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Halloween in the Spookiest City in America

Happy Hauntings from Moon River Brewing Company
The ghosts come out to say hello at the Moon River Brewing Company. Photo courtesy of

Halloween is just not just your normal holiday in one of the spookiest cities in the United States! In the past few years, many newspapers and travel sites, such as Fodors, USA Today  and HGTV Front Door have named Savannah, Georgia one of the haunted cities in the world. Tourists from around the world come to visit the city and look for paranormal activities. During the Halloween season, there are many activities for young and old to celebrate the holiday as well as learn a bit about the history of the area.

To find out how Savannah got named most haunted city, you just need to look back into its history. Many of the city’s famous squares were built on top of ancient Indian burial grounds as well as Revolutionary War battlefields. Over the centuries, there have been hurricanes, yellow fever breakouts, fires and other tragedies, not to mention the battles around the area during the Civil War. No wonder there is quite a lot of paranormal activity in the city!

There are many walking and driving tours in Savannah that make stops at haunted businesses and homes in the downtown Savannah area. One of the most famous “haunted” house is the Mercer  Williams House which was made even more famous (or infamous) by the book and then the movie of “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”. The Marshall House , which currently is a great bed & breakfast, was used as a Civil War Hospital and some of its patients still walk the halls. The Moon River Brewing Company  openly talks about its ghostly inhabitants and staff and customers paranormal experiences. The Bonaventure Cemetery is hauntingly beautiful and a must visit during a haunted tour of Savannah.

If going on ghost tours is not your way of celebrating Halloween, there are many other traditional family activities taking place on Halloween that run through the weekend. Whatever you do to celebrate the Halloween season, make it a safe one! Enjoy what the spookiest city in the American has to offer!

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