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Climate Controlled or Not Climate Controlled? That is the Question!

[slideshow]Did you know that extreme weather conditions can have an adverse effect on your personal items placed in a storage unit? If you have a regular storage unit in a climate that has weather extremes, such as high humidity or temperatures or constant freezing temperatures, you are taking a chance of ruining the painting that you inherited from your favorite Aunt Patty or have your vintage vinyl record collection warp from too much heat. A solution to this possible problem would be to look for a facility with climate controlled storage units.


If you are storing anything from paper documents to electronics or paintings to mattresses, you need to be sure that the “elements” won’t warp, rust or corrode the items. Climate controlled buildings can provide better protection from dirt, dust, flooding and infestation of bugs or vermin. Your choice of the storage unit will be dependent upon what you are storing and how protected you want your items to be.

Stop N Stor is opening a brand new climate controlled building this week with more than 200 climate controlled units to better serve your personal and business storage needs. The new addition is in Hinesville at Hwy 196 on EG Miles Parkway.  Stop by to check out these new storage units or make your reservations today! Don’t let the elements ruin your favorite belongings!

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