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The Golf Tradition Continues in Savannah with the PGA Legends of Golf Tournament


The state of Georgia has a rich history in golf: it is the home of golf legend, Bobby Jones, the home to the most prestigious golf tournament, The Masters and has the oldest golf club in America, The Savannah Golf Club, which started in 1794! Savannah is a golf-lovers travel destination with over 25 golf courses in the Savannah area.

This week, Savannah is once again in the spotlight with hosting the Liberty Mutual Insurance Legends of Golf Tournament  at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort .  This tournament is for players 50 years and older. There are 3 divisions that play: Demaret, Raphael, and Legends. The Demaret Division Tournament took place Monday and Tuesday for players over 70 years old. The Raphael Division will play on Friday and Saturday and the Legends Division will start their tournament on Friday through Sunday. Each of these tournaments consists of teams of 2 players for a total of 71 teams playing through the week including 16 World of Golf Hall of Fame members. The players are playing for a purse of $2.7 Million. The tournament has been playing in Savannah for the past 9 years at The Club at Savannah Harbor. The PGA has agreed to play there through 2013 with the hopes of continuing this 9 year relationship. The tournament provides a strong economic impact on the city of Savannah and has given out over $1.5 Million to local charities.

There are many golf courses in and around the Savannah area for any level of golf player. The Savannah Golf Club has a history of playing golf in Savannah back to 1794. There is a legend that this club was one of the first places that golf was played in the United States! The Savannah Golf Club, which is a private member-owned golf club, was officially incorporated in 1899. Many of the golf courses in the Savannah area have received awards for the course or the resort. The Westin Savannah Club was named to the Top 60 Gulf Clubs/Courses in the United States by Conde Nast Traveler as well as being named a 4 star best plays to stay by Golf Digest. This resort has a long list of travel awards.  The city of Savannah doesn’t have a municipal golf course, but does have many daily fee courses such as Crosswinds Golf Club, Southbridge Golf Club, Henderson Golf Club and Bacon Park Golf Club. This is just a few of the many golf courses in the area. Savannah is a great destination for the golf enthusiast and just the every-day player!

Self Storage Around the World


The Self Storage industry has been around for over 50 years, but the worldwide growth in the industry didn’t occur until the 1980’s. Self Storage is a growing worldwide industry! Currently, there are over 58,000 self storage facilities all over the world. The majority of the self storage facilities are in the United States, which has anywhere from 40,000 to 45,000 facilities. The industry is strong in the United Kingdom and Australia and in some cases, the industry is still growing in these areas. Does self-storage differ in other countries or is the concept similar to storage in the United States? Let’s take a trip around the world to look at how self-storage differs or is the same in other countries.

The biggest and expanding market for self-storage is Asia. The self storage market in China is continuing to grow in larger markets such as Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. As Chinese consumers acquire more “stuff”, they need a place to store these items! Businesses in China are currently the largest market for the self-storage industry. Because renting spaces for business is so expensive, some business entrepreneurs are setting up shop in storage units. Some are using the storage unit for storage of their products, which others are actually using the storage unit as their storefront! Japan’s self-storage industry is still growing. The market is similar to the United States; however Japan’s population is densely packed into a smaller area (about the size of the state of California!) The Japanese live in smaller living areas, so self-storage is a perfect extension of their homes. The cost for renting storage space is higher in Japan, so the standard storage unit is 18 square feet.

The self-storage industry is a newer concept in Latin America, which includes Mexico, the Caribbean, Central and South America. The self storage facilities in these countries currently cater to higher end clients such as tourist, business and the wealthy. Business storage in this region is also more targeted. As the middle class continues to grow in the region, the need for self storage will grow along with the economy.

The two biggest adaptors of self storage outside of the United States are the UK and Australia. While both places have been hit by the down economy in the last few years, the industry still continues to grow. Self storage facilities have been opening up all over Europe. The facilities look a bit different in Europe and the UK due to lack of land. The self storage facilities are usually housed in a multi-level warehouse located near a main road for easier access. The storage units are also smaller ranging in size from 6 foot square to 300 foot square.

As more people buy items, the more they could need a self storage solution! As economies grow around the world, so will the self-storage industry continue with its growth. To find out more about self storage around the world to go ISS (Inside Self Storage), in Europe-FEDESSA (Federation of European Self Storage Associations) or in Japan-Mini Storage Messenger .

Restaurant Week in Savannah


Savannah has always been a great travel destination! The city was once again voted by Travel & Leisure as one of America’s Favorite Cities . This report ranks the city in multiple categories including food, nightlife, history and things to do by both residents and visitors. Lonely Planet voted Savannah one of the 10 places to go in the US in 2011. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Travel Channel voted Savannah one of the sweetest places to travel for a romantic get-away. We talked about the great and diverse places to eat in Savannah in an earlier blog post . Savannah always has had a reputation for great food! Starting on January 27th thru February 5th, you can share in the culinary delights that some of the great restaurants in the city has to offer. This Friday kicks off Restaurant Week in Savannah, presented by the Savannah Morning News .  Each participating restaurant  will offer a special 3-course prix fixe dinner menu for only $30 per person (not including tax and tip). Reservations are recommended for this popular event as tables fill up fast! Diners can taste the variety of food offered in Savannah from southern cooking to seafood to French cuisine.

There are many varieties of styles of food in the restaurants participating in this year’s event. The menus offer the best of what Savannah restaurants have to offer! The list of restaurants include: Vic’s on the River , The Olde Pink House, B Matthews , Boar’s Head Grill and Tavern, 700 Drayton , Garibaldi, Brasserie 529 , Wright Square Café , Rocks on the River , Alligator Soul , 17 Hundred 90 Inn , Chart House , River House Seafood, Ruth Chris Steak House , The Mirage , Aqua Star , The Melting Pot , and Belfords.

The weather has been great so far this winter, so there is no excuse not get out and celebrate the fine dining in Savannah! Bon appetite!! Get out and enjoy what Savannah has to offer!

Black Friday!


It’s the day after Thanksgiving. You’ve watched the parades, cheered for your favorite football team, had great food and had quality time with friends and family.  Now what do you do? Go shopping of course! Black Friday, or the Friday after Thanksgiving, is the “official” kick-off to the Christmas shopping season. An average of 135 million people go shopping on Black Friday spending billions of dollars. Black Friday has been considered the busiest shopping day of the year for many retailers.

The term Black Friday actually was started by policemen in Philadelphia in 1966 to describe the crowd of shoppers that took over Philadelphia’s city center on the day after Thanksgiving. The name wasn’t really adopted by the media and retailers until the 1980’s. In the 1980’s, economists helped revive the term to say that retail stores don’t go “in the black” in profits until the start of the Christmas shopping season. Today, Black Friday is seen as a day to get incredible bargains on electronics, toys and clothing. There are many websites  set up just to let shoppers know the big sales at the stores. In the past 10 years, Cyber Monday has become a popular and busy day to shop. This is for people who didn’t venture out to the stores during the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. They can shop for specific deals online.

How does Black Friday tie in with the self-storage industry? Actually, renting a self-storage unit for all of your Black Friday purchases is a great idea. A storage unit is perfect place to “hide” holiday presents from “snooping” family members. Renting a storage unit is a good place to store your holiday decorations such as Christmas trees, ornaments, lights and wreathes throughout the rest of the year.  This way, the items do not clutter up your home.  So, after you have hit the mall or shopped at your favorite shop (Don’t forget to shop locally!), think about reserving a storage unit  to store your purchased items in a safe and secure environment! Stop n Stor  wishes everyone Happy Shopping!

Alternative Uses for a Self-Storage Unit

Let’s be honest, self-storage is usually a pretty boring topic. But lately, with the
popularity of storage auctions , people are looking twice at the self-storage industry. There are many purposes for renting a self-storage unit such as moving to a smaller house, being deployed for the military or even just needing extra storage space for personal belongings. But, did you know that some self-storage facilities are offering fun alternatives to the normal “store your household belongings” purpose? Some storage facilities are offering their storage units for band rehearsal spots and others are offering great places to store a wine collection to just name a few new and different uses.

A trend has started that has bands leaving their garages and basements behind and setting
up practice rooms in self-storage units.
 While Stop n Stor  does not have the capability to host bands at this time, many storage facilities in “music scene” towns such as Austin and Nashville offer climate controlled units for bands. Some facilities offer electricity, Wi-Fi and even air conditioning to the practicing bands.These practice units work well for the bands as many storage facilities are not in residential areas, so they do not have to worry about their sound levels. Plus, climate controlled storage units are a great place to store instruments, so they will not warp or get damaged.

Another alternative purpose for a storage unit is wine storage. Some wine connoisseurs
do not have the room at their homes to store their wine collection. A self-storage climate controlled unit is perfect to store wine. Certain wines need to be at a set temperature and humidity level and stored for a longer time to reach “maturity”.  The darkness that a
self-storage unit offers is also important in the wine maturity process. Some storage facilities have built special wine storage cabinets in some of their storage units to attract the wine collector. Some of the self-storage facilities even offer hints on how to store the wine.

Self-storage units offer great temporary storage for college students.  The student doesn’t have to take their school items home every summer, which saves on space and time. It’s not quite an alternative purpose, but a self-storage unit could be great for someone who has a home business with lots of product inventory and little space at home. The small business owner could store their inventory in the storage unit and even use the storage space for a staging area for packaging and sending out their product. Self-storage units come in all shapes and sizes  and can be used for many different purposes. How will you utilize your storage space?  Rent your storage unit today!


Spooky Savannah

[slideshow]Savannah is known for many things: food,history and arts. People come from all over the world travel to see the city squares and architecture. But, in this month for ghosts, witches and goblins, Savannah is most known for being one of the most haunted cities in the United States! The city has made the Top 10 most haunted places lists from travel companies to newspapers such as Huffington Post, CBS Moneywatch and USA Today. Savannah is a “must” visit city for ghost adventurers.

Why would Savannah be such a “hotbed” for paranormal activity? The main reason is that there are many tragic and historical events which have made Savannah the city that it is today. Savannah played a central role in the Revolutionary War and the Civil War. The city endured a Yellow Fever Epidemic and a fire in the early 1800’s. Many of its buildings were turned into hospitals during the Civil War and the Epidemic. Plus, there have been many other tragedies that just make Savannah a city rich in ghost tales.  If you’ve read or seen Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, then you know of the notorious past of some of the buildings and homes in Savannah.  The Mercer Williams House  has become a tourist site for the city just because of its famous inhabitants!  You cannot leave Savannah without visiting Bonaventure Cemetery, a gorgeous cemetery and park.

For paranormal researchers and tourists alike, Savannah offers quite a few hotels, restaurants and other “haunted” locations. Kehoe House  is a 4 diamond bed & breakfast with many strange occurrences. Kehoe House just made Frommer’s 2011 Top 10 Haunted Hotels list. There are two rooms, 201 and 203, which are known to be the most haunted. Moon River Brewing Company only opened in 1999, but the building is nearly 200 years old.  It has been featured on Ghost Adventurers on the Travel Channel as well as listed on many most haunted places to visit lists. Other famous Savannah “haunts” include The Marshall House and The Olde Pink House.

If you are coming to visit Savannah, don’t miss the ghost tours! There are quite a few companies that will take you on a trip through Savannah’s haunted past! Some of the tour companies are: American’s Most Haunted City Tours, Cobblestone Candlelight Tours  and Ghost and Gravestones Tours to just name a few.

The history, architecture, food and spooky happenings all
add up to making Savannah a must visit city! Happy Halloween from Stop n Stor!

Checking in with Wounded Warrior Outdoor

We wrote about Wounded Warrior Outdoors on our blog  in May, 2011. Since that time, the article is on the list of the most read posts on our blog. This is such a great
and worthwhile organization that we wanted to write about it again!

Wounded Warrior Outdoors is a non-profit organization that
offers injured servicemen and women the opportunity to be involved in
therapeutic outdoor adventures such as fishing and hunting. Every part of the
trip is paid for including transportation, lodging and food. The organization
takes 9 trips a year to 5 different states including Kentucky, Maine, Florida,
Texas, Oklahoma and British Columbia. Fifty wounded, but still active duty,
military personnel are chosen to go on these adventures a year. With the help
of doctors and nurses at two military hospitals, participants are chosen for
these 5 day trips. The trips are actually part of the therapy and healing
process for these wounded warriors. It is a chance for them to get out of the
confines of a hospital to enjoy the outdoors. The participants get to tackle
challenges that they wouldn’t have in normal recovery at a hospital, such as
hiking and fishing and doing everyday normal things. This is all part of the
healing process for the injured participants. There was a recent excursion
 to the wilds of Florida in August for boar and alligator hunting.

The organization was started in 2008 by Ron Raboud. Wounded Warrior Outdoors is
staffed with non-paid volunteers. The organization runs with no overhead and
relies on personal and corporate donations. Some of the businesses sponsoring
Wounded Warrior Outdoors include: Southwest Airlines, Janus , Self-Storage Association, Rabco Corporation and Mosquito Creek Outdoors to just name a few. The military is
a full supporter of this program as well.

Stop n Stor  is proud to be a local sponsor of such a worthwhile organization. Keep checking our blog for regular updates on the excursions for
Wounded Warrior Outdoors. Donations are accepted for Wounded Warrior Outdoors
at all of the Stop n Stor locations.

Fashion’s Night Out in Savannah-Thursday, September 8, 2011

Fashion's Night Out in Savannah
Come out and Shop this Thursday, September 8, 2011 from 6pm-11pm

We’ve talked about how Savannah is an arts destination, travel destination and a great place for food, but this week, Savannah is a place for fashionistas! Savannah,
Georgia is participating in its first Fashion’s Night Out  on Thursday, September 8, 2011.
This is a global fashion and shopping event with cities such as New York,
Boston, Sydney, London, Milan, Paris, Los Angeles and Dallas participating.

The Fashion’s Night Out was created in 2009 to spark consumer confidence during an
economic downturn. It is collaboration between American Vogue, Council of Fashion Designers of America, NYC & Company and the City of New York. Fashion’s Night Out is an evening of shoppers to participate in premiere events that include celebrity and designer guests, musical performances, catering, art installations and more!

There will be 38 downtown Savannah retail establishments participating in the festivities.
Broughton Street will be closed to motorized traffic at 3pm on Thursday, leaving
the street open for pedestrians and shoppers to enjoy the events, which
includes fashion shows on a runway built on the street. The events start at 6pm
and the admission is FREE! There will be trolleys stops in the area of the
participating stores. Local sponsors of the event include: Savannah College of Art and Design, AVIA Savannah , Savannah Magazine,   The Creative Coast and Telfair Museums to just name a few. Some of the retail stores that are taking part in the festivities include, Trunk 13, Style House, Daydreams, Fab’rik, Copper Penny, Banana Republic, Savannah Shoe Company, Mint and many more. You can see the list of participating stores and
their special Fashion’s Night Out events on the website.

For more information on the day’s activities, go to the Fashion’s Night Out’s Facebook
and Twitter  pages. Store your old clothes at Stop n Stor  and come out and shop at Fashion’s Night Out.  See you at the events on Thursday night! Come out and support your local shops and boutiques!

Self Storage Auction this Saturday at Stop n Stor!

[slideshow]It’s auction time at two of Stop n Stor’s facilities on Saturday, September 3, 2011. The auction will start at the Savannah location at 5725 Ogeechee Rd at 10am. There could be at least 11 units at this facility to bid on. Once the storage units have been auctioned in Savannah, the process moves to the Port Wentworth location  at 315 Georgia Highway 30. There could be at least 13 units to be auctioned at this facility. There will be a professional auctioneer in charge of the bidding process. The location management and regional manager will also be there to help in the proceedings.


There are a few things to keep in mind for these auctions.  A specific unit auction can be cancelled if the renter pays their back rent on the unit in full before the auction starts. Payment for the full units purchased is by cash only. The bidding will be an open bid format with the buyers being allowed to “peek” inside the storage unit before the bidding starts. The winner of the bidding will have 48 hours to remove the items from the unit which they just purchased.

If you are looking for possible treasures in the units, here are a few tips that might come in handy:

  1. Bring a flashlight. This will allow you to better see items in the unit.
  2. When accessing the unit before the bidding, look at the condition of the unit. If it is dust-covered, the items could have been in the unit for a longer amount of time.
  3. Look at the items that are visible in the unit to see if they are outdated or damaged.
  4. Look for how the boxed items are packaged. If the boxes are labeled, this will let you know the contents of the boxes. If the boxes are sturdy moving company boxes, there is a better chance that there are better quality items in the unit.

Good luck and enjoy the storage unit auction at Stop n Stor’s Savannah and Port Wentworth locations!! Stay tuned for more auction information for our Hinesville facilities.

Savannah, Georgia- A Great Eating Destination!

[slideshow]Savannah, Georgia, home to one of Stop n Stor’s facilities , ranks as one of the top places to visit on many travel magazines and websites. In 2010, Travel & Leisure voted Savannah one of America’s Favorite Cities . Savannah is a top travel draw for many reasons including history, architecture, art and the down home southern cooking! In fact, Savannah was picked by Travel & Leisure this year as one of America’s Best Cities for Beer .  This ranking couldn’t be timed any more perfect as Savannah is hosting a Craft Beer Fest  over Labor Day weekend. The Moon River Brewing Company  is one of the local participants in the fest (or feast!).

Savannah’s restaurant scene has it all ranging from home-style southern cooking to modern flare mixing in the best of local seafood, produce and traditions. Local celebrity chef, Paula Dean and her sons, Jamie and Bobby, own Lady and Sons , which opened in January 1996 after expanding on a local catering business. It has been a huge tourist attraction ever since.  Another down home style restaurant not to miss is the Mrs. Wilke’s Dinning Room The restaurant has been serving up their family dining experience with fried chicken, multiple side dishes and desserts since 1943. Patrons line up early in the morning every day to get in to the first seating at 11am.

Many restaurants in Savannah are housed in historical buildings on River Street in downtown Savannah. One of these restaurants is The Chart House , which is housed in the oldest masonry building in Georgia.  The Olde Pink House, built in 1771, offers local cooking and seafood as well as catering and banquet facilities.  The building has served a private residence, bank, tearoom and even a headquarters for one of Sherman’s generals during the Civil War. If you are looking for the best in local seafood and Italian food, Garibaldi’s  is the place for you! Garibaldi’s is set in a 19th century firehouse.  45 Bistro,  in The Marshall House Hotel, is one of the city’s best places for fine dining. These are just a few of the many culinary delights found in Savannah, there are many more to be explored.

After visiting one of the many foo establishments in Savannah, you must save room for ice cream at Leopold’s Ice Cream. Established in 1919, Leopold’s has been making homemade ice cream & sauces for generations in Savannah. The original location closed in 1969 by the family, but reopened in downtown Savannah utilizing the fixtures from the original store. Leopold’s has been voted on the USA’s best ice-cream parlors in August 2010 by USA Today.

With so many choices of places to eat in Savannah, it is hard to know where to start! Tourist and locals alike know that they will have a great dining experience no matter where they go in Savannah. Go out and support your local eating establishments today! If you are considering a move to the Savannah, Georgia area and need self storage, give Stop n Stor a call.