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Savannah’s Connection to the Girl Scouts

Girl Scout Logo

The Girl Scouts  was founded by Savannah resident, Juliette Gordon Low in March, 1912. This organization has influenced more than 50 Million people since its inception 101 years ago. The Girl Scouts are celebrated during Girl Scout Week, which is every year during the 2nd week of March. During Girl Scout week, Girl Scouts are encouraged to attend a place of worship and be recognized as a member of the organization. If the church actually sponsors a Girl Scout Troop, the girls are encouraged to be a part of the service by carrying the flag or giving the greeting.

During Girl Scout Week, many Girl Scouts will be traveling to Savannah to visit the birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low at 10 E. Oglethorpe Ave. The home is owned by the Girl Scouts of the USA to continue on in the spirit and vision of the founder. The Girl Scouts purchased and restored the home in 1953 and the building became a National Historic Landmark in 1965. There are daily tours of the home throughout the year with special programs being held during Girl Scout Week. However, the building will be closed during the St. Patrick’s Day parade on March 16th.

The Wayne Gordon House was built in 1821 and is part of Savannah’s historical district. Juliette Gordon Low’s ancestors were very influential in industry and politics. The home is currently set up as the year 1886. It is furnished with traditional and family pieces from that time as well as 19th century decorative art. The house also has a Girl Scout museum and showcases family heirlooms as well as Juliette Gordon Low’s artwork.

Juliette Gordon Low was a woman “ahead of her time”. She lived in Savannah as a child and later returned there after her husband passed away. She helped her mother start a convalescent home for soldiers during the Spanish-American War and was a well-known painter.  Mrs. Low met Sir Robert Borden Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts and Girl Guides in 1911 and she became very interested in this youth movement. In March, 1912, Mrs. Low gathered 18 girls from Savannah to register for the American Girl Guides. The name was changed to the Girl Scouts in 1913. Because of disabilities, deafness, cancer and back issues that Ms. Low had throughout her life, she created the Girl Scouts to be an organization that welcomed girls with disabilities. The Girl Scouts would welcome girls of all backgrounds into the outdoor by giving them the skills to develop self-reliance and resourcefulness. These skills then are very helpful as girls become women and decide their career path.

Savannah is filled with many historical buildings and historical personalities. Juliette Gordon Low is celebrated every day for her wonderful contributions to the word by creating the Girl Scouts. Stop N Stor  is very proud to be a member of the Savannah community and share in its history.  We are happy to share stories and information about this grand city on our Facebook page, Twitter page and this blog.

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