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Stop N Stor’s Hinesville Locations Will Be Hosting a Storage Auction!

Stop N Stor will be hosting a storage auction for our Hinesville locations on Saturday, March 2nd. The proceedings start at 9am at the 245 W General Screven Way location.  After the select units have been auctioned off at this location, the auction will proceed to our 746 EG Miles Parkway (Highway 96) location and then to our 1018 West Oglethorpe Highway (Highway 84) location and end the auction at our 1049 Kacey Drive location.

The auction is an open bidding system conducted by our auctioneer. This means that the auction participants can get a brief look at the contents of the storage auction before the bidding starts. The auction is on the entire contents of the storage unit and payment for the unit is by cash only. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early to get signed up for the auction. Stop N Stor management will be available for any questions that you might have during the auction.

Don’t forget to bring cash, gloves, a flashlight and a way to remove the items that you have just purchased from the storage unit. The contents of the storage unit have to be removed within 24-48 hours.

Keep an eye on our Facebook Page and Twitter Page for more information! See you at the auction!

The Holidays are the Season of Giving

Wreath with food ornaments

The holiday season is in full swing in the Savannah area. There are holiday light displays to see, orchestra and choir concerts to attend, shopping to finish and gatherings to take place with family and friends. The holidays are a time of giving and receiving. This is also the time of year when people can be in the most need. For charitable organizations, both nationally and locally, this is the biggest fund raising time of year. There are many organizations in the Savannah area that are helping fulfill the need for food, toys and other items this holiday season by holding toy collections, food drives and donation contests. Many local companies, retail shops and businesses are still taking donations and collecting food to help out the local food pantries during the holiday season.

The Savannah & Hinesville areas have many organizations, which you can get involved with in this season of giving. The Savannah Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia  is the Savannah area’s food bank. Savannah’s Second Harvest has a yearly holiday food drive called “Feed It Forward” as well as other events throughout the year that donate to the organization.  The Savannah Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia receives daily truckloads of donated food from local and national grocery chains, business and individual donors. The donations are then sorted, stocked and then distributed to 300 non-profit agencies in a 24 county service area. The agencies that are served include local food pantries, homeless shelters, soup kitchens, domestic abuse facilities, senior centers and lower-income daycare centers. Hinesville is just one of the cities that are helped out by Savannah’s Second Harvest. Savannah Feed the Hungry Inc. is hosting two Christmas dinners this season in Savannah and Hinesville. The Savannah dinner will be held on December 22nd from 12-6pm at Forsyth Park. Savannah Feed the Hungry will provide a hot meal to over 6000 needy families during that time. The event will also help families in need with extra help for toys for Christmas, free health screenings and clothing. The Liberty County Manna House will be serving Christmas dinner on December 23rd in conjunction with Savannah Feed the Hungry from 4-6pm. Savannah Feed the Hungry is a non-profit 100% volunteer organization that helps feed need families and restore their dignity.

There are also traditional giving campaigns by national organizations during the holiday season. The bell ringer and red kettles for the Salvation Army has been a traditional sight for decades. The Marine Reserves have been collecting new toys for Toys for Tots  for nearly 70 years. The Savannah area drop off point for toys for Toys for Tots will be collecting toys through this Friday, December 14th. Local companies such as Chatham Toyota/Lexus, have raised over $5,000 in donations and toys to help Toys for Tots.  Once the toys are collected, they are sent to a central distribution point and then distributed to local community organizations that partner with Toys for Tots. You can continue to make donations to this very worthwhile cause after the holidays by making a donation at the Toys for Tots website.

The holidays are time for family and friends to gather to enjoy the traditions of the season. It is also the biggest season for giving. Stop N Stor wishes all of their customers, vendors, family and friends all the best this holiday season.

Seniors and Self Storage

Stop N Stor Hinesville 1 outside storage units

Self-storage is a great solution for many different aspects of a person’s life from graduating from school, moving to a new city, getting married, having a family, being an empty nester or retiring. Using self storage works for all ages from college students to baby boomers. As the baby boomer generation gets older and starts to retire, there is a growing need for assisted living and senior care facilities. In many cases, family members have to make the difficult decision for their loved ones to downsize to a smaller home or move into a retirement or care community or move in with family members. This can be a difficult decision and process for everyone involved. Worrying about what to do with a senior’s belongings from their current home is not always the top of the priority during this transition. Unfortunately, all of the furniture, keepsakes or family heirlooms cannot be moved to the smaller space of an apartment or retirement facility. Renting a self storage unit will allow the elder’s family to move the items into a safe & secure location until decisions can be made about selling, donating, or giving the items to family members. Many elderly persons facing retirement or assisted living are generally the “keepers” of the family heirlooms, photographs and furniture. Storing these items in self storage will protect the items to be passed along to future generations.

If an older family member is moving into your home, then you will need to clean, re-organize and prep the room for the future new resident. Place the “extra” items from the room that you can’t currently use into self storage unit for future use. This is just like cleaning out a room when a child goes away to college or moves out after graduating from school. Make sure that you can easily access the items in your self storage unit if you need them.

 Stop N Stor has storage facilities in Hinesville, Port Wentworth and Savannah with climate controlled storage units that will help protect family heirlooms during storage. Stop N Stor’s caring staff can help you with storage options including month-to-month rentals. At Stop N Stor, we understand that major life changing events like these can be stressful for the entire family. We try to make the self storage process as simple as possible.

Thank a Veteran!

Thank a Veteran
Thank you for serving!

November 11th is Veteran’s Day in the United States. This is a day dedicated to thank the men & women who have served (or are currently serving) during war or peacetime to protect the United States. The holiday’s history dates back to the end of World War I. An armistice, a temporary end to the battle, was signed between the Allied forces and the Germans on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month in 1918. For the next 4 decades, the day was celebrated as Armistice Day in the United States & Remembrance Day in Canada and Europe. The day was mad an official legal holiday in 1938. In the 1950’s, the name was changed to Veteran’s Day to honor the veterans from WW II and the Korean War. Today, we honor all branches of the service and those who are serving and those who have served in our military.

Veteran’s Day is celebrated by parades, wreath-laying ceremonies and other activities throughout the country. Because of the close proximity to Ft. Stewart and Hunter Airfield, the Savannah area has quite a few Veterans’ Day activities. The 2012 Savannah Veterans Day Parade will take place on Saturday, November 10th. The parade will have 11 bands and over 100 different units participating in the day’s events. The parade kicks off at 10:15am at the intersection of Abercorn & Gwinnett Streets and goes through the Downtown historic district. Hinesville will have their parade on Monday, November 12th.  The parade is sponsored by the East Liberty American Legion #321. The parade steps off at 2pm at Bradwell Institute. Some local Savannah area museums will also be having special Veterans Day activities all weekend. Old Fort Jackson will be celebrating veterans of different military eras at the fort. The Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum will celebrate our veterans and active duty military all weekend with discounted admission tickets. WW II veterans will receive free admission to the museum. Check your local area for your Veterans’ Day activities.

Fort Stewart, home to the Army Third Infantry Division, is located near Hinesville, Georgia. It covers a very large part of Liberty County and is very important to the local economy. The base works with the community and family to make sure that its soldiers and their families are the best that they can be. Currently, there are 3601 soldiers from Ft. Stewart who are deployed in places throughout the world. We celebrate their accomplishments and wish them a speedy return home.

Stop N Stor  is proud to honor our military with a 10% discount on their storage rentals. Stop in to any location to find out more information. Stop N Stor also supports Wounded Warrior Outdoors , which organizes rehabilitation outdoor adventures to injured, but active duty military men and women and Enlisted Angels, which is a support organization for wives of Ft. Stewart soldiers. Stay tuned for updates on these two organizations. This Sunday, remember to thank a current member of our military or a veteran for protecting and serving the United States.

Storage Auction Tips

Bidding on a storage unit
Let the bidding begin!

Storage unit auctions continue to be a popular hobby. Thanks to the popularity of Storage Wars and Auction Hunters, the crowds at storage auctions across the country have grown. The participants are looking for that “treasure in the trash”. It is important to keep in mind that storage unit auctions happen because renters default on the rent payment for the storage unit. The facility owners notify the renters far in advance (as well as multiple times) that their unit is going up for auction. The facility management is trying to recoup the lost rent on the unit by putting it up for auction. In most states, the highest amount bid on the unit is the total amount owed on the storage unit. In the majority of cases, the amount that is bid on the storage unit in auction is lower than the amount that is owned on the storage unit.

If you are new to going to storage auctions, there are some good tips to follow when attending and bidding on storage unit auctions. We have mentioned before that you will need to bring cash, a flashlight and a way to remove the items in the unit you have purchased. If you are bidding on other units at the storage facility, you will also need to bring locks to lock up your new possessions. You will have 24-48 hours to remove the items from your storage unit. When attending storage units it is important to have a strategy and a set budget in mind. Don’t over bid on units your first time out. Do your research on the neighborhood of the facility and the possible value of items in a storage unit. Also, have a plan in mind about what you are going to do with the items that you just bought. Are you planning on reselling them to make a profit? Then, you will need to figure out where to sell them and how much value they have.

There are some things that you can look for when you get your brief glance at a storage unit during the auction process. Following some of these guidelines will help you in making the correct bids.

1. Look at the organization of the storage unit. If the boxes are stacked nicely in similar sized boxes, it means that someone took the time and care with their items. If the items are in trash bags and flimsy boxes, then they might not contain valuable items.

2. Are the boxes in the storage unit labeled with the contents? If there are contents written on the boxes, that could give a hint to what is inside the boxes.

3. Spot the most identifiable object in the storage unit when you are getting your brief glance at the unit. This would include electronics boxes, tools, construction equipment or even musical instrument cases. Units that have a lot of commercial business items could be very good for resale value.

4. If there is a general layer of dust and dirt covering the items in the unit, it could mean that the items have been there for a while and could be valuable.

5.   Watch the other bidders for their reactions to the items in the storage unit. Hopefully, they will not be “bluffing” in their reaction to raise the bidding amount. Don’t fall for that type of games. Stick to your set budget!

Stop N Stor  has storage auctions for its Port Wentworth, Savannah and Hinesville locations. Keep up with auction information via our Facebook Page, Twitter Page and this blog! Happy Treasure Hunting!

Savannah, Festival City

Savannah Festivals
Photo courtesy of

Savannah is a city that offers a little bit of everything to a visitor and local residents. We already know that Savannah is a great city for the arts  and food.  It is also a top vacation destination point. Savannah hosts at least 46 different festivals throughout the year from cultural festivals to food festivals to events surrounding sporting events such as the Legends of Golf Tournament in the spring or the Rock N Roll Marathon in the fall.

There are many cultural festivals in Savannah throughout the year. The Savannah College of Arts and Design hosts the Savannah Film Festival every fall. This festival honors independent and mainstream film makers from around the world. The Savannah Book Festival  attracts readers and authors alike from mystery to romance, every February. The Savannah Music Festival  showcases every type of music from bluegrass to R&B to classic over a 2 week period every spring.

The holidays always brings out the best of celebrations in the Savannah area. Savannah holds one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the nation every year. The parade takes 3 hours to wind through downtown Savannah streets in front of thousands of participants and viewers. Every year on the weekend after Thanksgiving, Savannah has the Harbor Boat Parade on the Savannah River. There are also holiday parades and festivals in many of the local communities, including Hinesville. The New Year wouldn’t be complete without attending the New Year’s Eve Fireworks on Tybee Island!

There are great food festivals celebrating different cultures and styles throughout the year in Savannah. The fall season is filled with different food festivals for German, Greek and Jewish food. Oktoberfest on the River combines German food and Savannah fun in a 3 day festival starting on October 5, 2012. The 61st Annual Savannah Greek Festival will be held at the St. Paul’s Hellenic Center October 11th through October 13th. There is a Jewish Food Festival at Forsyth Park on October 28th where you can taste different samples of kosher cooking. Twice a year, Savannah restaurants participate in the Restaurant Week where patrons can get a fixed rate on certain meals at higher-end Savannah restaurants.

Labor Day weekend is full of events to cap off a busy summer full of fun! The 5th Annual Craft Brew Fest  started August 26th and runs through September 2nd. This celebration of the micro-crafted beer has become a very popular event in Savannah. It draws thousands of people to taste over 175 beers from local, regional and national craft brewers. There are many larger events for the Brew Fest this weekend including Friday evening’s International Food & Brew tasting and Saturday’s Grand Tasting at the Savannah International Trade & Convention Center. Sunday, there is a live outdoor concert in conjuncture with the Brew Fest featuring regional and national music acts at the Westin’s Grand Prize of American Road Race Track.

Every month will bring some type of special event to the Savannah area. That is something that the city can be very proud of! Get out there and enjoy what the city has to offer! Stop N Stor  is very proud to be a part of the Savannah, Port Wentworth and Hinesville communities! Check out your local chamber of commerce for more information for local events.

Back to school Time, Already?

Bacl to School Time
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Where did the summer go? It felt like it was only yesterday when it was time to get excited about summer holidays, cookouts and family gatherings? How did it become that dreaded back to school time already? The Liberty County School District  already started classes on August 6, 2012. This also included Britten Elementary school in Ft. Stewart. The other 2 elementary schools at Ft. Stewart  started back to school on August 13, 2012. The Chatham County school district schools  start back to school on Monday, August 27, 2012.  Families with school aged children are starting to get back in their school year routines and schedules. There have been back to school sales at all the stores and the kids are collecting their school supplies, uniforms and sporting equipment for the year.

How does back to school tie in with self storage? Self storage is a great option to store all of your children’s extra sports equipment, uniforms, musical instruments, old projects and documents. All of these items tend to clutter up homes starting at the beginning of the school year. As the year progresses, the collection grows bigger and bigger and takes up more space in the home. Renting a self storage unit can help eliminate the extra clutter of all of the school year activities.

Some Savannah area colleges have already started their fall semester classes this week, including Armstrong Atlantic State University  and Savannah State University . Savannah Tech will start classes at the end of the month at their 5 area campuses. Savannah College of Art & Design  will be starting their classes on September 10, 2012.

This time of year is a big time of transition, especially for new college students. New students, who are living away from home for the first time, need to be highly organized with their belongings. They need to reduce their home bedroom into a few boxes and suitcases. Their dormitory living space will be much less than what they are used to. They will not be able to bring childhood collections and items with them to college. Once, the college students are out of the house, parents might decide to do a major clean or a redecoration of the student’s room. But, where can you store all of the student’s collectible’s, clothes and furniture when you change the room into an office or in-home gym? Store these items in a self storage unit, so you can keep them in good shape for your student to look through them when they are at home. Then, it will be up to the student to decide to keep the items! As we have mentioned earlier this year, college students and self storage are a perfect match. The student who had used self storage in the spring to store their school items for their summer break now needs to clean out their storage unit and move back into the dormitory or college apartment.

Stop N Stor  wishes everyone a safe and enjoyable school year!!! We are here to help with your storage needs through the transitional back to school time.

Self Storage and Home Staging


Selling a home in today’s housing market can be quite a challenge. It is a buyer’s market, which makes selling a home very competitive! What can you do to make your home shine amongst the other homes that are up for sale in your neighborhood? One key factor in helping your home sell faster is to stage your home for selling. This has become quite popular for realtors and interior designers. Staging a home means re-decorating and de-cluttering your home to make it appealing to as many potential buyers as possible. Most new home buyers are looking for homes online before even setting foot into the actual house.  Having great photos taken of your home is now a must when you sell your home. This is part of an entire marketing campaign created to sell your home. Staging the home for selling is the beginning part of the marketing plan, but it is the most important.

In order to make your home look as appealing as possible, many realtors are recommending staging the home to their clients. There are professional design companies that will work with homeowners and real estate companies to prepare the home for sale. The professionals can look at your home in an objective manner and come up with a plan of action to get the home ready to sell. If you have ever seen HGTV’s  Designed to Sell , then you have seen home staging in action. Staging a home involves making the home attractive to many different types of buyers. This can involve doing some basic remodeling and fixing of broken items in the home. The wall, linens and drapery colors should be neutral so the potential buyers can envision themselves and their belongings in the home. All personal items such as family photos, collectibles and artwork need to be removed and replaced with neutral artwork or mirrors. Some furniture could be moved out and temporarily replaced with newer furniture for the staging.  The designers could transform an office into a child’s bedroom or vice versa just for home staging purposes.

If you are staging or even just prepping your home for sale, what do you do with all of your extra belongings?  This is where self storage has begun to play a vital role in the moving process. Staging companies and realtors are renting self storage units in order to place a client’s extra belongings during the sale of a home. Stop N Stor  offers month-to-month rentals that are perfect for someone in the process of selling a home in the Savannah, Port Wentworth or Hinesville areas.

If you decide to stage your home without the help of a professional designer, here are a few tips to help you with the process:

1. Paint the wall of your home a neutral color in all rooms. You want to make the home as relaxing, cheery and comfortable as possible.

2. Remove all personal items in the room and de-clutter as much as possible.

3. Organize and de-clutter the kitchen. Leave the counter spaces clear except for 1 appliance. Organize the cabinets and clean out any older items.

4. Make repairs on broken tile, glass, flooring, and cracks in walls.

5. Empty and clean out the garage. The garage should only have 1-2 cars in it during the home showing.

6. Don’t forget to make the front of the house appealing. Trim bushes or trees, paint if needed and fix outdoor lighting.

7. Remove any pet items from the home. A potential buyer could be allergic to pets. Seeing pet items could be a deterrent in purchasing the home.

Selling a home and the whole process of moving can be a very stressful time. If you stage a home properly, you will have a jump-start to your packing for moving! Staging a home to sell can be very rewarding to the home seller. Staging a home could help increase the value of the home and helps sell the home at least 50% quicker!

A Beautiful Day for a Storage Auction!


It was a gorgeous day for a storage auction this past Saturday, June 16th.  This is a good thing, because our last storage auction in the beginning of March in Hinesville was held during thunderstorms and tornado warnings! Thankfully, the weather was perfect for this auction day! There was a good turn-out of auction participants and folk curious about storage auctions. Our auction regulars, such as Richard were also there to see what treasures they could find during the auction.

The auction started off at 9am at the Stop N Stor  245 W. General Screven Way location. Our professional auctioneer, Terry, explained the auction rules to the participants. Once the rules were explained and any paperwork filed out, it was time to start the bidding process. Each participant was given a brief look at the contents of the storage unit up for auction. Once everyone had a look, the bidding process started. There were 31 storage units that were up for bid in our 4 Hinesville locations. The auction ended in the early afternoon at our 1049 Kacey Dr. location.

Stop N Stor would like to thank our facility managers, Lisa, our regional manager, Terry, our auctioneer and all of the auction participants for making the auction day quick paced and fun. Lisa mentioned that you can tell that people are watching the storage auctions reality shows, because some folks in the crowd were making comments just like the “characters” from shows such as Storage Wars, Auction Hunters  or Storage Hunters ! Keep an eye out for future auction information for all of our locations on our Facebook page, Twitter page  and our recently redesigned website!

Hinesville Storage Auction this Saturday!


The popularity of storage unit auctions is still growing. Storage Wars  just launched its third season of shows a week ago. You can follow the shows and appearances by the “stars” of the show when they are doing their Lockbuster Tour via their Facebook page. The basic premise of the show is that teams battle to bid on items in storage units that are in foreclosure. Some of the stars of the show own resale and consignment shops, while others are looking for the elusive “treasure”. You could say that this show encourages people to be modern treasure hunters.

Stop N Stor  will be hosting a storage auction at our Hinesville locations this Saturday, June 16, 2012 starting at 9am. Our last storage unit auction was at the beginning of March during a heavy rain storm. The bidding for the last storage units took place between booms of thunder and tornado sirens going off! The storms did not keep the crowds and the regular bidders away though. They still were happy to take part in the auction. Let’s hope that this weekend’s weather will be much better than the weather in March!

Stop N Stor’s auction will stop at our four Hinesville locations . The bidding will start at 9am at the 245 W. General Screven Way location. Once the units have been auctioned at this location, the bidding moves to the 746 EG Miles Parkway (Highway 196) location. The bidding then moves to our 1018 West Oglethorpe Hwy (Hwy 84) location and the auction ends at our 1049 Kacey Dr. facility.

The auction will be an open bidding system led by our auctioneer, Terry. Stop N Stor’s regional manager, Lisa and the facility managers will also be on hand to answer any questions. Cash is the required payment for our storage auctions. The auction will be on the entire contents of the storage unit. The bidders will be allowed to get a brief look at the contents of the storage unit before the bidding starts. Once the bid is received on the storage unit, the new owner has 24-48 hours to remove the items from the storage unit.

If you are new to the storage unit auction process, it is important to bring cash, a flashlight, gloves and a way to remove the items that you have purchased from the storage unit. Come out and see what storage auctions are all about this Saturday, June 16th. Keep up-to-date on any future auction information via our Facebook and Twitter page .