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Tips for Moving and Storing a Mattress

Tips for moving or storing a mattressAn average person over 15 years old sleeps over eight hours a night. If you think in terms of a lifetime of sleep time, then we spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping! Having a good bed, bed springs and mattress is a very important and long-lasting investment.  Bed sets, including a headboard, box springs and mattress, can cost thousands of dollars, so it is important to protect your investment. A properly maintained bed set can last decades.  Mattresses and box springs can last at least 10-15 years with good care. It is important to keep your mattresses and bed sets in good condition when you are moving or placing them in storage, so you can continue to use them for many years to come.


Mattress Moving & Storage Tips

We spend over 1/3rd of our lives sleeping, so it is important to keep mattresses and bed sets in great condition. Below are eight tips to keep a mattress in good condition during moving or storage:

  1. Avoid storing mattresses in the basement. Basements can be damp, which could damage the mattress. Keep mattresses away from pets and sharp objects.
  2. Consider renting a climate-controlled storage unit to store your mattress. Extreme temperatures and humidity can create moisture, which can in turn damage your mattress. If you need to store a mattress in a regular storage unit, it is a good idea to invest in a dehumidifier to keep the storage unit dry.
  3. Before moving or storing a mattress, be sure to thoroughly clean the mattress. Use upholstery cleaner on the actual mattress and then vacuum both sides. Clean the bed frame with oil soap and water before moving or placing in storage.
  4. Disassemble the bed set for moving or storage. Keep all screws/nuts/bolts in a plastic bag taped to the frame or headboard for safe keeping. Cover the bed frame and headboard with old blankets during transit and storage to protect from dust and damage.
  5. Invest in a mattress cover to protect the mattress while it is in storage. Cover the entire mattress with a breathable plastic cover. These usually cost $20 or less at stores. Secure the cover with tape and cover any holes or tears in the cover.
  6. Storing a mattress in a climate controlled storage unit is recommended to help against moisture growth due to extreme temperature and humidity levels. If you are not able to store in a climate controlled storage unit, then it is recommended to place a dehumidifier in the storage unit to keep the unit dry.
  7. If you are storing a mattress long-term, store it flat in the storage unit. It is okay to move the mattress on its side, but for storage, it is better to store flat as the coils and inner workings could shift with storing on the side over a long period of time. When storing on the ground in a storage unit, lay a tarp on the ground and place the covered mattress on the ground. You can also store the mattress on top of flat furniture.
  8. Do not store anything on top of a mattress. Heavy items can cause damage to the mattress material as well as could damage the mattress springs and create more wear and tear on the mattress.
  9. Once you are ready to remove the mattress from storage, freshen up the mattress before use. Sprinkle baking soda on both sides of the mattress. Allow baking soda to sit so it could absorb any odors and then remove the baking soda by a vacuum.

Stop N Stor has a variety of storage unit sizes for all of your storage needs. A 5×10 (or 50 square feet) storage unit is perfect to store the items in a bedroom.  Stop N Stor offers climate controlled storage at most of our facilities which can help protect your mattress or bed set investment.

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