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Seniors and Self Storage

Stop N Stor Hinesville 1 outside storage units

Self-storage is a great solution for many different aspects of a person’s life from graduating from school, moving to a new city, getting married, having a family, being an empty nester or retiring. Using self storage works for all ages from college students to baby boomers. As the baby boomer generation gets older and starts to retire, there is a growing need for assisted living and senior care facilities. In many cases, family members have to make the difficult decision for their loved ones to downsize to a smaller home or move into a retirement or care community or move in with family members. This can be a difficult decision and process for everyone involved. Worrying about what to do with a senior’s belongings from their current home is not always the top of the priority during this transition. Unfortunately, all of the furniture, keepsakes or family heirlooms cannot be moved to the smaller space of an apartment or retirement facility. Renting a self storage unit will allow the elder’s family to move the items into a safe & secure location until decisions can be made about selling, donating, or giving the items to family members. Many elderly persons facing retirement or assisted living are generally the “keepers” of the family heirlooms, photographs and furniture. Storing these items in self storage will protect the items to be passed along to future generations.

If an older family member is moving into your home, then you will need to clean, re-organize and prep the room for the future new resident. Place the “extra” items from the room that you can’t currently use into self storage unit for future use. This is just like cleaning out a room when a child goes away to college or moves out after graduating from school. Make sure that you can easily access the items in your self storage unit if you need them.

 Stop N Stor has storage facilities in Hinesville, Port Wentworth and Savannah with climate controlled storage units that will help protect family heirlooms during storage. Stop N Stor’s caring staff can help you with storage options including month-to-month rentals. At Stop N Stor, we understand that major life changing events like these can be stressful for the entire family. We try to make the self storage process as simple as possible.

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