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Stop N Stor Goes Bananas for the 2018 Summer

Stop N Stor Storage is proud to partner with The Savannah Bananas as they enter their 3rd season in 2018. The defending champions of the Coastal Plain League went up to bat against the Macon Bacon on May 31st in their season opening game. The stands were packed with an enthusiastic crowd ready to go bananas for baseball with an opening night record breaking attendance 4,3411 people in attendance! It was the 33rd straight sell-out for The Savannah Bananas at Historic Grayson stadium.

The Banana Band, Parking Penguins and of course the 2018 Bananas baseball players were there to greet attendees as they entered the doors of Historic Grayson Stadium. It was an exciting game against the Macon Bacon and The Savannah Bananas excited the crowd with their enthusiastic and engaging entertainment. Everything from presenting the season’s first Baby Bananas to Darius, the dancing first base coach was in true Savannah Banana fun. The addition of Tyler Gray, the Director of Fun for The Savannah Bananas, will present new and interactive entertainment for the 2018 season. The Savannah Bananas slipped in their first home game losing to the Macon Bacon with a final score of 10-6, but were quick to come back when they played in Macon two days later. The Bananas took home a win against the Macon Bacon with an astounding shutout score of 15-0!

As a 2018 partner with The Savannah Bananas, Stop N Stor is excited to get involved with the Savannah, Pooler, Wilmington Island, Thunderbolt and Georgetown communities as well as those traveling from Effingham, Chatham, Bryan, Beaufort and Liberty County areas. As a part of our sponsorship we decided to thank our valued customers with several chances to win tickets to games throughout the season. Customers and members of the Savannah and surrounding communities can enter to win these tickets through our Instagram and Facebook pages as well as through our entry form on our website. We just completed our first giveaway of 10 tickets to 3 lucky winners who are ready to Go Bananas this Friday night!

This sponsorship will also allow us the opportunity to showcase our brand to thousands of members of these communities and interact with the enthusiastic crowd at each game. This Friday we will be setting up a tent outside Grayson Stadium to welcome baseball fans and showcase some of what Stop N Stor has to offer in non-climate and climate-controlled self-storage. The Bananas will take on the Lexington County Blowfish this Friday June 9th at 7:05 pm so be sure to stop by and see us!

We’ve got a lot planned for this year’s season and are excited to Go Bananas with The Savannah Bananas this summer! Stay tuned for more information on our sponsorship with The Savannah Bananas including ticket giveaways, events at Grayson Stadium, Savannah Bananas games, and more!

Savannah Bananas Tickets Giveaway

Stop N Stor appreciates our many customers! To show our appreciation, we are giving 3 people the chance to win 2 or 4 tickets to the sold out Savannah Bananas July 19th vs Florence Redwolves!

To enter to win:

  1.  Follow Stop N Stor on Instagram here.
  2. Submit your entry that you have done 1-2 via our entry form below:

    *Entry forms are required to be eligible to win. Please view official rules here.

Stop N Stor Richmond Hill’s 1st Annual Pictures with Santa Day

On Friday December 8th, Stop N Stor invited members of the community to celebrate the season at their newest location in Richmond Hill. A 10×10 climate controlled storage unit was transformed into Santa’s workshop. The scene was complete with a lit Christmas tree, wrapped presents, cookies and Santa and Mrs. Claus waiting by the fireplace in rocking chairs. Over 50 families came from Richmond Hill, Buckhead, Sterling Lakes, Keller and the surrounding areas to meet and take pictures with Santa and Mrs. Claus. Guests received a complimentary print of their picture and were also entered to win one of three $100 Toys R Us gift cards.

We also embraced the season of giving at this event by accepting nonperishable food donations for the United Way of Bryan County. Several food donations were brought in and we were able to provide food for several families in need this holiday season. We were extremely grateful to be able to help members of our local community in Bryan County.

It was truly a joy for the staff to see all the children’s smiling faces and interact with families throughout the community. Thank you to the United Way of Bryan County, Dollface Photo Booth and of course everyone who came out to support this event. We look forward to continuing this event in years to come. Stay tuned for more events hosted by Stop N Stor. We hope you have a happy holiday season!

The Richmond Hill location is our newest addition. It is located near the round about by the Bryan County Administrative Building (96 Veteran’s Memorial Parkway). To make a reservation or learn more about storage services and availability, visit our web page or call



A self-storage unit can be useful for anyone who is moving, renovating, or just needs additional space at home or in their place of business. However, it’s not as simple as renting a storage unit and moving everything into a unit. The outside elements play a key part in choosing how to store your items.

A climate controlled unit is kept at a temperature between 55 and 85 degrees. In general, climate controlled storage is advantageous for storing valuable or environmentally-sensitive items.  Stop N Stor’s climate controlled units are all indoor, which gives us the ability to maintain temperature and humidity levels to better protect your belongings from damage in long term storage.  Not all stored items require climate control, but it can be essential for others.

Is climate controlled storage right for you? Here are a few factors to consider: where, what, how?

Where are you storing your items?

If you are storing your items in an area that experiences extreme heat, cold, or humidity, you should consider climate controlled storage. Extreme heat can be tough on items like records, CD’s, DVDS, photos, causing them to warp overtime. It can also damage wooden furniture, causing it to expand and crack. In addition, extreme humidity is an important factor to consider as it creates moisture that can cause mold, mildew, and bacteria.  Fortunately, Stop N Stor’s climate controlled storage units combat those issues by maintaining a clean, dry environment. Stop N Stor has climate controlled facilities in Hinesville, Savannah, Port Wentworth, and Pooler for your convenience.

What kind of items are you storing?

When considering climate controlled storage, it is important to think about what you are storing and how long you plan on storing. There are several items that you should consider for climate controlled storage. Wooden furniture is easily warped or cracked in extreme heat. Electronic and mechanical parts, such as TV’s and computers, should also be stored in climate controlled storage to prevent permanent damage. Special collection items are meant to be preserved for the long term, and using a climate controlled unit will help prevent damage caused by outside elements. Artwork and photographs are two other significant belongings that can easily deteriorate in extreme temperatures. Pharmaceutical samples and supplies necessitate climate control. Climate controlled storage is truly beneficial for most storage ventures; if you are uncertain how to best protect your items, Stop N Stor can help you decide what kind of storage is right for you.

How long will you be storing these items?

Not everyone needs climate control. If you are between homes and planning to store your items temporarily, traditional non climate storage may be the best solution. If you are storing items long term, or your belongings have a high sentimental value, you should consider climate controlled storage. Some belongings are expensive and some irreplaceable; let Stop N Stor protect your items from the hazards of extreme heat, cold, and humidity, by choosing one of our climate controlled units. Whether you are storing contents from a large home, an apartment, or a small closet, we have the unit size for you! Not sure what size unit to choose? Visit our online size guide or drop by one of our convenient locations in Hinesville, Savannah, Port Wentworth, or Pooler and one of our friendly on-site managers can help you decide what kind of self-storage unit is right for you!

Happy Holidays from Stop N Stor!

Merry Christmas to our customers, family and friends from Stop N Stor!

Happy Holidays from Stop N Stor

Holiday Decoration Safety Tips

Christmas Tree Safety TipsDuring the holiday season, people decorate their homes with candles, Christmas trees and indoor/outdoor lights. These decorations are great to look at, but they can also be a fire safety hazard to your home.  According to the United States Fire Administration, one of every three home Christmas tree fires is caused by electrical fire causing over $18 million in property damage a year. Christmas tree fires are not common, but when they do occur, they can be very dangerous.  It is important to be fire safe when you are decorating your home for the holidays. Below are a few tips to keep your family and your home safe this holiday season:


Christmas Trees

  • If you choose to have an artificial Christmas tree in your home, look for a fire resistant label that should be attached to the tree.
  • Freshly cut Christmas trees are green, the needles are hard to pull off and the trunk is sticky with resin. Dried out trees are much more of a fire hazard than a fresh green tree.
  • When setting up the tree, cut off at least two inches of the trunk to expose fresh wood for better water absorption. Place the live tree in a sturdy stand. Water the tree every day. The fresh tree stand should be filled with water the entire time that the tree is indoors.
  • Do NOT place Christmas trees near heat sources such as fireplaces, radiators, heat vents, or other heat sources.
  • When a tree starts to drop its needles, it means that it is drying out and that it is time to remove it from the home. Do not keep a dried out tree in a garage or against an outside wall of the home. Make sure that you know the Christmas tree recycling programs in your city.


Holiday Lights                                                                                                                     

  • Before decorating your tree and inside your home, determine how many outlets are available in the room and where they are located. Plan your decoration and Christmas tree placement according to the outlets in the room.
  • Check the light strands for broken or cracked sockets, frayed wires or loose connections before you trim the tree or hang the lights.
  • Throw away damaged lights or repair them before use.
  • The light wires should not be warm to the touch when in use.
  • Use no more than 3 standard sets of lights per one extension cord for decoration on the tree or inside the home.
  • Use LED lights, which use less energy and run cooler than traditional incandescent lights.


  • Fire safety experts do not recommend using flame candles for holiday decorations. The experts recommend using battery-operated candles or LED lights in your home.
  • If using flame candles, place them away from flammable items such as decorations, greenery, and wrapping paper.
  • Do not place candle displays them on a table in a high traffic area where they could easily be knocked over.
  • Never keep an open flame unattended. Always keep a burning candle within your sight.
  • Extinguish the candles before leaving a room or home and going to bed.
  • Never use candles to light up a Christmas tree.

 Stop N Stor wants to help keep your family safe this holiday season. Once the holidays are over, you will need to store your holiday items somewhere. If you do not have the room in your home to store an artificial Christmas tree, holiday wreaths, outdoor decorations and holiday lights,  think about storing your holiday decorations in a self storage unit.


Self Storage for Life’s Many Events

Life's Journeys


Throughout our lives, we experience many life events from getting our first apartment to getting married to eventually downsizing our homes. Self storage can be a great storage solution for life’s major changes. Placing your personal items in self storage will give you peace-of-mind that your belongings are in a safe and secure place as you tackle your life events.

There are many life events that could require a person to need to rent a self storage unit:


  • Moving. One of the number one reasons to rent a self storage unit is because you are selling your home or moving to a new home. Over 35 million people move a year and a good portion of these people need a moving storage solution to store excess household items. If you plan on selling your home, a clean and organized house is more appealing to potential buyers. Unclutter your home as much as possible and store excess belongings in a self storage unit to that will fit your needs. If you are moving to a new city, but do not know the size of your new home yet, then it is a good idea to place your belongings in a self storage unit until you get settled into your new home.
  • Getting Married. When you are getting married, you are combining two households into one. There could be duplicates of furniture, kitchen items, appliances and linens. Place the excess in storage until you can use them or you decide to sell or donate the items. Self storage is a great option for storing wedding gifts and other items that you have collected along life’s journey.
  • Expecting a new family member. If you’re about to welcome a new baby into the household, it’s definitely time to free up some space. It’s time to create a nursery, so clear out that spare bedroom, man cave, or office. If there is no other storage option in the home, place the extra items from the room into a self storage unit until you are able to use them again.
  • Empty nesting. As children grow up and go to college, parents can start to go through an “empty nesting” phase and decide to redecorate or repurpose a child’s room into an office, multi-media room, workout room or craft room. Place the child’s “stuff” in a self storage unit and have them decide if they want to keep their childhood memorabilia. After college is over, the graduate might end up moving back home, so the room could have to be changed back to a bedroom yet again!
  • Downsizing a Home. As we get older, we do not need as much “stuff” in our lives. This is when we decide to downsize your home to a smaller place or apartment. However, we cannot part with all of our “stuff” just yet, so place your excess items in a self storage unit. If you have to clean out a home after a loved one has passed away, it is a good idea to place the items in self storage until you are able to decide what to do with them.

Stop N Stor has storage solutions for all of your life’s events from just starting out after college to downsizing a home after a long life.

How to Choose a Good Moving Company

moving truck

Moving across town or across the country can be a very stressful time. The more prepared you are for the move, the less stressful the process can be. Last year, we shared some moving tips to help your move go smoother. One of the biggest items on your moving “To Do” list is finding the best moving company to transport your belongings to your new home. If you are in need of a moving company there are many things that you can do to make sure that the movers are reputable and will provide a great service to you and your family during your hectic time.

1. Start planning your move early. If you are able to, give movers at least 6-8 week notice before you need to be moved. The busiest time for the moving industry is from late May to early September (This is also the busiest time for the self storage industry!). They are also very busy at the end of each month. If you plan ahead and are able to be flexible with the mover, you can schedule the tie that you will need for your move.

2. Ask friends, co-workers, real estate agents and family for recommendations for a moving company. The best recommendation is word-of-mouth. You can also check online sites such as The Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List  and Yelp!  for reviews of moving companies in your town.

3. Check out the moving company’s website for information about the company. Make sure that the movers have a regular street address, accreditation, affiliations (such as American Moving and Storage Association membership) and licensing information. The company should be licensed with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

4. Confirm that the company is fully insured by having cargo insurance.

5. Call a few different moving companies and ask to in-home estimates on the cost to move your belongings. Compare the costs of the companies to one another. If a company is “low balling” a cost, be cautious. Also, do not give your business to companies that will only give you a moving quote over the phone or online without seeing the items that need to be moved. These companies are often not reputable and will add hidden costs through the moving process.

6. Ask questions of the moving companies and get the answers to your questions written down with their price quotes.

7. When you are in the “shopping” process for a mover, the moving company should give you a “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move” pamphlet. This is a federally mandated regulation for customers that could be moving out-of-state. If you don’t receive that, check the status of the moving company with the Better Business Bureau.

Keep an eye out for “rogue moving companies”. These companies are scamming customers into paying large fees and have little to no insurance to cover the items that are being transported. The “rogue movers” will not have a street address or licensing information on their website, will only give over the phone or on-line quotes, ask for a large deposit in advance and they will actually show up with a rental company truck instead of a “real” moving truck. Do not do business with these companies! Look for reputable, well-known and well received moving companies. If you follow the tips shown above, your moving experience could be less stressful.

Micro-Apartment Trend in Big Cities

Micro Apartments in San Francisco
Possible design for micro-apartment in San Francisco. Photo courtesy of

Based on a shortage in available housing in large cities across the globe, there is a new focus on changes to the urban housing market. For example, New York City has 1.8 Million one and two person households, but there are only 1 Million studio and one-bedroom apartments currently available in Manhattan. This means that many apartments have been “illegally” converted to multiple units in order to meet the demand. There has been a newer trend for these cities to look at building micro apartments ranging from 220 square feet to 300 square feet. The smaller units are rented at a lower amount, making it more affordable for recent college graduates moving to the big city. The micro-apartments in New York City will rent for $2,000 a month while the micro apartments in San Francisco will rent for $1,500 a month. These apartments are close to major business areas and transportation in the city. Large cities such as Boston, Chicago and London are also looking at updating housing and zoning laws in their towns to build these micro apartment buildings.

The micro apartments average 300 square feet with some spaces actually being even smaller. The room has a kitchen, living space and a bathroom. The living space can also be used as the bedroom or sleeping area. With places this small, you will need to be very creative with your furniture, storage and belongings. Furniture will need to serve multiple purposes in the room. For example, an ottoman will need to also be a coffee table (or even a table) and be used for storage. A micro-apartment dweller will need to be very organized and use every nook and cranny in the allotted space. In some cases, this could include storing a bike in the bathtub! You will not be able to clutter the spaces in these apartments with a lot of “stuff”.

So, what do you do with your belongings that won’t fit into a micro-apartment?  You will need to rent a storage unit. It is important to find a storage facility that is near you apartment so you can easily access your items. If you are a recent college graduate, the micro-apartment can be a great option, but what will you do with all of the items that you have accumulated during your college years? You will need to find a storage option, because the micro-apartment will not have much storage. If you decide to downsize and move to the city to be closer to your job, then you will have to think about what you will want to keep in your apartment and what you will need to put away in storage. Storage units are perfect to store clothes, suitcases and boxes of personal belongings that you cannot throw away.

Time will tell if these micro apartments will be successful and will help alleviate some of the housing problems in the big cities. If you have a chance to move closer to a job in the city and live in a micro-apartment would you?

Spooky Savannah


Savannah is rich in history and hauntings! The hauntings are receiving much more attention this time of year, but they last all year-long. That is why Savannah is always on the top of the lists from many travel and news sites for most haunted cities for the last decade.  Savannah was founded in 1733. Its city squares were built on old Indian burial grounds. The “newer” homes (dating only a hundred to two hundred years old) were built upon old gravesites of battles during the Revolutionary War, Civil War and for victims of the cities many Yellow Fever epidemics. No wonder the city is considered to be haunted; it has been involved and surrounded by many episodes of death, sickness and then resurgence!  Savannah has become a favorite place to visit for its historic sites and warm weather as well as for ghostly adventures.

There are so many haunted buildings and businesses, squares and homes in Savannah that I can just name a few in this blog post.  The Moon River Brewing Company  is named by US Today as one of the 10 great haunted places in the US. The staff could share ghost stories and even “Ghost Adventurers” have made a visit to the Brewery and Restaurant. The Marshall House  is one of Savannah’s oldest standing hotels. Built in 1851, this hotel has served as a hospital during the Civil War and outbreaks of the Yellow Fever epidemic in the mid and late 1800’s. Certain rooms are said to be haunted by the many nurses who cared for the sick during those turbulent times. The Sorrel-Weed House  was built in 1836 on the site of a mass unmarked gravesite of soldiers from the Siege of Savannah during the Revolutionary War. There are many historic cemeteries throughout the city including the Colonial Park Cemetery and the famous Bonaventure Cemetery. You can take tours of the Bonaventure Cemetery to see the famous inhabitants and the beautiful memorials.

There are many ghost tour companies in Savannah that will take you into the past and visit the haunted places in the historic district and beyond. These tours are especially busy this time of year, but taking one of the tours during the summer is just as fascinating. The tour guides take you on a tour (either walking, via trolley or even a hearse) of the various haunted places in the city. Each tour focuses on a specific area of the city and its historic significance.

Whether you just want to see beautiful historic buildings, walk around beautiful squares and eat at some great restaurants or if you are looking to have a ghostly encounter, then Savannah is the place to visit! Happy Hauntings!!