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Items NOT to Store in Self Storage

Do not store aerosol cans in self storage

Stop N Stor  is your one-stop self storage solution in the Port Wentworth, Savannah and Hinesville areas. We have talked about how self storage is a great option for storing personal and business items.  You can store nearly anything in a self storage unit from business files to family heirlooms to construction equipment and tools. However, there are certain items that should NOT be stored in a self storage unit. These items are the same for most storage facilities across North America. Some states might have different laws pertaining to items stored in a storage unit, so check with the facility management and your read your contract before you move your items into storage.

All storage facilities have lists of what you can or cannot store in their units. This “Do Not Store” list will help you when you are planning on renting a storage unit.

1. Perishable items-Do not store any type of perishable items in your storage units. The food could spoil very quickly in a storage unit. This will attract bugs and other unwanted vermin.

2. Plants and Living Items-This should be a given, but it has appeared not to be in certain parts of the country. NEVER store animals in a storage unit! They do not have proper ventilation, oxygen or light when in a storage unit. The same goes for plants. They cannot survive in a dark environment without light. Plants and Animals can also invite bugs and vermin to the storage unit.

3. Flammable or Combustible Items-Cleaning fluids, paint thinners, gas, oil or anything in an aerosol can should not be stored in a self storage unit. This also includes fireworks. These items can burst into flames when under a lot of pressure from extreme heat.

4. Toxic, Hazardous or Illegal substances– Do not store chemicals, fertilizers, or radioactive medical supplies in a self storage unit. The items could cause a fire or chemical spill in or around the storage unit.

5. Valuable Items-Do not store valuable items such as jewelry, coins or precious metals in a storage unit. These are higher risk items and could be in danger of being stolen.  These items would be better to be stored in a safe deposit box.

6. Illegal Items-Another one that should be pretty obvious, but yet you still see stories about storing illegal or stolen items in a storage unit.  Some states prohibit the storing of firearms and ammunition. This could also include antique firearms.

Check with your local storage facility for their lists of “banned” items. Don’t risk your health and your personal belongings as well as the health and property of the other renters around you by storing these banned items.

One comment on “Items NOT to Store in Self Storage”

  1. Thanks for bringing to my attention that flammable items shouldn’t be stored in a storage facility. I’m going to be storing a bunch of stuff. I’ll make sure to avoid putting flammable things in there.

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