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Savannah in the Movies


Can you guess how many movies have been filmed in Savannah in the past 2 decades? There has been quite a few dating all the way back to 1915! With its historical squares, beautiful architecture and southern hospitality, Savannah has become a “Mini Hollywood” for filmmakers. The City of Savannah Film Office is the source for information for current and future movie productions.  Currently filming in Savannah and Fort Pulaski is the independent film, “Abe Lincoln vs. the Zombies”. This film, once it is finished being produced, will be available on DVD. There are many sites around town where movies have been filmed. Some you might recognize in the film, while others look totally different in “real life”.

The most famous movie filmed in and around Savannah is “Forest Gump”. Who can forget Forrest Gump offering a box of chocolates (and his life story) to people sharing his bench at Chippewa Square? Did you know that the bench is now at the Savannah History Museum?. The movie most associated directly with Savannah is “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” directed by Clint Eastwood in 1997. Many downtown locations including The Mercer-Williams House, Monetary Square, Forsyth Park and Bonaventure Cemetery are backdrops for the movie. The party scenes were actually filmed inside the Mercer-Williams House! The scenery of the film was just as important to the movie as the acting and directing! Many locals were also cast in the film, including Lady Chablis.

Savannah’s stately homes and historical buildings are perfect locations to shoot historical themed movies. Robert Redford has shot two movies in Savannah: “Legend of Beggar Vance” in 2000 and most recently in 2010 for “The Conspirator”. Robert Redford chose Savannah to be Washington D.C. circa 1865 in this Civil War era movie. The prison scenes in the movie were filmed at Fort Pulaski . A great Civil War film, “Glory”, was filmed in and around Savannah in 1989 with extensive filming being done at the Roundhouse Complex. In fact, Savannah “stood in” for 1860’s Boston for the movie!

In early 2011, a movie aptly titled “Savannah” was filmed in the city of its namesake. It was directed and produced by Savannah natives and tells the story of the friendship between a wealthy business man in 1900 and a freed slave. At the time of writing this blog post, the movie does not have a release date. Miley Cyrus filmed “The Last Song” on Tybee Island in the summer of 2009. In the 1990’s Savannah hosted Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck for the filming of “Forces of Nature” and Julie Roberts and Dennis Quaid for the filming of “Something to Talk About”. You can actually take movie tours (Hotlink to: of Savannah and see all the different movie sites in the city.

If seeing movie stars filming in the city and surrounding areas isn’t enough for you, then go to the Savannah Film Festival  hosted by the Savannah College of Art & Design every fall. This film festival honors independent film makers from around the world. Every year the event hosts movie stars and new film makers and shows the creativity of filmmaking. This year’s festival dates will be from Oct 27th to Nov 3rd.

Savannah is such a great city for so many reasons which we have touched about in our blog posts! Being a well-known movie location site is just one of the great things about the city. Stop N Stor  is so proud to be a part of this wonderful community!

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