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Savannah Area Farmers Markets

Savannah Farmers Markets
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Springtime signals the opening of farmers markets throughout the Savannah area. Farmers markets feature food and products sold directly by the farmers or the producer. The farmers markets usually have a variety of produce available to consumers from fruits, vegetables, meats, prepared foods and beverages. Because farmers are selling directly to their customers, it helps reduce the farmer’s “overhead” costs such as transportation, handling, storage, refrigeration and cost of renting a permanent retail space. Farmers markets can be in one place or move around on a weekly basis. Depending on the climate, they are open year round, however, the majority of farmers markets open up in the spring and are open until late fall. There are many great Farmers Markets in the Savannah area. Here is just a small list! Head out and check out the great locally produced food!

Wilmington Island Farmers Market

The Wilmington Island Farmers Market  is held at the Islands Community Church in Savannah every Saturday from 9am to 1pm. There is a spring market that runs to June 28th and a fall market that runs September 6th to December 20th. Each week, there are special events for the entire family from storytellers to arts and crafts to local entertainers.

Bethesda Academy Farm and Gardens Farm Stand

The Bethesda Academy in Savannah hosts the Farm and Garden Farm Stand every Thursday from 3-5:30pm. The stand, run by Bethesda students, focuses on organic products such as produce, garden seedlings and farm-fresh eggs. The students are actively involved in the planting, cultivating and harvesting of the produce using sustainable organic farming techniques.

Forsyth Farmers Market

The Forsyth Farmers Market is held every Saturday morning from 9am to 1pm at the South End of Forsyth Park. The market’s mission is to “promote the understanding and participation in the local food system that supports sustainability and increase use of local products.” The market was created in 2009 as a producer-only market, which is focused on the farmer and the producer selling items directly to their consumers.

Savannah Farmers Market

The Savannah Farmers Market is open year round. This market features locally grown season fruits, vegetables, nursery plants, sod, pumpkins and Christmas trees. There is also a florist and a restaurant on the grounds. The market is run by the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

Hinesville Farmers Market

The biggest farmers market in Liberty County is the Hinesville Farmers Market, which has spring, summer and fall markets. The spring market opens in March and runs for 2 months. The summer market opens in the first week of May and runs through October. The fall market is held in November. The market is held every Thursday afternoon from 5:30-7pm in Bradwell Park. There is a variety of produce offered at the market from fruits and vegetables to fresh honey and pasta. There are also concerts from local and regional performers at the market on a monthly basis.



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