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Storing Summer Outdoor Items in Self Storage

Storing summer gardening tools

Autumn marks the beginning of cooler weather and pumpkin-flavored everything. The change of seasons is also a perfect time to reorganize, clean and de-clutter your home for the upcoming winter. It’s time to think about moving seasonal items like patio furniture, grills, and lawn and garden equipment into storage. Stop N Stor has a variety of self storage units, climate controlled and non-climate controlled, in sizes ranging from 5×5 to 10×30 for all of your storage needs!

There are many outdoor equipment and items that are not needed during the winter months. Fall is a great time to prep these items and place them in storage for the winter months. If you prepare them properly, then you will be able to use the items again in the spring. Also, fall is a great time to clean out and re-organize your storage unit. Place the summer items that you will not need to access for the next 4-6 months towards the back of the storage unit. Move the “cold weather” and holiday items to the front of the storage unit so you can easily grab them for the holiday season.

Storing Lawn & Garden Equipment

Make sure your lawn and garden equipment are clean before placing them in your storage unit, too. Dirt and grime left behind can attract critters and vermin. Also, drain all fluids from lawn mowers, weed cutters and other outdoor machinery before storing. Put cardboard or a plastic tarp on the ground of the storage unit before storing lawn equipment. Gasoline and other combustible items cannot be stored in a self-storage unit.  Disconnect the batteries of power equipment to avoid drainage of power, and store them in a cool, dry place within your storage unit.  Bundle rakes, hoes, brooms, & shovels together and store together in a trash can until you need them again.

Storing Patio Furniture

Putting your patio furniture into a self storage unit and keeping it out of the elements will help prolong its life. Thoroughly clean your patio furniture before placing it in your self storage unit. Remove and wash the cushions and wipe down all surfaces of the chairs and tables. Wipe down metal chairs with a rust deterrent before placing in storage.  Store patio furniture with the chairs stacked on top of one another to gain extra storage space. If possible, to give more storage space in the storage unit, remove the legs of the patio table and keep all screws and nuts together in a plastic bag attached to the legs.

Storing Grills or Barbecues

Store your grill or barbecue in your storage unit to keep it in optimal shape for using the next spring. Like the other outdoor items, make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned and wiped down before placing it in storage. The grill needs to be thoroughly dry before you place in storage or it could develop rust over time. If you are storing a charcoal grill, remove and properly dispose of the charcoal before storing. It’s also very important to disconnect the propane tank on gas grills. Do NOT store the tank in your storage unit with the grill. A small gas leak can cause a huge explosion if the tank is stored in an enclosed space. Instead, disconnect the tank and store it outside of your home in an upright position away from dryer and furnace vents and children’s play areas. Cover the stored grills with waterproof grill covers while in storage.

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