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How to Prepare for Long Term Storage

long term storage

Renting a self storage unit can be a great storage solution for both personal and storage needs. A storage unit can be rented for short-term needs such as moving, storing items during a remodeling project or for long-term needs such as a long trip, military deployment, long-term job assignment or a college student studying abroad for a year.

Advantages of Long Term Storage

 When you need to do long-term storage, you need to figure out what you need to store. Do you need to store the entire contents of your house or apartment while you are gone or do you just need to store a few items? This will determine the type and size storage unit that you will need. Military personnel or business people who will be away from home for a longer period of time might need to store their vehicles, so they would need to find a self storage facility with vehicle parking and storage capabilities.  If you will need to store furniture, electronics, and other items that might be affected by extreme temperature changes then it would be a good idea to rent a climate controlled storage unit. These units will give the renter peace of mind that their belongings will be in good condition over long-term storage. Stop N Stor offers vehicle parking at their 6 storage locations in Hinesville, Port Wentworth and Savannah. Stop N Stor offers month-to-month storage options, so you can store for as long as you like based on your needs.

Long Term Storage Tips

 When storing long-term, there are extra precautions that need to be taken above and beyond normal storage preparations.  Following these long-term storage tips will help keep your items in good condition while they are being stored:

  • Do not pack items in plastic bags. Plastic holds in moisture and humidity which can create mildew and mold over a long period of time.
  • Use sturdy boxes for storage. Do not store belonging for an extended period of time in “used” boxes from the grocery store. Use boxes of smaller, similar shape. This allows for easy stacking, moving and access in the storage unit.
  • Wrap fragile items carefully in bubble wrap or newsprint and make sure to fill the box up with filler material. Stack the most delicate items on the top of the box stack in storage.
  • Make sure to label boxes and create a master inventory list of items that you have in storage.
  • Vacuum seal heavy curtains, clothing and bulky items in vacuum sealed bags for long-term storage.
  • Thoroughly clean appliances before storage. Add bleach or baking soda in the cleaning mixture to make sure it is extra clean. Leave the door for the appliances slightly ajar when storing.
  • Place items above the ground on shelving units or pallets. Cover the floor with a canvas tarp or sheet. This will allow for airflow to continue in the storage unit around the boxes and furniture as well as help keep the items off of a damp floor.
  • Before storing furniture long-term, vacuum the furniture with a brush to remove any excess dirt and then apply furniture polish. This will seal the wood and slow the advances of mold.
  • Cover the upholstery on furniture with clean 100% cotton white sheets. Do not use dark colored sheets as these could bleed color onto the stored items if there is moisture in the storage unit.
  • For people traveling in a RV-Find a storage unit outside the city with easy access to a highway. Store items that you might need in the front of the storage unit. (such as switching out seasonal clothing and items.)

3 comments on “How to Prepare for Long Term Storage”

  1. That’s cool that if you use furniture polish before putting it away then the wood will be sealed and protected. I’m going to be traveling around for about a year, and I don’t really want to get rid of some of my current furniture. It sounds like I should find some long-term storage to put it in.

  2. Thanks for these tips for getting things ready for long term storage. I’m glad that you mentioned you should try to use sturdy boxes when storing things. I wonder if you should use a variety of materials for the boxes or how you can check to see if the boxes are sturdy.

  3. A good friend of mine was trying to look into getting a storage unit. She will need it for the long term and would love any tips to make sure that it stays in good condition. I will let her know that it would help to cover any upholstery.

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