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College Students & Self Storage

College students and self storage
What to do with all my college stuff? Photo courtesy of

May is a busy month for celebrations: Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and the end of the school year for college students. We’ve mentioned this before,  but self storage is a great option for college students going home for the summer or recent graduates who are not quite sure where the future will be taking them.

Each spring the college student has to pack up their dorm room or apartment. Over the course of the school year, the student has accumulated more and more “stuff”. Instead of packing items to go back home to take up space in a basement or garage; think about renting a self storage unit for the summer break. Most self storage facilities will offer month-to-month rentals that are perfect for college students in transition. Storing your personal belongings in a self storage unit gives you piece of mind that your belongings are safe and secure and ready to be used again when school starts up in the fall. In some cases, storing the items in self storage could be a much better solution for the student if they don’t have a way to transport their belongings back and forth from home to school.  If you look at the flip side, your parents might have turned your room into an office while you were away at school, leaving you only a small space to put your belongings. Your parents might need self storage as well. They need some place to put all of your old trophies, posters, toys and stuffed animals.

If you are a recent or soon-to-be college graduate:  Congratulations! The time right after graduation is a time of transition. If you are moving to a new city to start your first new job, it might be easier to store your items in a storage unit until you are able to find proper housing. Or you could have found a place to live, but it is not big enough to hold all of the items that you have accumulated over your college years. Self storage is a great option to store all of these extra items that won’t fit into your new studio apartment in the city. If you are moving home after college, you will need to share space in your old bedroom that your parents now turned into an office. You will find that you don’t have room for all of the items that you once had in your apartment.  Once again, renting a self storage unit would be the best option to safely store your items.

Stop N Stor  is your self storage option in the Savannah, Hinesville and Port Wentworth areas. Stop in and look for our monthly specials to help you find the best storage solution for your personal belongings during your summer break or even all year long.

Is Self Storage Green?


Sunday, April 22nd was Earth Day. This celebration of the Earth and its resources was developed at a United Nations conference in 1969 and in 1970 became officially adopted by the United Nations. This celebration has continued and grown all around the world ever since. The purpose of Earth Day is to recognize how humans influence the limited resources of our planet. The day’s celebrations encourage recycling, being energy-efficient, using sustainable energy resources and trying to keep the earth clean for future generations. Liberty County, Georgia is a great supporter of Earth Day activities. The “Keep Liberty County Beautiful” program was started earlier in the year and continues until the end of May. This program helps clean up parks and areas in Liberty County every weekend.  Many cities within Liberty County are also having their own “clean-up” days. The community clean-up for Hinesville and Walthourville  is this Saturday, April 28, 2012. The City of Hinesville had their 6th annual Earth Day celebration on April 23rd with programs that taught about organic gardening and organic foods, recycling and using “green” energy.

The self storage industry is actually on the forefront of the “green” movement. Many newer self storage facilities are powered by solar power. Some facilities have designed their facilities to be based on a geo-thermal program and use energy-efficient LED lights instead of the standard light bulbs. Some facilities are setting up recycling areas for cardboard boxes and other items that could be stored in a storage unit that can be recycled instead of thrown away.  Some companies are sponsoring electronic or paper recycling events at their facilities as well.  In addition, self storage companies are selling boxes made out of recyclable products. Stop N Stor offers boxes made out of recycled materials  at all of their facilities.

There are also things that you can do when packing your items (or even cleaning out storage units) for storage that can help lessen your footprint on the planet:

1. Use boxes made out of recycled materials. Reuse these boxes after storage or make sure to recycle them in the proper containers.

2. Pack fragile items such as collectibles, glasses or plates in clothes, recycled paper towels or packing peanuts made out of recycled materials. Use clothing as filler material in boxes filled with books or pots and pans.

3. When cleaning out the storage unit, recycle your belongings to use them again, donate or sell the items. Do not just throw the items away.

With the self-storage industry’s focus on encouraging “green” facilities, recycling programs and selling recyclable products, they are leading the way in helping protect the Earth’s resources.

Rainy Auction Day!


Rain, lightning, thunder and a tornado warning were all a part of the storage auction experience at Stop n Stor’s  recent storage unit auction! The auction was held at our Hinesville locations  on Saturday, March 3, 2012. The weather was ominous with rain being predicted all day. These were the storms that caused such tragedy and damage in the Midwest all day Friday. The crazy weather didn’t deter some of our hearty and dedicated auction participants! They came prepared for the inclement weather wearing boots, raincoats and carrying umbrellas!

Stop N Stor auctioned off a total of 37 storage units during Saturday’s event. The proceedings started at 9am at our General Screven location. Our auctioneer, Terry, kicked off the auction by telling the attendees the rules to the day’s event. Once the attendees got a peek at the contents of the storage units, the bidding process began. After the nearly 20 storage units at this location were bid on, the auction moved to our Highway 84 location. The weather started to turn for the worse during bidding for the last few units at this location. By the time that the auction moved to our Kacey Drive location, there was a tornado warning! The tornado sirens were going off in nearby Fort Stewart! There were just a few units to bid on at the Kacey Drive location, but the bidders continued to take part until the last unit was bid on at 1pm.

Stop N Stor would like to thank the participants, including our regional manager, Lisa, facility managers and our auctioneer, Terry who stayed through the end of the auction through the terrible weather! These people are truly dedicated to storage auctions! We are already making plans for the next auction for our Hinesville locations. This would be at the beginning of May. We are also planning a storage auction for our Savannah and Port Wentworth locations in mid-May. Keep up with the latest auction information for Stop N Stor via this blog, our Facebook page  and our Twitter page.

Are you ready for some storage unit auctions?

Storage Auction in Hinesville
Checking out the storage unit before bidding began at Stop N Stor's latest storage auction in October, 2011

The popularity of storage unit auctions has increased tremendously in the past few years with the popularity of Storage Wars , Auction Hunters and the new Storage Hunters. Storage Wars just finished their second season of shows at the end of January and are starting to film their third season. This show is so popular that Facebook launched a game in November 2011 called: “Storage Wars: The Game”  A player can bid on storage units hoping to find some great treasures. It is just like the reality show with the same auction rules. In October, 2011, Stop N Stor  hosted it’s most current storage auction at our Hinesville locations. The attendance to this auction doubled what it has been in the past. This is happening at storage unit facilities all over the country! Auction attendees are hoping to find buried treasure inside a storage unit! There were some major finds in storage auctions this past year, including a multi-million dollar comic book collection, a chest full of gold and silver coins and bars and US historical documents dating back to the Civil War!

Stop N Stor Hinesville locations are getting prepped for their next storage unit auction on Saturday, March 3, 2012. The auction will start at 9am at the 245 W. General Screven Way location. The next stop of the auction will be at the 746 EG Miles Parkway (on Highway 196) location. Once bidding has been completed at this facility, the final stops will be at the 1049 Kacey Dr. locations. There will be approximately 45 units up for auction at the 4 locations.

The auction will be cash only under an open bidding system. The offer will be on the contents of the entire storage unit. The auction participants will get a brief look at the contents of the storage unit before bidding commences. Our professional auctioneer, Terry, will be in charge of the auctioning process. Stop N Stor’s regional manager and facility management will also be on hand for any questions. Once the bidders win their storage unit auctions, they will have 48 hours to clean out the storage unit.

Don’t miss out on the fun and excitement during the storage auction! Stay up-to-date with any auction updates on Stop N Stor’s Facebook and Twitter  pages. See you at the auction!

Packing and Moving Supplies 101


You have finally started on your New Year’s Resolution to get more organized around your home or office. You have decided to rent a storage unit to store some of your personal items that are cluttering up your home. What type of supplies do you need to keep your storage unit neat and organized? What supplies can help protect your treasured belongings? Stop n Stor is a one stop shop for all of your packing and moving supplies. There are many items that you might not think that you would need during a move or packing a storage unit. These handy items range from protective furniture covers to flashlights to peanuts!

1. Locks-A sturdy lock is the most important investment for your storage unit. There are two types of storage locks that are the most used for storage units: disc locks and padlocks. The disc locks have become the most used lock for storage units. They are a bit more expensive but they are strike proof, drill proof and pick proof. The padlock is also used for storage unit protection. These locks have anti-pick cylinders. There are even one-time use padlocks that are great for someone having long-term storage. Check with your storage unit facility management for recommendations on lock styles.

2. Boxes-Boxes are essential to keep your storage unit organized. Stop n Stor offer a variety of box sizes for all of your packing needs.  Use smaller sized boxes for books, kitchen items, plates, glasses, tools and other heavier items. You can get extra protection for the plates and glasses by using a kitchen dish insert for the boxes. These cardboard inserts help protect the items from breakage during moving. The larger boxes are great to hold pillows, linens, lamp shades and pots and pans. Use a wardrobe box for hanging items such as clothes, coats, drapery and heavy blankets. Boxes are easier to stack in a storage unit. Items in boxes can be inventoried on the outside of the box for easy recognition. Don’t forget to seal your boxes with good duct or packaging tape.

3. Protective covering-Larger items such as furniture and mattresses also need protection during moving and storage. Mattress covers protect the mattresses from being torn or damaged during moving. It also protects the mattress from water, dirt and dust during storage. Furniture covers and padding give the same protection to prevent water damage and dirt and dust accumulation to the item. The protective covering can also double as floor covering for the storage unit.

4. Damp Check-Some items that you might not think about, but are great to have in a storage unit to protect your items are a moisture reducer or vermin control. Damp Check  pulls moisture (humidity) from the air to protect your belongings from warping, mold, mildew and rust formation. This product could last 30-45 depending on the size of your storage unit. Based on where your storage unit is located, it might be a good idea to have vermin control items in your storage unit. The best way to protect from vermin is to not leave any type of food in the storage unit, but just in case, it is good to have that added protection.

5. A few items that you might not think would be needed at a storage unit facility are measuring tap, toolsets, stretch cords and flashlights. Measuring tapes are a key tool to let you know if that large sofa, refrigerator and stove will fit in the storage unit that you just rented. The flashlight is a handy tool to see the items in your storage unit if there is not a light source. Also, the flashlight is a key item for storage auction participants! Stretch cords and ratchet tie downs secures equipment to cars or luggage carriers on SUVs. The stretch cord could be used in multiple ways, including tying down items to a car, but could also help hold a large item being transported by a dolly in place.

Most storage facilities will offer these packing and moving supplies at their office or stores. All of these items can be found that the Stop n Stor locations in Port Wentworth, Savannah and Hinesville. Happy Packing and Storing!

Getting Organized for the New Year!

Outside Storage Units at Stop n Stor
Help De-Clutter your home by using Self-Storage

It’s that time of year again….New Year’s Resolution time! Everyone is trying to make themselves better for 2012! These resolutions can be very diverse from losing weight, quitting a bad habit, exercising more, spending more time with family and friends to getting organized. Becoming “de-cluttered” and becoming more organized is always within the top 5 resolutions at the beginning of each New Year. The holidays bring extra clutter to our homes with decorations and presents. Self-storage is a great option to help de-clutter your home after the holiday season and actually all year-long!  

If your goal is to get more organized this year, then make sure that you have a plan of action in place to accomplish this goal. You don’t have to do it all at one time, but you can work on small projects. Work on one room at a time. This will make the task less daunting. You can even organize your garage, so your car will finally have a place to park. When you are working on each room or the garage, create piles for your belongings: what to keep, what to donate, what to throw away and what to put into storage. Utilizing self-storage gives you back the space that you have lost in your home. You can store important documents, family heirlooms, photos or seasonal items securely in a self-storage unit.

If you are already renting a storage unit, don’t forget to spend some time re-organizing the unit. Over time, you can forget what you stored in the unit, so it is good to look through the items every season. Throw away or donate items that you no longer want or need in your storage unit. You might be able to renegotiate with the storage facility to get a smaller unit or realize that you have more stuff than you thought and rent a larger unit.

For 2012, Stop n Stor  has made their own resolutions! These are just a few of the resolutions:

1. To better serve our customer needs.

2. A hope that all the deployed military soldiers return home safely.

3. To support military families left behind as a result of a deployment of a family member.

4. To build better relationships with our customers.

5. To be the #1 storage facility in the Savannah, Port Wentworth and Hinesville, Georgia areas!

Stop n Stor hopes to be your storage destination in the Hinesville, Port Wentworth and Savannah areas. Stop in to see how Stop n Stor can help you organize for the New Year! Keep an eye on our blog posts for information on future storage auctions and community events that Stop n Stor is proud to be involved in 2012. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter  and like us on Facebook!

Its Christmas Time


It’s hard to believe that Christmas is in less than 2 weeks! After all of the shopping, baking, decorating, traveling and prep work, it is time to relax and enjoy the holidays.  You have picked up the items that you purchased on Black Friday and stored in self-storage units. Savannah and its surrounding communities are busy with holiday activities. Hinesville kicked off its holiday celebrations with a tree lighting ceremony in Bradwell Park. The 15th annual Hinesville Christmas parade took place on Friday, December 9, 2011 with the parade route going through downtown Hinesville. 75 floats, cars and trucks took part in this year’s parade. Hundreds of people lined the parade route, including lots of children who were excited to see the bright lights. It was a fun event for families and the community! The parade was sponsored by the Liberty County Chamber of Commerce . Stop n Stor decorated our car with holiday lights to be part of the parade. Thanks to regional manager, Lisa Wilkerson for taking photos of the fun!

There are so many things to see and do in Savannah during the holiday season. Visitors and Savannah citizens looking for a great tour of Savannah’s holiday traditions can take the Holly Jolly Trolley Tour  put on by Old Towne Trolley Tours. The tour is full of stories, carols and sight-seeing and Santa even makes an appearance!  One of the many stops on the tour is the Davenport House and the Owens-Thomas House. Be transported back to holidays past at both of these historical homes. Savannah’s Harbor Foundation sponsors a gingerbread village and tree of life celebration at the Westin Golf Resort & Spa .  Local chefs, businesses and individuals create gingerbread houses and compete for the best creation of the season. The tree of life celebration includes trees decorated by business and community groups. The wonderfully decorated trees are then auctioned off to benefit a local charity. You can’t celebrate Christmas in Savannah without seeing “A Christmas Tradition” . This highly popular and highly rated 2 hour Christmas production runs from December 13th to December 26th. For the runners, there is the 2nd annual Savannah Reindeer Walk/Run 8K on December 17, 2011 at Hutchinson Island. Also, you can take a hayride at Fort Stewart at Holbrook Pond Recreation Center.

The holidays wouldn’t be complete without “Jingle Bells”, composed by Savannah native James S. Pierpont or without hearing “Baby its Cold Outside” sung by Johnny Mercer.  Savannah is known for its hospitality and food! Christmas dinner is no exception. It is another opportunity to feast with family and friends on local favorites such as Savannah red rice, ham, turkey, sweet potato casserole and pecan pie for desert.  Enjoy the holidays and their many traditions and celebrations. Stop n Stor wishes their customers, family and friends the Merriest Christmas and the best for the New Year!

Auction fun at Stop n Stor’s Hinesville locations!

This past Saturday, October 15, 2011, was a perfect day to have a storage unit auction!
Stop n Stor  was the “place to be” to find unknown treasures and have fun. There were a total of 38 storage units that were auctioned between our 4 facilities in Hinesville . The bidding process started at 9am at our 245 W. General Screvan Way facility and ended the auction at our 1049 Kacey Drive location. Professional auctioneer, Terry, led the bidding process and kept the auction running smoothly. The bidding process has to be seen to be believed! Our regional manager, Lisa Wilkerson, mentioned that she has been doing the auctions at the Stop n Stor facilities for over 4 years and has never seen the crowd or the bidding like it was at this auction in Hinesville! There were over 100 people who participated in the auction coming from as far as South Carolina and Waycross, Georgia! The attendees included some of our “regulars” as well as many, many newcomers!

Thanks to those who came out to our Hinesville self-storage unit auction! Keep an eye out for more information upcoming auctions and events in 2012 on our Facebook page
 Twitter page and this blog.


Auction Time for Stop n Stor’s Hinesville locations!

Bidding for th Storage Auctions
Don't miss the storage auctions at Stop n Stor-Hinesville on October 15th

At the beginning of last month, Stop n Stor held a self-storage auction for our Port Wentworth and Savannah facilities. There was a great turn out of current customers, new bidders and veteran auction goers. On Saturday, October 15th, it is our Hinesville facilities’  turn to share in the excitement!  The self-storage unit auction begins at 9:00am at the 245 W. General Screvan Way location. Once the bidding has been completed at this facility, the proceedings moves to the 196 Highway, EG Miles Parkway site. After 196, we will proceed to Kacey Drives alternate location at 1018 West Oglethorpe Hwy (old A-1) and our last stop for the auction will be at the 1049 Kacey Drive location. There could be at least 50 units from the 3 Hinesville facilities that will be auctioned that day.

The auction is cash only and it will be an open bidding system for the entire contents of
the storage unit. The bidders will get a chance to look inside the unit before the bidding begins. There will be a professional auctioneer in charge of the bidding process. Stop n Stor’s regional manager and facility managers will also be available during the auction for any questions. Once the bidder wins the storage unit auction, they will have 48 hours to clean out the storage unit.

Self-storage auctions have become more and more popular. You can find out where to find
auctions in your area at the following websites:, and For those new to the storage auction world, there are a few things that are “must haves” for the day of the auction: don’t forget to bring cash, a flashlight to look in the storage units, gloves, a padlock to lock up the items that were just purchased, garbage bags and moving supplies to transport the new treasures.

Keep checking Stop n Stor’s Facebook and Twitter pages for more information and reminders about upcoming auctions.

Self Storage Auction this Saturday at Stop n Stor!

[slideshow]It’s auction time at two of Stop n Stor’s facilities on Saturday, September 3, 2011. The auction will start at the Savannah location at 5725 Ogeechee Rd at 10am. There could be at least 11 units at this facility to bid on. Once the storage units have been auctioned in Savannah, the process moves to the Port Wentworth location  at 315 Georgia Highway 30. There could be at least 13 units to be auctioned at this facility. There will be a professional auctioneer in charge of the bidding process. The location management and regional manager will also be there to help in the proceedings.


There are a few things to keep in mind for these auctions.  A specific unit auction can be cancelled if the renter pays their back rent on the unit in full before the auction starts. Payment for the full units purchased is by cash only. The bidding will be an open bid format with the buyers being allowed to “peek” inside the storage unit before the bidding starts. The winner of the bidding will have 48 hours to remove the items from the unit which they just purchased.

If you are looking for possible treasures in the units, here are a few tips that might come in handy:

  1. Bring a flashlight. This will allow you to better see items in the unit.
  2. When accessing the unit before the bidding, look at the condition of the unit. If it is dust-covered, the items could have been in the unit for a longer amount of time.
  3. Look at the items that are visible in the unit to see if they are outdated or damaged.
  4. Look for how the boxed items are packaged. If the boxes are labeled, this will let you know the contents of the boxes. If the boxes are sturdy moving company boxes, there is a better chance that there are better quality items in the unit.

Good luck and enjoy the storage unit auction at Stop n Stor’s Savannah and Port Wentworth locations!! Stay tuned for more auction information for our Hinesville facilities.