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5 Items to Consider for Climate-Controlled Storage

South Georgia summer temperatures will be here before you know it. Not only does this mean more summer fun-in-the-sun but along with it comes that dreaded high humidity. While Stop N Stor offers both climate and non-climate storage options, many items put in storage require climate control to avoid damage from the heat and humidity. Other items (such as lawn mowers and vehicles – anything that is stored in a garage) may not need to be stored in climate-controlled units. Before deciding whether to rent a climate or non-climate-controlled unit, ask yourself these questions:

  1.      Am I Storing Artwork or Photographs?
    If you’re storing any artwork or photographs climate-controlled storage is essential to avoid damage to these irreplaceable items. The high temperatures and humidity of the low country can cause photographs to blend together or deteriorate over time, permanently damaging your priceless memories. The heat and humidity have the same effect on paintings, prints and other works of art. Keeping these items in a climate-controlled storage unit ensures that your portraits and memories will stand the test of time (and heat).
  2.      Am I Storing Books, Paperwork or Documents?

    Storing paperwork, books or business files in a non-climate-controlled unit can lead to moisture damage from humidity causing paper to warp. Important papers such as tax forms, financial documents and other business documents can take up valuable space in your office. To maximize space in your office or place of business while ensuring these documents maintain their condition, we recommend storing in a climate-controlled storage unit.
  3.      Are my Items Electronic?

    Probably one of the most important things to store in a climate-controlled environment are your electronics. Televisions, sound equipment, computers and monitors should all be placed in climate-controlled storage. Not only are these items costly to replace, but they are extremely vulnerable in drastic temperature changes. Long-term storage in high humidity can cause electronics to accumulate moisture which ultimately damages them both inside and out.
  4.      Is my Furniture Wooden or Leather?
    When exposed to high heat and humidity, wooden and leather furniture like bed frames, nightstands, entertainment centers, tables, couches and chairs can warp, crack or even rot. Climate-controlled storage is essential when storing living room, bedroom and dining room sets along with other wooden or leather furniture. For extra protection, furniture covers are also recommended.
  5.      Are my Items Antiques or Collectibles?
    If you’re storing something that is irreplaceable or of extreme value, you should always consider climate-controlled storage first. Antiques and collectibles may lose their value and may not retain quality if they aren’t stored properly. In order to preserve collectibles and antiques and maintain their best condition, we recommend storing in a climate-controlled unit and if possible with a protective cover.

Climate-controlled storage has benefits for almost all your self-stored items. Although it is more necessary in certain cases than others, extra protection for your items is always a great idea. To find a climate-controlled unit near you, visit one of our ten locations in Hinesville, Savannah, Pooler, Port Wentworth, and Richmond Hill, Georgia as well as our newest location in Bluffton, South Carolina. For information on pricing, locations, or to learn more about climate-controlled storage in the South Georgia and South Carolina areas click here or give one of our highly trained managers a call at 844-913-STOR (7876).

How to Grow Your Small Business by Utilizing Business Storage

May is national small business month! Small business owners work very hard to build their company from the ground up. Owning a small business is no small feat, which is why we would like to share a few simple tips that can help grow and expand your business by utilizing business storage.

Your office shouldn’t double as a storage space, so let us help reduce office clutter by choosing one of our business storage units that’s right for you. There are a variety of reasons a business can benefit from business storage. If you are a small law firm or a small accounting firm, you have to keep a lot of important files and documents. Before you know it, paperwork and other documents are piled sky high taking over valuable work space. Business storage units are a great option for keeping your documents you don’t need every day safe, organized, and out of the way.

Tip #1: When packing up your files, remember to organize the documents you will need to access near the front of your business storage unit 

For any small business, excess inventory, samples, and supplies can be cumbersome, taking up a lot of storage in your office. Take advantage of one of our convenient climate controlled units to store your pharmaceutical drugs and marketing material. If you are a small retail store, a business storage unit offers a great solution for sorting through inventory and switching out your seasonal items. Stop N Stor offers both climate and non-climate controlled units in various sizes so you can effectively choose the best storage unit that is right for your business.

Tip#2: Keep an itemized record of what you have stored, the quantity of items and where it is packed. Label boxes accordingly.   

In addition, there are many reasons why you might need to store your furniture or office supplies throughout the year. Seasonality has a tendency to affect how many hires one business has at a time. If you are in the off-season and have extra furniture and desks crowding your workspace, we offer temporary storage solutions. Or, you may have extra computers or sensitive work equipment that need to be stowed away. If so, then you would benefit from one of our climate controlled storage units to help protect and preserve your office items from outside elements including humidity, pests, and dust.

Tip #3. When packing furniture, protect corners and edges with appropriate packing material. Consider using a climate controlled unit.

Business storage is great for renovation. You may be in the process of remodeling or painting, and need a place to store your items temporarily. If you are a small construction company and you need a place to store your equipment between jobs, we offer drive up units so you can access your equipment with ease. We offer free dollies to assist you with loading and unloading your heavy items. The cost of renting a storage unit is much lower than paying rent and overhead at a storefront or warehouse. We have 6 convenient locations serving the Pooler, Port Wentworth, Hinesville, and Savannah areas, so you can pick the facility that best suits your business needs.

There is no time like the present! Come see us today, and see how utilizing business storage can help increase your business work space and productivity! Visit us at to reserve your business storage unit online today!

Start Off the Year Right with 8 Easy Steps to Getting Organized

Organizing in the New Year

Every year, people make resolutions to get healthy, lose weight, save more and get more organized. According to a survey on New Year’s resolutions recently posted by Statistic Brain,  the number 2 resolution for last year was to get organized! There is no time like the present to start planning and acting on this resolution to better organize your life and declutter your home to make it more organized for the New Year! The New Year is in full swing and now is the perfect time to set-up your home to be clutter free after the chaos of the holiday season. The holiday decorations have been stored until next year’s holiday season.

Now is the perfect time to work on organization projects big and small. You can start with small projects such as organizing a closet and then move onto larger organization projects such as re-organizing your entire kitchen.

By following some of the simple organization tips below, you can easily start off 2016 on an organized path:

  1. Create a goal and vision for the space that you need to reorganize. This is great for small or large projects. Cut out photos of an organized room, closet or bookshelf and place them on the refrigerator or on a bulletin board to use as a guide to what you want to accomplish.
  2. Define your clutter. We are all very emotionally attached to our things; which in turn causes more clutter to gather in our homes. This is a good time to sort your items between what will stay in the room and what can be packed for storage.
  3. Donate the items that you don’t need any more to organizations that could use them. Donate books to a library or school. Donate clothing to local shelters and donations centers, such as the Salvation Army or Goodwill.
  4. Once, you have created a clutter free environment, it is important to keep it organized going forward by doing daily cleaning, such as putting away daily use items in their designated spots.
  5. Purchase organizational supplies such as shelving units, storage bins, door storage organizers, and baskets to give loose items “a home”.
  6. There are many great DIY ways to get your items organized from re-purposing ice trays to hold desk supplies to color coding a weekly family event calendar to keeping electrical cords coiled correctly.
  7. Sort your mail right away. Place magazines and catalogs that you won’t read directly into the recycle bin and place bills and other mail that have to be answered in a specially designated spot.
  8. Finish the organizational projects that you started! Do not leave projects half completed!

With proper planning and a goal in mind, you can declutter and reorganize your home and start a plan to keep it organized going into the New Year. Stop N Stor  has a variety of storage options, including climate and non-climate controlled, available for every storage need from storing unused exercise equipment to storing family heirlooms.


Where to Store Holiday Gifts?

Storage for holiday shopping

The start to the holiday season is Thanksgiving, celebrated throughout the United States this Thursday. Thanksgiving was declared by Congress to be an annual holiday in 1827, but the day that it was celebrated on different days between September and November. In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt, with the insistence of the large and influential retail stores, proclaimed that Thanksgiving Day would be officially held the third Thursday in November. This was granted to lengthen the official holiday shopping season. Thanksgiving Day has been held on that day ever since as a day for families and friends to gather together for meals and giving thanks.

Thanksgiving signals the start of the “official” holiday shopping season. More stores are beginning to open up on Thanksgiving Day for shopping, but the traditional holiday shopping occurs on the day after Thanksgiving or “Black Friday”.  On average, over 135 Million people go shopping on Black Friday spending billions of dollars.  According to a National Retail Federation 2015 holiday prediction, the average American shopper plans on spending $805 dollars this holiday season for holiday gifts, decorations and hosting holiday parties. The average shopper plans to spend $463 on just family members this holiday season.

For many retailers, Black Friday is their busiest shopping day of the year!  Retail sales for this year is predicted to be over $630.5 billion. Cyber Monday has also become a big shopping day as online shopping is forecast to increase by up to 8% to $105 billion.

Storing Holiday Gifts in Self Storage

What does “Black Friday” or “Cyber Monday” have to do with self storage? Renting a self storage unit is a great solution for storing your holiday purchases. If you don’t have a lot of room in your home for storage or if you want to prevent “sneaky” family members from finding their surprise gifts, think about storing the items in a self storage unit.  Stop N Stor offers a variety of storage unit sizes from 5×5 to 10×30  for all of your storage needs.  A 5×5 storage unit, or the size of a closet, is a great place to store smaller packages and boxes, but if you need extra room for larger gifts or to set up a wrapping station for your gifts, then we can happily accommodate your needs with a larger storage unit size. Stop N Stor  also offers month-to-month rentals, which is perfect for storing your “Black Friday” deals for the holiday season.

A self storage unit is also a great place to store holiday decorations such as Christmas trees, lights, outdoor decorations and wreaths for both homeowners and businesses. Utilizing a self storage unit for holiday decorations will help eliminate the “after the holiday season clutter” in your home. Climate controlled storage units help keep artificial wreaths and Christmas trees looking fresh and ready for use in the future.  For retail stores, a self storage unit can be used as a secondary storage room for inventory, fixtures and equipment during the holiday season.

Stop N Stor facility offices will be closed on Thanksgiving Day so our employees can spend time with their loved ones. Customers can still access their storage units via the keypad gated-entry during the holiday.  Stop N Stor offices will re-open for regular hours on Friday, November 27th. Stop N Stor wishes everyone a safe and happy holiday season!


How to Store a RV for the Winter

RV storage Tips

November is time of the year to start making preparations to store your camper, trailer or recreational vehicle (RV) for the winter months. Most people will park these vehicles in their driveway or in large garages.  If there is not enough room to store these types of vehicles at home, then parking the RV, trailer or camper at a self storage facility is a perfect storage solution. Most self storage facilities offer outdoor parking spaces to store boats and RV’s. Stop N Stor offers RV storage parking at our 6 storage facilities in Hinesville, Port Wentworth and Savannah.

Safety and security are two key components when choosing a self storage facility for RV storage. Stop N Stor has wide well-lit aisles, to make it easy to maneuver your vehicle into their designated parking spaces. Our facility has video surveillance cameras, gated key code entry and on-site managers to give you added peace of mind that your RV is safe while in storage. We also offer month-to-month rentals to long-term rental agreements.

There are some steps that need to be taken for boat and RV storage to protect them during their time in storage. Always refer to the owner’s manual for your vehicle for specific RV storage instruction. It is important to follow these preparation steps before you place the vehicles in storage, so the RV can easily be used again for the spring and summer travel season.

Storage Tips for RV

  • Drive the vehicle that you are storing to the storage location prior to completing the rental agreement to ensure that the vehicle will actually fit in the spot.
  • When you are ready to put the RV in storage make sure that the registration, insurance and license plates are current and renewed. Storage facilities require proof of these documents at time of RV storage.
  • Take the vehicle out for one last drive before you park the RV at a self storage facility. Listen for any engine problems, knocks, pings or other unusual or unfamiliar noises.
  • After the drive, walk around the vehicle, inspect underneath the RV and climb on to the roof to look for broken antennae, awnings, seals, windows, etc.
  • Make the needed repairs to the vehicle before placing in storage.
  • Remove all food from the cabinets in the RV. Defrost and clean out the refrigerator.
  • Clean the RV inside and out. Vacuum the interior of the RV from top to bottom. Wipe down the counters and inside the cabinets.
  • Close the windows and blinds in the vehicle to prevent sun exposure that can damage the fabrics and fade the carpets.
  • Disconnect all air conditioning connects and clean out the air filters.
  • If you are storing for an extended period of time, remove the battery from the vehicle and put it on a maintenance charger in a dry, cool, and ventilated place. If you are keeping the battery inside the vehicle, it is a good idea to start the engine every couple of months to prevent moisture build-up.
  • Right before you store the vehicle, change the oil and oil filter. Fill the fuel tank and add a fuel stabilizer recommended by the vehicle’s manufacturer.
  • Cover the tires with protective tarps and then cover the entire vehicle with a breathable tarp that is specially made for the vehicle. The coverings will help protect the RV from the elements during the winter months.

Stop N Stor Opens New Storage Facility in Port Wentworth

Stop N Stor is excited to announce that our newest location at 8901 Georgia Highway 21 in Port Wentworth opened last month. The state-of-the-art storage facility has nearly 400 climate and non-climate controlled storage units, outdoor parking for RVs, boats and trailers, and secure 24 hour gated access.  We have on-site professional storage managers, a digital surveillance system, packing and moving supplies, anti-pick locks, on-line bill pay, and drive-up access to outdoor storage units. The facility has a variety of storage unit sizes from 5’x5’ to 10’x20’ to help fulfill every personal, business or commercial storage need.

The new Port Wentworth facility  also has a self-service kiosk making the storage process even easier. You can rent, make a payment or purchase a lock via the kiosk 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The kiosk is fully accessible outside of our normal office hours of Monday to Saturday 9am to 6pm. Stop N Stor offers convenient payment methods for storage rental including cash, check, credit card or automatic debit from your checking account. We also offer a variety of discounts including military, student, gulfstream and civil serviceman discount. Ask about these discounts and our customer referral program at the time of rental.

Stop N Stor hosted a public open house and ribbon cutting event with Port Wentworth public officials on Saturday, May 23rd.  The ribbon cutting event included the Port Wentworth Chamber of Commerce and Mayor, Glenn Jones. Stop N Stor is proud to be member of the Port Wentworth Chamber of Commerce! The open house was great fun with food, door prizes, gas card giveaways and one lucky person won 6 months of free storage!

Stop by any of our 6 Hinesville, Port Wentworth and Savannah locations to see how Stop N Stor has the best storage solution for your needs.


10 Tips for Packing and Storing for College Students

Packing tips for college studentsThe end of the college year can be stressful for students with taking final exams, setting up internships or summer job and packing up a dorm room or college apartment.  At the end of each college year, students have to pack up their personal items, electronics, furniture and all other memorabilia that they acquired over the school year and transport it back home for storage for the summer.  This can be very stressful for the student and the family! A better solution is to rent a self storage unit to store these items during the summer months.

10 Packing Tips for College Students

College students might need a gentle reminder about how to properly pack their items for home. There are also certain items that should be placed in storage versus what should be taken home with the student.  Below are ten tips for college students when they are packing their dorm or apartment and moving home for the summer:

  1. There are certain items that college should place in climate controlled versus non-climate controlled storage. Climate controlled storage is comparable to storing in your home, where non-climate storage is like storing in your garage. Personal items such as clothing and toiletries are better off through the summer months in climate controlled storage, where they are not exposed to the elements. Also, laptops, computers, printers, electronics, TVs and other higher-end electronic equipment is better kept in climate controlled storage as well.
  2. Self storage is great for storing everything else not listed above including books, furniture, mattresses, comforters, linens, kitchenware including plates, pans and glassware, mini refrigerator and other kitchen appliances including a blender, toaster or microwave.
  3. Books should be packed horizontally in a sturdy smaller box. Storing books vertically can damage the spines of the books.
  4. Clothing should be packed in clear plastic boxes or new cardboard boxes. Do not use grocery store boxes as these can contain food and other residue that can ruin the clothes. Wash all clothing before packing them for storage.
  5. Hang winter coats, heavier quilts and blankets in wardrobe boxes.
  6. Do not pack linens, comforters or quilts in plastic bags if they are going to be stored in non-climate storage. Moisture can form inside the bad causing damage to the items.
  7. Pack glasses, plates and dishes in bubble wrap or plain newsprint in sturdy cardboard boxes. Do NOT use regular newspapers as it can leave a print residue on the items. Place heavier items at the bottom of the box and lighter objects at the top of the box. Place filler material between the pieces and layers of items for additional protection. Once the boxes are packed up to an inch of the top, add filler material and then completely seal the boxes with packing tape before storing.
  8. Clean out all appliances before placing in a storage unit. Leave the door to a mini-refrigerator open while in storage to allow for air flow.
  9. Label each box with the contents of the box on all four sides and the top of the box. If you are storing plastic boxes, tape of list of the contents to the outside of the box. Create an inventory list of the items that you have stored that lists the contents of each box that you are storing.
  10. Utilize all storage space by storing items vertically and in stacks whenever possible.

Self Storage for College Students

Stop N Stor in Savannah is nearby for Armstrong, SCAD, and Savannah State students. Stop N Stor offers month-to-month rentals, which is perfect for college student’s short term needs and budget. When choosing a self storage unit, start with the smallest size that will fit your books, linens, winter clothes and kitchen items. If you need to store furniture or larger items, then choose a larger size storage unit. Stop N Stor has storage unit sizes from 5×5 to 10×30 that any serve any student’s storage needs. The state-of-the-art security including gated access, digital camera systems, anti-pick locks and on-site managers, at Stop N Stor will also give students peace-of-mind that their belongings are safe and secure when they are in storage.

Stop N Stor offers a 10% discount to students with agreement to auto-draft terms.  Stop in to our facilities in Hinesville, Port Wentworth or Savannah with your student ID to find out more information.

Tips for Storing Musical Instruments

Tips for Storing Musical Instruments


There are many types of personal belongings that need to be properly prepared before putting into storage. Antiques, electronics, photographs, musical instruments and collectibles need to be stored in a specific way in order to keep them in good working order and able to be used again after storage. The optimum place to store musical instruments would be in a home. However, if that is not possible, then it is important to store the instruments in a climate controlled storage unit to prevent damage from extreme temperatures and keep them protected for many years of use.

Musical instruments are made of wood, metal or leather (drums), which are sensitive to extreme weather conditions, such as high temperatures and humidity. High humidity can warp and damage the wood in instruments over time. If possible, check with the manufacturer’s instructions for storage for the instruments. There are certain preparations that need to be made to the instruments to keep them ready for storage as well as protected while they are in storage.

  1. Store instruments in cases that have been designed and designated for the instruments. The cases should be clean and the inside material should not be fraying.
  2. Clean and condition the instruments before placing in storage. Take apart the instruments and remove reeds or mouth pieces on woodwind instruments. Relax the strings on stringed instruments such as guitars or violins before placing in storing.
  3. Place the instrument cases off of the floor on a shelving unit during storage. Do not store the instruments need doors, direct light or a vent.
  4. If you are storing a piano, have a professional piano mover prep the piano for storage. Cover the piano with a sheet or tarp and wrap the legs with sheets for extra protection during storage.
  5. When you remove the instrument from storage, clean and tune the instruments before using.

Stop N Stor  offers climate controlled storage units that would be perfect places to store your musical instruments Properly prepping the instruments before storage will allow the instruments to be used for generations to come. Storing instruments in self storage will give you the peace of mind that your instruments will be safe and secure while in storage.

Stop N Stor Auction on June 29, 2013


Auction goers check out a storage unit before bidding.
In an open bid auction, participants get a brief amount of time to see the contents of the unit before bidding starts.

Stop N Stor will be having a storage auction on June 29, 2013 at our Savannah and Port Wentworth locations. The auction starts at 10am at the Savannah facility at 5725 Ogeechee Road. Once bidding is completed at that location, the auction will proceed to the Port Wentworth facility at 315 Highway 30. There are 18 units in total that will be auctioned off that day. You can find more information about the auction in the Savannah Morning News.

The purpose of the storage auction is for self storage operators to recoup some, if not all, of the lost rent when a renter defaults on their payments. There is a multi-month process to contact the renter, but if contact cannot be made, then the storage unit will go up for auction.

The auction is a closed bidding process, which means that attendees can take a brief look at the contents of the storage unit before the bidding begins. Once the actual bidding starts, the door is closed on the storage unit until the winner of the auction is decided. There are a few “must-have” items when you attend a storage unit:

1. Cash-Stop N Stor will only accept cash payments at storage auctions.

2. Flashlight-This will be needed so you can get a better look at the contents of the storage unit.

3. Gloves-To protect your hands when you are sorting through the items in the storage unit that you just purchased.

4. A Lock-This is needed to put on the storage unit that was just purchased.

5. A way to remove the items that you just bought in the storage unit as well as a way to clean out the storage unit of the items that you don’t want to keep. Once you “win” the storage unit, you have 24-48 hours to remove the items from the storage unit.

Because of the continued popularity of “Storage Wars”, there still continues to be an increase in the attendance at storage unit auctions. People are coming to see if they can find any treasures or just get a good buy on items in a storage unit. If you are new to storage auctions, then you can read our recent blog post, for tips on how to look for possible treasures in a storage auction.

Stay tuned to Stop N Stor’s Facebook and Twitter for more up-to-date information about any future auctions.


Busy Season for Self Storage

Stop N Stor Hinesville 1 outside storage units

The summer months are the busiest time for the self store industry. In fact, one of the busiest days of the year for self storage operators is the Tuesday after Memorial Day. Some storage companies have coined the term, “Crazy Tuesday”, to describe the large increase in calls and reservations on the day. Sparefoot recently declared the day after Memorial Day as “National Moving Day” because the majority of Americans start their moving process right after Memorial Day. This is also a busy time for people moving to purchase packing and moving supplies.

The busy season for self storage coincides with the busiest time of year for moving companies. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the summer is the height of moving season with over 11% of people moving in June alone. Summer is the time that families, recent college graduates and young professionals move to new destinations and opportunities. As the housing market and the economy continues to recover, people are beginning to be on the move again with the majority of people moving within a 25 mile radius of their current home. Most people are moving due to jobs or new opportunities. If a family is moving, it is better to complete the move before the beginning of the new school year. Moving is a stressful time, but if you can properly prep for the move, then the process can be much smoother. Since it is a very busy time for moving companies, it is important to make appointments with moving companies at least 3-6 weeks in advance of your move.

Also, as the weather warms up, the rentals of storage units grows. There are many reasons for this including: people have finished their spring cleaning projects and need storage space for the items that they couldn’t throw away, life events such as graduating from college or getting married and moving for new jobs or if you are near a military base, deployments. Stop N Stor  has 5 locations in Hinesville, Port Wentworth and Savannah for all of your storage needs.  Stop N Stor knows that renting a self storage unit can be stressful for many different reasons. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you choose the best storage option for your needs. If you are student, member of the military or a member of one of our communities, we welcome you to tour our facilities to see how we are different form the other storage operators. Our facilities have state-of-the-art surveillance systems and 24 gate access to give you added security for your stored belongings. Stop N Stor offers discounts to active military personnel and current college students and faculty. Just show your school or military identification when you rent your storage unit. Thanks for choosing Stop N Stor and good luck to everyone who is moving this summer!