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Spooky Savannah


Savannah is rich in history and hauntings! The hauntings are receiving much more attention this time of year, but they last all year-long. That is why Savannah is always on the top of the lists from many travel and news sites for most haunted cities for the last decade.  Savannah was founded in 1733. Its city squares were built on old Indian burial grounds. The “newer” homes (dating only a hundred to two hundred years old) were built upon old gravesites of battles during the Revolutionary War, Civil War and for victims of the cities many Yellow Fever epidemics. No wonder the city is considered to be haunted; it has been involved and surrounded by many episodes of death, sickness and then resurgence!  Savannah has become a favorite place to visit for its historic sites and warm weather as well as for ghostly adventures.

There are so many haunted buildings and businesses, squares and homes in Savannah that I can just name a few in this blog post.  The Moon River Brewing Company  is named by US Today as one of the 10 great haunted places in the US. The staff could share ghost stories and even “Ghost Adventurers” have made a visit to the Brewery and Restaurant. The Marshall House  is one of Savannah’s oldest standing hotels. Built in 1851, this hotel has served as a hospital during the Civil War and outbreaks of the Yellow Fever epidemic in the mid and late 1800’s. Certain rooms are said to be haunted by the many nurses who cared for the sick during those turbulent times. The Sorrel-Weed House  was built in 1836 on the site of a mass unmarked gravesite of soldiers from the Siege of Savannah during the Revolutionary War. There are many historic cemeteries throughout the city including the Colonial Park Cemetery and the famous Bonaventure Cemetery. You can take tours of the Bonaventure Cemetery to see the famous inhabitants and the beautiful memorials.

There are many ghost tour companies in Savannah that will take you into the past and visit the haunted places in the historic district and beyond. These tours are especially busy this time of year, but taking one of the tours during the summer is just as fascinating. The tour guides take you on a tour (either walking, via trolley or even a hearse) of the various haunted places in the city. Each tour focuses on a specific area of the city and its historic significance.

Whether you just want to see beautiful historic buildings, walk around beautiful squares and eat at some great restaurants or if you are looking to have a ghostly encounter, then Savannah is the place to visit! Happy Hauntings!!

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