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Tips for Storing Musical Instruments

Tips for Storing Musical Instruments


There are many types of personal belongings that need to be properly prepared before putting into storage. Antiques, electronics, photographs, musical instruments and collectibles need to be stored in a specific way in order to keep them in good working order and able to be used again after storage. The optimum place to store musical instruments would be in a home. However, if that is not possible, then it is important to store the instruments in a climate controlled storage unit to prevent damage from extreme temperatures and keep them protected for many years of use.

Musical instruments are made of wood, metal or leather (drums), which are sensitive to extreme weather conditions, such as high temperatures and humidity. High humidity can warp and damage the wood in instruments over time. If possible, check with the manufacturer’s instructions for storage for the instruments. There are certain preparations that need to be made to the instruments to keep them ready for storage as well as protected while they are in storage.

  1. Store instruments in cases that have been designed and designated for the instruments. The cases should be clean and the inside material should not be fraying.
  2. Clean and condition the instruments before placing in storage. Take apart the instruments and remove reeds or mouth pieces on woodwind instruments. Relax the strings on stringed instruments such as guitars or violins before placing in storing.
  3. Place the instrument cases off of the floor on a shelving unit during storage. Do not store the instruments need doors, direct light or a vent.
  4. If you are storing a piano, have a professional piano mover prep the piano for storage. Cover the piano with a sheet or tarp and wrap the legs with sheets for extra protection during storage.
  5. When you remove the instrument from storage, clean and tune the instruments before using.

Stop N Stor  offers climate controlled storage units that would be perfect places to store your musical instruments Properly prepping the instruments before storage will allow the instruments to be used for generations to come. Storing instruments in self storage will give you the peace of mind that your instruments will be safe and secure while in storage.

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  1. I appreciated that this mentioned things you should do if you’re putting a piano into storage. My husband and I are downsizing for a while. We don’t have room for our piano, so we’re thinking about putting into storage.

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