas tank up completely and add a good fuel stabilizer. The instructions for doing this will vary per manufacturer. After you completed this, run the flusher with the new fuel and stabilizer for at least 1 minute.
  2. Change the engine oil and replace the filters. Check the hoses, belts and clamps. Flush the coolant system with water and add antifreeze.
  3. Apply fogging oil to the carburetor and the cylinders before you place it in storage. Remove the spark plugs and replace with new ones. When you run the engine in the spring, the engine will smoke for the first use if you are applying the fogging oil correctly.
  4. Check the steering cables and columns. Spray any electrical connections with an anti-corrosion spray.
  5. Drain and completely flush out the gear case and then refill it with fresh lubricant.
  6. Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the boat. Scrape off any barnacles that might have attached themselves to the hull. Pressure wash the hull and the deck at this time.
  7. Remove the batter from boat and clean it. Spray it with anti-corrosion spray and put it in a dry warm safe place. Try to charge the battery at least a few times a month.
  8. Remove all electronics, flares and fire extinguishers while the boat is in storage.
  9. Remove all pots, pan, linens and draperies to be cleaned, repaired and/or replaced by the spring. Use vinyl cleaner and protection spray on cushions.
  10. Leave interior doors and lockers open so that air can circulate while the boat is in storage.
  11. Cover the boat in a polytarp or polyvinyl cover that is made to fit the boat. Place a canvas motor cover over the motor. A plastic cover will build up moisture that could damage the motor.
  12. Store the boat on a trailer. If you are storing the boat in your driveway, make sure to put the trailer on wood blocks to protect the tires.


3 comments on “Boat Storage Tips”

  1. This article was so helpful when it mentioned to change the oil in a boat and to replace the filters before storing it in a storage unit. That is something that I never would of thought having all the maintenance done before storing it. Now that you mention it I understand how it will make taking the boat out easier since it will be ready for whenever I want to use it. Thanks for the great advice on boat storage.

  2. It’s interesting to learn that when it comes to storing a boat that there are somethings that we should keep in mind before putting into storage. I like that you mentioned that one thing we need to do is to make sure that we remove electronics, like fire extinguishers, from it. This makes sense so that we will be able to avoid any kind of electricity mishap from happening with them.

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