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Packing and Moving Supplies 101


You have finally started on your New Year’s Resolution to get more organized around your home or office. You have decided to rent a storage unit to store some of your personal items that are cluttering up your home. What type of supplies do you need to keep your storage unit neat and organized? What supplies can help protect your treasured belongings? Stop n Stor is a one stop shop for all of your packing and moving supplies. There are many items that you might not think that you would need during a move or packing a storage unit. These handy items range from protective furniture covers to flashlights to peanuts!

1. Locks-A sturdy lock is the most important investment for your storage unit. There are two types of storage locks that are the most used for storage units: disc locks and padlocks. The disc locks have become the most used lock for storage units. They are a bit more expensive but they are strike proof, drill proof and pick proof. The padlock is also used for storage unit protection. These locks have anti-pick cylinders. There are even one-time use padlocks that are great for someone having long-term storage. Check with your storage unit facility management for recommendations on lock styles.

2. Boxes-Boxes are essential to keep your storage unit organized. Stop n Stor offer a variety of box sizes for all of your packing needs.  Use smaller sized boxes for books, kitchen items, plates, glasses, tools and other heavier items. You can get extra protection for the plates and glasses by using a kitchen dish insert for the boxes. These cardboard inserts help protect the items from breakage during moving. The larger boxes are great to hold pillows, linens, lamp shades and pots and pans. Use a wardrobe box for hanging items such as clothes, coats, drapery and heavy blankets. Boxes are easier to stack in a storage unit. Items in boxes can be inventoried on the outside of the box for easy recognition. Don’t forget to seal your boxes with good duct or packaging tape.

3. Protective covering-Larger items such as furniture and mattresses also need protection during moving and storage. Mattress covers protect the mattresses from being torn or damaged during moving. It also protects the mattress from water, dirt and dust during storage. Furniture covers and padding give the same protection to prevent water damage and dirt and dust accumulation to the item. The protective covering can also double as floor covering for the storage unit.

4. Damp Check-Some items that you might not think about, but are great to have in a storage unit to protect your items are a moisture reducer or vermin control. Damp Check  pulls moisture (humidity) from the air to protect your belongings from warping, mold, mildew and rust formation. This product could last 30-45 depending on the size of your storage unit. Based on where your storage unit is located, it might be a good idea to have vermin control items in your storage unit. The best way to protect from vermin is to not leave any type of food in the storage unit, but just in case, it is good to have that added protection.

5. A few items that you might not think would be needed at a storage unit facility are measuring tap, toolsets, stretch cords and flashlights. Measuring tapes are a key tool to let you know if that large sofa, refrigerator and stove will fit in the storage unit that you just rented. The flashlight is a handy tool to see the items in your storage unit if there is not a light source. Also, the flashlight is a key item for storage auction participants! Stretch cords and ratchet tie downs secures equipment to cars or luggage carriers on SUVs. The stretch cord could be used in multiple ways, including tying down items to a car, but could also help hold a large item being transported by a dolly in place.

Most storage facilities will offer these packing and moving supplies at their office or stores. All of these items can be found that the Stop n Stor locations in Port Wentworth, Savannah and Hinesville. Happy Packing and Storing!

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