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9 Steps to Storing a Motorcycle

Storing a Motorcycle in Self StorageA motorcycle is a great mode of transportation during warm and dry weather. It is not recommended to take a motorcycle out of rides in cold and wet weather. It is important to keep the motorcycle protected and in good condition during the off-season months. If you do not have room in the garage in your home to store your motorcycle, then renting a self-storage unit is a great solution to store motorcycles for the winter months.

Stop N Stor offers a variety of storage unit sizes that are great for motorcycle storage.  Stop N Stor has drive-up access to storage units to allow you to easily move your motorcycle in and out of storage.  We offer state-of-the-art security measures including 24 hour video surveillance, well-lit buildings and drive ways and personalized gate-access entry.  These measures, plus having resident managers on site, will give a motorcycle owner peace of mind that their vehicle is protected while in storage at Stop N Stor.

How to Prepare a Motorcycle for Storage

Consult the owner’s manual for your type of motorcycle for specific storage tips. It is important to follow the instructions in the owner’s manual or consult with your storage facility’s manager before your store your motorcycle or any vehicle.  Following mechanical and cleaning steps to prepare your motorcycle for storage will make sure that the “bike” is ready for the spring riding season in no time!

  1. The motorcycle’s registration, title and license plates need to be up-to-date.
  2. Visually inspect the motorcycle to check if anything needs to be repaired or replaced before putting it in storage.
  3. Place the motorcycle on a pallet or piece of wood above the ground when in storage. This prevents damage from moisture and dampness to the vehicle. It will also help to protect the tires on the motorcycle from deflating.
  4. Clean the motorcycle and then completely dry it before placing in storage. Spray WD-40 on every metal surface of the motorcycle to help prevent rusting.
  5. Follow manufacturer’s instructions for adding fuel stabilizer to a full tank of gas to the motorcycle before placing in storage. Run the engine for at least 15 minutes to work the stabilizer through the engine.
  6. Change the motorcycle’s engine oil. This will remove the excess sludge and dirt in the engine allowing for easier start up when removing from storage.
  7. Check the tires to make sure that they are properly inflated.
  8. For long-term storage, it is recommended to remove the battery from the motorcycle and store in a warm dry space away from the actual vehicle. If you want to keep the battery in the motorcycle, attach it to a battery charger while in storage and make sure that it is charged every few weeks.
  9. Cover the motorcycle with a cotton tarp, sheet or blanket while it is in storage. Do not use a plastic cover as this will allow moisture to be trapped under cover and cause damage to the metal surfaces.

If you follow these easy steps, your motorcycle will be in great working condition for the next outdoor riding season. Stop by Stop N Stor locations in Hinesville, Port Wentworth and Savannah to find out how we can help with all of your storage needs from vehicle storage to business storage.

Fall Festivals and Events in the Savannah Area

pumpkin patches in Savannah area

From county fairs to fall festivals, Savannah is a great place to be in the autumn months.  October brings cooler temperatures (just a bit) and the leaves changing colors. It is also time to celebrate fall harvests and fall activities like pumpkin picking and county fairs. There are many ways to celebrate fall at local farms and at popular area events. Below are just a few of the fall festivals and events happening in October and early November in and around the Savannah area.

Pumpkin and Fall Festivals

Poppell Farms

Poppell Farms will be opening up their 15th annual pumpkin patch on October 3rd.  The farm will have its famous corn maze. This year the maze honors country performer, Cole Swindell, and his hit song, “Chillin’ It”.  Poppell Farms offers covered hay wagon rides and tractor rides. For children, they have pony rides, a petting zoo with Claude the Llama and Elvis the donkey and a children’s play area. There are daytime and nighttime fun activities every weekend including a flashlight trip through the corn maze!  Fall festival events run to November 1st. The farm, located in Odum, near Jesup, is perfect day trip from Savannah.

Madrac Farms

Madrac Farms, located in Rincon, Georgia, prides itself on being the one true pumpkin patch in the Coastal Empire. Pumpkins are pretty difficult to grow in Southeastern Georgia, but somehow, Madrac Farms have been able to do it for years. In fact, they are known for their extremely large pumpkins. This year, the “star” pumpkin is over 200 pounds! Madrac Farms opens its Pumpkin Patch on October 1st. It is open to through October 31st on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.  The farm is a great place to take the family. There is a petting zoo with baby farm animals, a big slide, bouncy houses, hay rides and of course corn mazes. Take a trip out to Madrac Farms and pick out your pumpkins today!

Holiday Farms

Holiday Farms, in Ridgeland, celebrates autumn with The Great Pumpkin Patch opening October 1st.  There are many new events and changes this year at Holiday Farms including a new barn, new covered wagon, covered picnic area, barrel racing and pig racing. The farm is already has established events that are family favorites including duck races, bounce houses, corn grinding, steer roping, cow roping, a barnyard zoo and of course pumpkin picking. Holiday Farms offers a 50% military discount for all active duty military, spouses and children with ID.

Ottawa Farms

Ottawa Farms in Bloomingdale will open its famous corn maze October 3rd to October 31st. The farm will showcase everyday farm activities for visitors and family activities including pig races, a corn cannon, kids play area and more.

Fun Fall Events in the Savannah Area

Tybee Island Pirate Fest

The Tybee Island Pirate Fest  was started in 2005 to help boost visitation to Tybee Island during off-season months. Today, the Pirate Fest has grown into Tybee’s largest yearly festival. Pirates of all ages and sizes take over Tybee Island for the weekend. There is music, food and of course, grog! The streets of the festival are filled with street performers, magicians, pirate weaponry demonstrations and pirate performers. There is a family friendly children’s area called Little Matey’s Cove with bounce houses, storytellers, face painting and lots of surprises.   The 11th Annual Victory Parade  will transform the Tybee streets on Saturday, October 10th from 3pm to 5pm. There will be elaborate floats and costumes as the parade travels down Butler Street to the beach.  Stop by Thieves Market for your own pirate gear. The Tybee Island Pirate Fest is put on by hundreds of volunteers, corporate sponsors, and local businesses.

Coastal Empire Fair

To cap off the great fall events and festivals is the Coastal Empire Fair  from November 5th to 15th at the Exchange Club Fairgrounds in Savannah. The fair is operated by the Exchange Club of Savannah. It represents 6 counties in the Coastal Empire area. There will be agricultural judging of cows, sheep and swine. 4H and FFA (Future Farmers of America) events, carnival rides, entertainment, concerts, carnival food and more!

Stop N Stor hopes that you enjoy all the different fall events from pirate festivals to pumpkin festivals in the Savannah area!

10 Steps To An Organized Child’s Room

organized child's bedroomA child’s bedroom serves many purposes from a playroom, a place to do homework, as well as a place to sleep every night. The room serves so many different purposes that it can easily get messy and disorganized.  The new school year started over a month ago and projects and paper are starting to come back home cluttering up a child’s room.  Now is a perfect time to get a child’s “stuff” organized before they become too “out-of-control”.

Tips for Organizing a Child’s Bedroom

A child’s bedroom can be full of un-played with toys, unread books, clothes that the child has outgrown and school projects and papers that they have accumulated over time.  How can you organize a kid’s room and keep it organized? Below are a few tips to get you started in the organization process as well as tips to keep the room organized.

  1. Look at the room from a child’s point of view. Sit on the floor of the room and visualize everything from a child’s eye level. This will help you get a good idea of where you should start with an organization and decluttering project.
  2. Involve the child in the organization and cleaning project. Allow them to help pick the type of storage solutions that would work best for their needs.
  3. For younger children, adult storage solutions will not work. Remove closet doors, so little ones do not get fingers stuck. Lower the closet rods and invest in child-size hangers so children can hang up their own clothing.
  4. Create zones in the child’s bedroom for toys, crafts and books. As the child gets older and heads to school, add a desk to the room for a homework zone.
  5. Sort through the toys and books in the room. The child should help sort through their toys that they don’t play with anymore or have outgrown and ask them if it is okay to donate, sell or share with another family.
  6. When a child has grown out of clothes donate or share them. These items take up vital drawer, closet and storage space in a room.
  7. Store the toys that the child plays with the most on the bottom shelf of a shelving unit within easy reach. Use the higher shelves for less frequently played with items.
  8. Clean plastic bins are perfect for toy storage. Place the toys, in their plastic bins at floor level. Keep like toys or books together, such as arts & crafts supplies in one bin, dolls in another or Legos in another bin. If the toy is made up of many smaller pieces, place these items in a smaller plastic box.
  9. When a desk is introduced into the room, make sure that it is tidy and organized. Have designated places for pens, pencils, markers and paper. Create folders and binders for a child’s school papers and projects and create a specific home for them in the room. As the child gets older, introduce a filing cabinet or drawer filing system for school papers.
  10. Set up a maintenance schedule to keep the room organized. Go through toys, books and clothes every 6 months to determine what to keep and what to donate, throw away or place in storage.


As the child gets older, they will accumulate more items that they might want to keep. However, there might not be enough storage space to store these items in the bedroom.  Self storage is a great option for storing excess home items including children’s school projects, sports equipment and arts and crafts supplies. Stop N Stor has a variety of sizes of climate and non-climate controlled storage units that are great for storing children’s items as they grow older. Stop in at one of our 6 locations to find out how we can help with you with any personal and business storage need.

How to Store Summer and Fall Sports Equipment

Storing Summer & Fall Sports EquipmentIt is very important to take care of sports equipment when they are not in use. This applies for seasonal sports like baseball, golf, football, soccer and lacrosse. Everyday workout equipment also has to be properly prepared and stored in the home or in a storage unit. If sports equipment is properly stored, then it can be reused for many years. Children who are participating in sports need to be trained not to throw their equipment, uniforms, and shoes in the corner in the laundry room, closet or garage. Equipment and uniforms should be properly cleaned and maintained between each match and game in order to make it easier to prepare for off-season storage. Once the season is over, certain steps should be followed to keep equipment in good working order.

Renting a self storage unit for storing sporting equipment in the off-season is a great storage solution. This will reduce the amount of clutter in the home. Plus, as parents, you will know exactly where the sports equipment is stored (unlike just throwing in a corner). Stop N Stor offers a variety of storage unit sizes to help with storing sports equipment. The best storage solution is storing the equipment in a plastic storage bin while in storage. You can keep all the equipment for one sport in one bin. The storage bins also allow for easy storage on storage shelving.

Sports Equipment Storage Tips

Below are a few tips to make sure that your summer and fall sports equipment are ready to be stored:

Baseball Equipment                                           

Before storing, inspect all the equipment to make sure that it is in good condition and does not require repair. The repairs should be taken care of before placing in storage. Once a baseball player has chosen a glove, they could use it for the rest of the time that they are playing the game, so it is very important to keep it in good condition during the off-season. Clean and condition the baseball gloves before placing in storage. Clean bats, helmets and balls with wet wipes and air dry before placing in storage.

Golf Clubs and Bags

A quality set of golf clubs last a lifetime if properly maintained.  Before storing, clean the golf club heads with a toothbrush dipped in warm soapy water. This will loosen any dirt that has gotten into the groves. Clean grips with soap and water. Inspect the grips to see if they need repair. If they do, take them to your local golf professional for repair. To clean the golf bag, completely empty the golf bag of all contents and clean it inside and out with soap and water. Remove all garbage stored in the pockets of the golf bags. Inventory accessories such as golf balls, tees and gloves to see if you need to replace them during the off-season.


After the fall soccer season, soccer jerseys and practice clothes need to be fully cleaned before putting them into storage. Treat and remove all stains from the clothing, so they will not set into the cloth while in storage. Clean cleats and shin guards with wet wipes. If the shoes are leather, condition them before placing in storage. Properly inflate the soccer balls before placing in storage and have the inflation device on-hand for re-inflating after storage.


Once the football season is over in the fall, football pads and jersey’s need to be prepared for storage. As with soccer jerseys, make sure all stains are removed from the uniform before storage. Wipe down all pads, helmets and gloves with wet water and mild soap. In order to remove “the stink” from the equipment before storage, place the shoulder pads and knee pads in a closed bag with a bowl of baking soda for about a week. The baking soda will absorb odors! To keep odors out during storage, stuff the shoulder pads, helmets and knee pads with newspaper. The newspaper will absorb odors over time.

Take a Cruise On a Savannah Riverboat

Savannah Riverboats
Photo courtesy of Savannah Riverboat Cruises.

The Savannah River is one of Georgia’s longest and largest waterways. It defines most of the boundary of Georgia and South Carolina. The New Georgia Encyclopedia  states  the Savannah River starts at the merger of the Seneca and Tugaloo Rivers in eastern Georgia and ends in the Atlantic Ocean, 15 mile downstream from Savannah. The river travels over 300 miles from beginning to end. There are at least 11 tributaries that form off of the Savannah River.

There are two major cities that were formed on the Savannah River: Savannah and Augusta. Both of these cities were very important early English settlements during the Colonial era. In the early 1800’s the Savannah River was used as a way to transport cotton between Augusta and Savannah. The first steamboat appeared on the Savannah River in 1808. The Savannah River was a key distribution point during the Civil War and was blockaded by the Union Navy for most of the war. After the war, distribution of cotton and other materials continued along the river until the late 1880’s when production and distribution changed. Starting in the 1950’s, the Army Corp. of Engineers started building dams along the river for hydroelectricity, flood control and navigation forming over 120 miles of lakes. Today, the Savannah River is the shipping channel for the Port of Savannah, the 10th busiest port in the Unites States for ocean-going container ships.

Savannah Riverboat Cruises

For the city of Savannah, the Savannah River is a destination point and place for boating, sightseeing or just sitting along River Street enjoying summer fireworks and the great scenery. One of the iconic ways of enjoying a trip on the Savannah River is by taking a riverboat cruise. Passengers, both tourist and locals, can take a step back in time to enjoy a slower time in history when steamboats were the kings of the river.

Savannah Riverboat Cruises  is the primary provider of riverboat cruises in Savannah. The company was founded by Captain Jonathan H. Claughton in 1991 to fill a need for riverboat dinner cruises on the Savannah River. They currently have 3 riverboats running: The Savannah River Queen, which holds 400 passengers, the Georgia Queen, which holds 600 passengers and the New River Queen, which holds over 800 passengers. All three boats are climate controlled with an open air third deck. The tours travel up river towards the ports and then back down to pass the statue of the waving girl. The length of the tours will depend on the river conditions and the type of cruise that it being taken.

Savannah Riverboat Cruises offer a variety of cruises from the popular Harbor Sightseeing Cruise to Sunday Brunch Cruises. There is usually a cruise or theme for every night of the week. The company also has seasonal cruises for holidays and special events such as Fourth of July, Mother’s or Father’s Day and Christmas.  The cruises include historic tales and stories about the city of Savannah and the river as well as the importance of the Savannah River for modern Savannah. The times of the tour vary, depending on the type of cruise that you are taking. The ticket office is located at the riverboat dock at 9 East River Street directly behind City Hall and next to the Hyatt Regency.

Stop N Stor is proud to be a member of a Savannah community and is happy to be able to share in the heritage and history of the great city along the Savannah River.

Self Storage for the Military

self storage for military Moving and being sent on deployment is a part of daily life for military personnel and their families. Military families can relocate every two years, which is 2.5 times more often than civilian families. Military personnel can be deployed or moved all over the world to over 900 bases in 150 countries worldwide. These assignments can happen on short notice requiring the military members and their families to have to quickly put together a moving or deployment plan therefore, military families learn to easily adapt and plan for any situation.

Military deployments can last anywhere from 6 months to over a year. If they are for over a year, it is a good idea for the soldiers without families to store their personal items into a self storage unit during their time away. Storing items in a self storage unit is a safe and economically viable option for military personnel during deployments or relocations. In fact, active military members rent up to 95% of available storage near U. S. military bases. Military families can use self storage as a place to store items if they know that there is going to be frequent moves or if the housing in a new assignment will be much smaller than a past home. Many self storage facilities, including Stop N Stor, offer military discounts to active duty military personnel.

The most important thing a solider needs to worry about when renting a storage unit during deployment is deciding what items they will need to take with them during the assignment and what items can stay in storage. Storage units are great to place furniture, electronics and appliances. If you have to store an entire home or apartment, it might be a good idea to invest in a climate controlled storage unit to protect your items over long-term storage. Placing a car in self storage during deployment is also a great idea. With the proper pre-storage preparations, the car will be ready for use when the soldier returns home. Soldiers can have peace of mind knowing that their items are protected by state-of-the-art security systems including video cameras, fencing and personalized gate and storage unit access.

Stop N Stor  has storage facilities in Hinesville, Georgia near Ft. Stewart, and facilities in the Savannah Area near Hunter Air Field. Ft. Stewart is the home of the Army’s 3rd Infantry Division and the largest military base east of the Mississippi River.  The base is over 280,000 acres covering portions of five counties including Liberty, Long, Tattnall, Evans and Bryan. There are over 21,000 soldiers and 29,500 family members currently stationed at Ft. Stewart and Hunter Air Field. In March, over 3,000 soldiers from Ft. Stewart were deployed to different countries in Europe to train with NATO allies. Ft Stewart provides informational services to the service members and their families to help during times of relocation or deployment.

The self storage industry supports many different aspects of military life from sending essential gift boxes to supporting our wounded heroes. Stop N Stor is proud of our continued support of Wounded Warrior Outdoors, a non-profit organization that gives therapeutic outdoor adventures to wounded, but active duty service men and women.

Thank you to every member of the military past and present who have fought for and defended our freedoms!  Remember to stop at Stop N Stor for all of your storage needs. We can help during times of deployment, moving or just decluttering your home.

How to Have a Successful Garage Sale

Garage Sale Tips

Spring and summer are the prime time of year for garage sales across the country. During spring cleaning and decluttering projects, there will be items that you no longer have room for in the home, but still need to keep. That is where renting a self storage unit comes in handy.  Renting a self storage unit is great storage solution for items that you would like to sell in a future garage sale. Once the official garage sale day has been determined, it is time to remove the garage sale items that were placed in your storage unit.  Then, it is time to start making plans for the actual day of the garage sale.

Garage sales can be held for multiple days, but usually Saturdays are the best day of the week to hold them. The items that are sold the most at garage sales are: collectibles, tools and sports equipment. In order to have a successful garage sale, you need to be prepared and organized. Below are a few tips to make your garage sale profitable:

Advertise Your Garage Sale

Use all available outlets for advertising your garage sale such as social media, newspaper, craigslist, and putting flyers up in local businesses. There are quite a few websites that will list garage and yard sales in the Savannah area including: Yard Sales Savannah or Garage Sales Savannah.   If you are selling larger, more expensive items, place their photos, descriptions and cost on craigslist the week before your sale.

Setting Up Your Garage Sale

It is important to start prepping as early as possible for your garage sale. Gather materials that you will need for your sale such as poster board, colored price stickers, masking tape, Ziploc bags, markers and a money box. Save newspapers for wrapping fragile or delicate items. Have plastic bags and boxes on-hand to allow your customers to easily carry away their new items.  On the day of the sale, have plenty of singles, fives and change for your money box. One person should be designated as being in charge of the money box.

Make sure that the items that you are putting in your garage sale are clean and not damaged or broken. Put like items, such all kitchen item, displayed together on a table or shelf. Put the larger, better looking items in the front of the sale, closer to the street, so people can see them as they drive by. Use nice crates, sturdier boxes & shelving units to display your items. Use bags to place loose parts of toys, games, collections together.

Price the Items to Sell

Do not over-price your sale items. The purpose of a garage sale is to try to make some money off of these items before they will be donated or thrown out. The average price of an item bought at a garage sale is $.85. Price the items with a bit higher for those people that want to haggle, but still low enough to entice buyers. If it is late in the day on the last day of your sale and you still have a lot to sell, then try slashing the prices to 50% off.

Free Box

Set aside one box for free items like posters, smaller photo albums, frames or small children’s toys. This will help get rid of smaller items that you no longer need or want. If there are any free items left at the end of the day, either dispose or donate the items.

Good Customer Service Goes a Long Way

Being friendly with the people that are shopping at your garage or yard sale is the most important component in having a successful garage sale. Greet people when they walk up to the sale and say “Thank You” and “Goodbye” when they leave. If you are selling children’s items, have a table for the kids to color or do crafts while their parent’s shop the sale. If it is a hot day, have cold water on hand to purchase or give out.

Leftover Items

If you have some items that you have decided to keep that did not sell during the garage sale, then consider renting a self storage unit. Stop N Stor has 6 locations in Hinesville, Port Wentworth and Savannah to serve any storage need from RV and boat storage to business and personal storage needs.


Moving Tips for Pet Owners

Moving with PetsSummer is traditionally the busiest time to make a move, either within the same city, across town or across the country.  Everyone gets a bit stressed out on moving day, even if everything is going smoothly. However, the entire process of moving to a new home is even more stressful for a family pet. If you are moving pets across town or across the country, it is important to plan ahead for how you will move your pet.  It is imperative to plan ahead for your moving day including creating a moving checklist, hiring a moving company or renting a moving truck, packing and preparing he items that are being moved and switching utilities.  Part of your moving checklist should include a plan for moving your pets to your new home! If you are moving during the hot days of summer, it is important to keep you, the movers and your pets as comfortable as possible and provide water and food.

Tips for Moving with a Pet

In order to make the move easier for both the pet and the pet owners, it is important to be as prepared as possible.  Before the moving day, there are a few things that you need to do. Check with your new state or city for any specific regulations that require you to get a pet license or if you need to provide pet health records. If you have exotic pets, some states have laws on how to properly house these types of animals. If you are moving to a new city, inform your current veterinarian so you can take your pet’s records and a list of medication with you. Ask the veterinarian if they can recommend a veterinarian in your new city. It is best practice to move a pet in a crate or carrier.  Start acclimating your pet to being in a crate as soon as you know if you are moving as this could take some time to do.  Moving day will be simpler if you don’t have to fight with your pet to go in a carrier.

On the actual moving day, it is best to leave the pet with a friend or at a kennel. If that isn’t possible, then put the pet in a quiet room away from the major moving action. If you are just moving within a short distance, transport the pet to your new home in your own vehicle. This will allow the pet to feel a sense of comfort in a vehicle that they already are familiar with. Move the pet in a crate or carrier big enough for the animal to move around and lie down during the journey. If you are transporting the animal on an airplane, check with the airlines about allowing pets in the cabin or if they need to be put in the cargo section of the plane.

When you are traveling to your home, do not feed or water your pet for a few hours before you leave. For long distance trips, only feed the pet once a day, but make frequent stops for walking and water. If possible, bring extra water from home, as different water could upset the pet’s stomach. While traveling in the car, do not let the pet hang out the window. Bugs and dirt can get in the pet’s eyes causing infections. Keep the windows locked to prevent pets from lowering the windows and jumping out. Be very careful when you arrive to your new home and let your pet out. Make sure you open the crate or carrier in an enclosed place when the pet can’t take off.

Set up your new home before you move in your pet. Limit the number of rooms that you allow the pet in and then gradually increase their freedom to the entire house. Give your pets food in their favorite dish and have their favorite toys, blanket and bedding nearby to make them feel safe at the new home. The familiar smells with help them adjust easier and quicker to their new location.

Take some of the stress out of your moving day by planning ahead. This including planning for moving your pet to your home. Good Luck with you move!

Restaurant Week in Savannah and Tybee Island

Savannah Restaurant Week
Photo courtesy of

After the holidays is usually a slower time for retail shops and restaurants. Most people would rather stay home after the craziness of the holidays. In order for restaurants to bring in business during the winter months, many cities across the country offer restaurant weeks where restaurant goes can get a chance to try out food at “that” restaurant that you always wanted to try, but didn’t think that you could afford.  The Savannah area has a wide range of restaurants from casual to five-star and is now becoming well-known on the culinary circuit.  At participating restaurants during Restaurant Week, you can get a chance to taste some of the great food that Savannah is known for!

Tybee Island Restaurant Week

Tybee Island Restaurant Week  runs January 16th to January 25th. This is a great week to try the diverse tastes of Tybee Island. During the nine day event, restaurant goes can choose from a prix fixe (fixed price) three course dinner costing either $25 or $30. The courses include appetizers, entrees, and desserts which are pre-determined by the chefs to highlight their specialties. Beverages, tax and gratuity are not included in the prix fixe rate. The regular menus are also being offered during the special event as well. While reservations are not required at many of Tybee Island’s restaurants, it would be recommended to make a reservation during the special week especially if you are part of a large group. You can see a list of restaurants participating in this year’s Tybee Island Restaurant Week at the website.

Savannah Restaurant Week

Savannah Restaurant Week  runs January 23rd to February 1st. There is a special kick-off event on January 23rd benefiting Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia. More than 20 restaurants will be serving “small bites” as part of a fund-raising event from 6pm to 8pm.  More than 25 Savannah restaurants are participating in this year’s Savannah Restaurant Week.  During the 10 day event, restaurant patrons can choose from special three course prix fixe menus developed to spotlight the specialties of a particular restaurant from seafood to steak and everything in-between. The 3 course meal costs $30 and will feature an appetizer (or salad), entrée and a dessert. Beverages, taxes and tips are not included in the fixed rate cost. Reservations for Savannah Restaurant Week are encouraged. Pick out your favorite from a list of great local restaurants and start tasting what great food Savannah has to offer!

Stop N Stor  is very proud to be a part of the great culinary experience of the Savannah area!


Happy Holidays from Stop N Stor!

Stop N Stor wishes our customers, vendors, family,  and friends a Merry Christmas! We look forward to being your storage choice in Hinesville, Port Wentworth and Savannah in the New Year!

Happy Hoildays from Stop N Stor