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Using Self Storage for Holiday Storage Needs

Use self storage for storing Black Friday dealsThanksgiving is a day for us to gather with friends and family and give thanks for the many blessings in our lives. The first Thanksgiving is said to have lasted for three days, and took place sometime between September 21st and November 9, 1621. The first national celebration of Thanksgiving took place in 1775, to celebrate the win at Saratoga during the American Revolution. Thanksgiving was declared an annual holiday in 1827.  In 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proclaimed that Thanksgiving would be officially held the third Thursday in November to lengthen the holiday shopping season.  Because of the Thanksgiving is also a day to start thinking about your holiday shopping plans. More stores are beginning to open up on Thanksgiving Day for shopping, but most of the shopping occurs on the day after Thanksgiving. Black Friday is the “official” kick-off to the Christmas shopping season. On average, over 135 Million people go shopping on Black Friday spending billions of dollars. For many retailers, Black Friday is their busiest shopping day of the year! This year, the holiday shopping season is shorter at only four weeks!  We have all been inundated with commercials and news stories for the big deals for electronics, computers and other special items on Black Friday. Folks start camping out a few weeks early at stores such as Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Target to be the first to get the specially priced items.

Once you have purchased the Black Friday gifts, where are you going to store them to keep them away from “prying” eyes and save the gifts for the surprise of Christmas morning? If you are trying to a more of a “secret” Santa, you will need a place to store the larger items that you picked up on Friday, until they are ready to be wrapped and put under the Christmas tree. If you want to prevent “sneaky” family members from finding their surprise gifts, think about storing the items in a self storage unit. Stop N Stor  offers storage units in a variety of sizes for your holiday storage needs at a month-by-month rate.  You can get smaller units just for your presents or even rent a larger storage unit where you can set up a wrapping station for the gifts that you don’t want your family to know about until Christmas Day.

Self Storage for Businesses for the Holidays

For retail businesses, November and December are usually the busiest time of the year. Stores have an abundance of inventory and no place to store the items in their stores. Self storage is a perfect solution for storing excess inventory during the holiday season.  The self storage unit can be used as a secondary storage room for your business and will allow you to know that your items are safe and secure until you need them.  You can add shelving in your storage unit for additional organization of your goods. Choose a self storage unit that is close to your store location for easier access to your items, so you can restock your store when needed.

Self Storage for Holiday Decorations

The holiday season adds more clutter to your home and business. If you do not have room to store holiday decorations in your home, rent a storage unit to place the Christmas lawn decorations, wreaths, Christmas tree and other decorations during the rest of the year. Storing the seasonal items in a storage unit will help reduce the clutter in your home. You can keep the items in your storage unit until you need them again next season. Plus, you can rotate the seasonal items more easily in a storage unit. At the end of the summer, place the summer items toward the back of your storage unit and move your winter holiday decorations to the front for easier access. From storing Black Friday gifts to holiday decorations that are only used once a year, self storage is a great storage solution.


Self Storage Helps with your Black Friday Shopping?

Black Friday shoppers at Walmart

Thanksgiving is a day for us to give thanks, enjoy time with our family and friends, enjoy great meals and cheer for our favorite professional and college football teams. It has also become a day to plan your shopping strategy for “Black Friday” and “Cyber Monday”.  Black Friday is the “official” kick-off to the Christmas shopping season, even though some retailers are moving their opening hours to Thanksgiving evening. On average over 135 Million people go shopping on Black Friday spending billions of dollars. For many retailers, Black Friday is their busiest shopping day of the year! This year, the holiday shopping season is shorter at only four weeks!

The term “Black Friday” was first uttered by a Philadelphia policeman in 1966 to describe the large amount of shoppers that crowded the Philadelphia city center on the day after Thanksgiving. The name wasn’t widely adopted into the mainstream and the media until the 1980’s. Today, Black Friday is seen as a day to get incredible bargains on electronics, toys and even clothing. Most retailers have already released their list of sale items, so shoppers can prepare their shopping strategies. There are some shoppers that started to camp out in front of Best Buy and other large retailers last week, so they could be the first in line! For shoppers who would much rather skip the crowds and shop online, there is Cyber Monday, which is one of the busiest online shopping days of the year. Retailers have also set specific deals for online shoppers on that day, including free shipping.

Self Storage is a great option for shoppers to store their Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchases. Check with your local storage facility! Stop N Stor offers month-to-month rentals, that is perfect for storing items for the holiday season.  Renting a self storage unit is great to store holiday decorations such as Christmas trees, wreaths, lighting, inflatable displays and ornaments. Storing these decorations in self storage will help make your home, basement or garage clutter free after the holidays.

Stop N Stor wishes everyone a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. Our offices will be closed on Thanksgiving Day, but you can still access your storage units 24 hours a day/7days away via our computer-controlled gate access. Our offices will reopen on Friday, November 29th just in time for you to store your Black Friday purchases! Happy Thanksgiving!

Christmas Storage

Holiday decorations

‘Tis the season for “extra stuff” to clutter up your home. There are gifts waiting to be wrapped, wrapping paper and Christmas decorations taking up every available spot in your home. While the decorations are great to enjoy during the holiday season, they tend to get in the way and fill up your closet space during the rest of the year. Larger holiday displays such as inflatables, artificial Christmas trees, wreaths or outside lighting displays could take up a large amount of storage space in your home. Renting a self storage unit is a great alternative to keeping your holiday items in your attic, basement or garage. This will help de-clutter your storage space and allow you to put other items that you might need on a daily basis in storage in your home. The extreme temperatures of an attic or the moisture of a basement could cause damage to your holiday displays. To protect your artificial Christmas tree or holiday wreaths, place them in a climate controlled storage unit.

There are certain things to prep your holiday decorations for storage either in your home or a self storage unit. If possible, store your ornaments in specially designed ornament boxes. Wrap delicate ornaments in tissue paper or bubble wrap and store them in a separate box from your regular ornaments. Bundle strands of lights around an empty paper towel or gift wrapping tube for easier storage. This will help to elevate time spent detangling the strands of lights next year. Store the artificial wreaths in a large box with extra filler for protection. Place all of your holiday wrapping paper and ribbons together in a box for storage. Make sure to label the boxes, so you will be able to access them when you need to for the next year’s holiday season. Doing these extra steps will allow continual use of your holiday displays and decorations for years to come.

The week after Christmas is time to set your goals and resolutions for the New Year and start taking down your Christmas decorations. De-cluttering and keeping your home organized after the craziness of the holiday season is the first step of accomplishing your New Year’s goals. Renting a self storage unit is one of the best ways to help you de-clutter your home. Stay tuned for some re-organization and de-cluttering tips in future Stop N Stor blog posts.